7 Best Eye Lightening Drops!

The sole reason due to which eye lightening drops have acquired a considerable amount of fame in the market is because they give permanent outcome. The best eye lightening drops gives you the authority to rule over the exact shade and colour of your eyes.

These drops are designed for daily use till you reach the shade you wish to have. It is more convenient for now you can have lighter eye colour without using contact lenses. The darker colour of the eye is a result of Tyrosinase.

These drops hamper the production of the same while breaking down and progressively flushing out eye pigments like melanin, which cause the dark shades.

However, many would think twice before using these drops. So, here is a list of 7 best eye lightening drops which are reliable, safe and recommended colour changing eye drops

1. iCOLOUR Color Changing Eye Balm to transfigure the color of eyes

The icolour is the best eye lightening drops, Experience the phenomenal technique of altering the pigmentations of your eyes with icolour’s new product. Similar to the icolour eye color changing drops, the eye balm inhibits the formation of melanin.

The difference between the drops and balms is that unlike the drops, the eye balms are for applying under the eyes. The skin absorbs it instantly. 


  • Guaranteed safety since it does not come in contact with the eyes
  • Active ingredient reaches the eyes through the skin
  • Does not have a risk for allergies or contamination
  • Applicable for all ethnicities, eye colours and skin types
  • A success rate of 95 per cent
  • Recommended for people who wear contact lenses
  • Naturally occurring beautiful colours
  • Easy to use


  • Takes nearly a year and a half to show results
  • May induce headaches

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2. INNOXA Gouttes Bleues

Innoxa’s eye lightening drops’ reviews are proof of how they are cherished by the customers. These eye drops produce a stimulating and soothing effect due to the natural extracts of plants present in the composition.

This eye lightening drops is safe & best eye lightening drops, if you wear lenses. The irresistible sparkles induced by the drops are the result of the azure blue colour which rejuvenates the whites in the eyes. It lets one rest their eyes and relax while allowing their eyes to sparkle. 


  • Enhances all eye colours to their vibrant shades
  • Consistently used by celebrities
  • Top models use them in professional photo-shoots
  • Consists of Chamomille, Hammamelis, Sweet Clover, Sureau and Blueberry


  • Not safe to use for children
  • Could be expensive for some customers

3. Optrex Brightening Drops

Optrex produces their new and best eye lightening drops which do their job well in getting the red out.

They whiten the pop and provide relief to individuals with dry eyes. It does not have permanent effects on the user’s eyes and shows the desired results in a limited time. 


  • User reports state they have clearer vision after using the product
  • Makes your eyes brighter and whiter
  • Made of Naphazoline HCL, Didecyldimonium Chloride, Sodium Borate, Polysorbate 80, Disodium EDTA, Glycerine, Boric Acid and Hamamelis Water


  • Maybe a bit overpriced

4. Iris Illume Eye Color Changing Drops in Emerald

With these eye drops you can permanently remove the melanin from your eyes, which is responsible for the emergence of the underlying green and blue colours.

This is best eye lightening drops as the product is made of the most natural, safest, and purest ingredients, and comes in a sterile bottle. It is recommended for people you have had Lasik, wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes.

The compatible product includes melanin inhibitors like Alpha-Arbutin and Sesamol, and therefore have a direct impact on the pigmented cells which are present in the iris. 


  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid used to provide dense upper eye layers and permeation of compact
  • The melanin inhibitors are scientifically proven
  • Drops can to refrigerated to extend shelf life


  • Not evaluated by the FDA
  • May cause burning sensation

5. Lacey’s Natural Iris Color

Lacey’s natural iris color falls under the best eye lightening drops in the market at the time. These drops are a natural alternative. Manufacturers ensure the safety of using these products in your eyes.

The primary point of attraction is the ability of the eye drops to give early results. The drops are both strong and use improved and new constituents to compose them.

Whether you want a lighter shade or multiple shades, Lacey undoubtedly produces the best eye color changing drops


  • Natural, safe and new iris lighteners 
  • Method of berry and pear extract
  • MSM drops to enhance eyesight and assist in growing lashes
  • Takes an average time of six weeks to show results
  • Will observe the changes in eye colour within a few weeks


  • May not show the desired results in some users
  • May cause a burning sensation in the eyes upon using the drops

6. Eyebright Drops Cleansing, Soothing, Moisturizing and Refreshing Natural Formula

This eye drop supports healthy and strong vision while relieving eye irritations, weeping, red or dry eyes. The formula is of natural ingredients to help maintain healthy-looking, radiant and brighter eyes in the users.

Natural extracts of grapefruit seeds and pure form of apple cider vinegar are used in the composition in effective yet small amounts, to enhance and preserve the overall formula.

The grapefruit seed extract is preserved naturally and a safe component, while the apple cider vinegar is well-known for natural cleaning eyewash.

The exclusive formula includes a gentle saline solution of MSM and good quality extracts of organic eye brighteners. 


  • Effective rehydration solution of purified sea salt
  • The natural component of astringent helps to enhance the beauty of the eyes and reduce redness
  • Natural sulphur for positive effects on mucous membranes and irritated eyes


  • May cause burning while it hits the eyeballs

7. Liquid MSM Drops with Vitamin C 

If you compare similar products, you will see that the amount of MSM present in these eye drops is twenty times more than a standard eye drop.

These are a hundred per cent natural and safe because they contain Vitamin C and gold standard organic sulphur, a pure liquid MSM.


  • Entirely natural
  • Gold standard
  • Easy to use


  • Might not show immediate results

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