How to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home?

How to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home?

Dyed your hair purple and it got so dark that you want to lighten it? And now you are looking for how to lighten dark purple hair at home? You are at the right place, we are going to give you a solution for this problem.

How to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home?

Purple hair has come into the trend for the past few months, you expect the color to come out in a shiny and good way, but looking at the situation of covid-19, people are preferring to dye hair sitting at home. If you are dying your hair purple without bleach for the first time, there are chances that you might get it either too light or too dark. It is just that color doesn’t turn out to be how you expected and that is completely normal.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that you have no other option than to bleach it out. That is not true, there are many other ways to get rid of dark color. Bleach should only be used on the right hair texture.

Now question that arises here is, how to lighten dark hair purple at home? how to lighten dark hair naturally? What do I do if my hairdresser dyed my hair too dark? 

There is always a way to get out of such problems, keep reading and you will get to know. This article is going to take your attention on the following three things – how to lighten dark hair purple at home, how to use DIY methods to rectify the situation and how to use any color remover. 

3 Easy Steps to Lighten Dark Hair

Let’s see some ways on how to lighten dark hair:

  1. Try to use any color remover, it is a chemical that reverses the oxidation of hair color molecules that you had applied, it usually smells like sulfur so do not panic, it is just a normal product. if you feel like you won’t be able to handle it on your own, visit a salon or any hair professional for the same.

Here are some directions to use a color remover on dark purple hair: apply the remover wherever you feel it’s darker, leave it still for at least 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water gently.

  • Use a clarifying or lightening shampoo, if you have used hair color at home and it came out dark then any clarifying shampoo can work depending on the texture of your hair. Try to look for a shampoo that contains sulfate as it helps the color to fade away in lesser time. Deep conditioners can also work on dark purple, but just remember every dark color fades away with time.
  • How to lighten hair dyed too dark with lemon juice, if you think a shampoo is not enough for your dark purple to fade, make a paste using lemon juice, baking soda, and shampoo. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 40-45 minutes. Lemon juice is highly acidic and there are chances it can damage your hair so use it to a limit, that won’t cause any harm. After this, your hair must get 2 shades lighter.

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DIY Solutions to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home

Here are some other short ways on how to lighten dark purple hair at home?

  • You can also try dish soap, apply it for a few minutes and let it dry. Wash your hair with conditioner afterward.
  • Mix honey and water or apple cider vinegar mixture, it can also help to lighten your dark purple hair, use a 4:1 ratio of honey and water or apple cider, whatever you prefer. You can also add a bit of hydrogen peroxide if you feel comfortable to use. Cover your hair with a cap and let it settle for at least two hours and then wash with cold water. Maybe you will see a difference.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for this purpose, mixed with some ingredients or by consulting any hair professional as it could cause damage to skin or hair if not used with care. It is only best if done at a salon and not at home.
  • Castor oil can also be a good choice if you are a person who believes that home remedies are so much better, castor oil can lighten up the purple dark color.
  • You can try honey, cinnamon, and olive oil and it is a very nice way to add some extra hydration to the hair.
  • There are a lot of DIY solutions which also include using coconut oil, chamomile tea but the result depends on the hair texture. 

Just in case, if this hair blunder has been made by any hair professional, you can visit them back and either ask to fix it up or ask for a refund instead. Trust the process as the stylist will try his/her best to give you what you want. If you are very much upset, then just give them feedback and try color correction for yourself if you are comfortable and confident enough to do so.

What to do After the Color is Faded away?

If you chose to do a DIY hair session make sure that after your color is faded use a shampoo that will strip your hair with vital oils, apply a good conditioner and be patient. It might take weeks to get your original hair color back.

  • How to avoid this situation – make sure you choose the right color, compare dyes and then choose, see what will look best on you. Brands like L’Oreal let you carry a test for the same too. But if there is a certain brand that you like, go for it.

Secondly, do not leave dye longer than it has to be kept, this is one of the reasons that color comes out darker than it should be. If you still have a doubt, pick a lighter shade to avoid such dark hair chaos.

If you are opting to get hair dye from a salon, communicate with the stylist and ask if the color will suit you, be specific about what you want, don’t let them talk unnecessary thoughts into you it is your hair and you have to choose for yourself.

If you got a dark purple, don’t freak out about what happened, instead find the right solution to it as soon as possible. And if you are thinking to go for any of these given below, make some notes for yourself!

  • Artificial pigment – yes you can use artificial pigments, it will help you cover your dark purple hair with a covering.
  • Permanent hair color – no, do not go for this as it will remove the natural pigment of your hair and can cause some real damage.
  • Semi-permanent dye no, do not go for this too as it will just strain your hair and then color remover won’t work on it.

The most main point if you want to avoid dark purple shade is that follow all the steps clearly while you applied the dye to your hair. Comb your hair well to spread the color to all the parts, do not apply color on the roots and read the instruction manual given along with the color pack.


Now you know the key to lighten your dark hair, if you opt for any of these DIY methods, just be careful as hair strands are very delicate and everything should be handled with care. Don’t forget to wash your hair smoothly with cold water once you are done.

And if you still have any doubt or you are dealing with this kind of mess for the first time, make sure you consult someone to avoid any chaos, but if you have been through this mess earlier, then it would be easy for you to handle, and purple is a color that you can get rid off easily.

There are still some questions that we have observed like “I dyed my hair too dark how can I lighten it at home?”, “need some DIY purple hair dye for dark hair solution?” 

The answer is very simple, all the ways mentioned up here are useful, organic to use, and will work on every hair texture and any color that you want to remove, not only just purple. There is always a loophole to all the hair dye problems, and we expect to make it easier for you to handle such type of problems. We hope you find this article useful in some or the another way. 

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How to Lighten Dark Purple Hair at Home?


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