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How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter for Beginners?

How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter for Beginners?

Bronzer and highlighter are currently two of the trendiest products in the makeup market. Each of these makeup products have turn into much more popular in recent years as makeup trends have shifted toward bronzing and highlighting your skin to boost your facial features and provides your skin a warm, dewy, and glowing finish. But for beginners it is necessary to learn How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter step by step for perfect glow.

Highlighter has a shimmery finish that makes your face look brighter. Some highlighters are extra shimmery than others; certain highlighters have almost-matte finishes and add very refined brightness to your face. Bronzer comes in both matte or shimmery finishes. It provides warmth and a glowing finish to your skin and lends more depth to your facial features. As a beginner, it is very difficult to follow How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter in the right way by choosing right product.

You should utilize bronzer and highlighter in many alternative methods and use some tips to know How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter. Some women wear both bronzer or highlighter, while others wear both at the same time.

Whether or not you’re new to the world of highlighting and bronzing or are a seasoned professional searching for some extra ideas and methods, preserve reading for tips on how to use bronzer and highlighter to get the best results for your skin.

Step by Step Guide for Applying Bronzer and Highlighter

1. Choose Your Products Carefully

There are hundreds of bronzer and highlighter products available on the mainstream makeup market. Almost every major and even most smaller makeup brands sell a wide selection of bronzers and highlighters. Bronzers and highlighters come in many different forms: powder, cream, and liquid are the three most popular forms of bronzer and highlighter products.

how to apply bronzer and highlighter

If you are a beginner and don’t know How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter than for bronzing and highlighting your skin, a powder palette is likely the proper choice for you.

  • Powder Highlighters and Bronzers

Powder highlighters and bronzers are the easiest forms of bronzers and highlighters to apply, and you may build them up to the depth of your choice with ease.

With bronzer and highlighter powder products, you can effortlessly create both subtle and dramatic looks by starting with a little bit of product and building it up to your desired level of intensity.

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Best Powder Highlighters and Bronzers

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Baked Bronze-n-Brighten Bronzer Powder

  • Baked Bronze-n-Brighten delivers sun-kissed color without any trace of orange. 

LAURA GELLER Baked Natural Glow Highlighter

  • his radiant baked highlighter gives skin a luminous natural-looking lift, minus the shimmer and fallout!
  • Cream Highlighters and Bronzers

Cream highlighters and bronzers are best for women with normal to oily skin. These cream products could be somewhat tough to make use of, but when used appropriately they provide your skin lovely warmth and a subtle dewey finish that doesn’t look sparkly or glittery.

Cream bronzers and highlighters are also superb for women with aging skin who’re hoping to add a tender and supple finish to their skin.

Best Cream Highlighters and Bronzers

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Easy Illuminating Stick

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Easy Illuminating Stick

  •  Long-wearing and oil-free, this skin-conditioning, moisturizing formula can be worn on bare skin or over foundation .

blinc Cream Stick Highlighter Midnight Glow

blinc Cream Stick Highlighter Midnight Glow

  • Long wearing Highly pigmented Infused with light-reflecting and pearlescent pigments.
  • Liquid Highlighters and Bronzers

Liquid highlighters and liquid bronzers have their own benefits and disadvantages as nicely. Glowing liquid formulas are best for normal to dry skin types, as a result of they add hydration to your skin and give it a supple end.

You can also blend liquid highlighters and bronzers with your moisturizer or makeup primer for all-over warmth and glow. Like cream products, nevertheless, liquid highlighters and bronzers are not often recommended for beginners because they can be frustrating to apply with the right depth.

Best Liquid Highlighters and Bronzers

Perricone MD No Makeup Highlighter

Best Liquid Highlighters

  • This highlighter adds subtle luminosity as it visibly evens and brightens skin tone over time.

Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer

Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer

  • Weightless, blendable formula that’s buildable. Provides skin with a veil of natural warmth.

2. Get Your Shade Right

Just like foundation or any other skin makeup product, getting your shade right is one of the most vital parts of applying bronzer and highlighter in a manner that looks natural and helps you keep away from an overdone clown-like look for your face.

It may be difficult to find the right shade of bronzer for very light skin because darker shades of bronzer look manner too intense against fair skin and check the tips of How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter before applying.

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  • Fair Skin Tones

Fair Skin Tones pair best with light tan bronzers with warm, peachy tones. Shimmery and metallic bronzers are best to use on fair skin tones because their effect tends to be less severe than that of matte bronzers, and you may add more warmth to your skin with a lighter shade of shimmery bronzer.

Best Tan Bronzer

LORAC TAN Build Bronzing Powder

  • Highly pigmented buildable bronzing powders in matte, satin, high-shine, warm and cool
  • Medium Skin Tones

Medium Skin Tones are complemented best by matte bronzers with yellow undertone to add natural-looking warmth to your already-tan skin. Shimmery bronzers that are close to matching your natural skin tone are ideal for adding warmth to deeper, darker skin tones.

Best Matte Bronzer

ORLANE PARIS Bronzing Powder Soleil Cuivre 02

  • Lightweight, fine texture is easy to apply and gives the complexion a natural, radiant appearance.

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Natural Finish Bronzing Blendable Powder

  • This smooth and silky matte bronzer gives radiance to the skin without the shimmer. 

Best Shimmery Bronzer

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer| Cream Shimmer Makeup

  • Its soft-focus pigments smooth and brighten your skin tone with a subtle shimmer finish.

Shimmer Glitter Bronzer and Highlighter Makeup Palette

  • Pretty highlight powders, apply on the face, you can have a bright luster.

As for highlighter shades, women with fair skin ought to search for pearlescent, champagne or very light pink-toned highlighters with a slight shimmer so as to add a subtle glow to their mild skin. Medium skin tones are complemented by pink or peach-toned highlighters with gold undertones.

Darker rosy pink highlighters with gold undertones also complement deep skin tones. Some shimmery bronzers that are designed for lighter skin tones also work nicely as highlighters for women with darker skin.

Bronzer and highlighter palettes can help make it simpler for you to select the right shades to your skin tone and ensure that your bronzer and highlighter shades complement one another as nicely.

These palettes usually embody one or more shades of each bronzers and highlighters and are designed for different skin tones ranging from light to medium to dark.

3. Apply in the Right Order

If you’re new to using bronzer and highlighter as part of your everyday makeup looks, you is perhaps a little confused about the place these make-up products fit into your day-to-day makeup routine. You should know about How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter before the application. Thus, apply both bronzer and highlighter after you apply your foundation and setting powder.

Always apply bronzer to your skin after applying your foundation and concealer and earlier than applying blush and/or highlighter. In addition to adding warmth to your skin, bronzer additionally helps replace the natural shadows on your skin that you cover up with your foundation.

Reversing the order in which you apply these makeup products can create a muddy finish that you positively want to avoid.

If you select to add blush to your makeup look, you must apply your blush directly after applying your bronzer so as to add a subtle, natural-looking flush to your skin.

Lastly, it’s time to apply your highlighter. Highlighter should be the last skin makeup product you apply to your face because it works best to boost the way your skin looks when light hits it when it isn’t covered up or dulled down by another skin makeup products.

3. Use the Right Brushes

Using the right makeup brushes when applying bronzer and highlighter is a major key to making positive that your makeup looks flawless.

First off, you should confident to know How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter with brushes. Than, make sure that the makeup brushes you’re utilizing are high-quality brushes that can allow you to mix out your bronzer and highlighter with more ease.

Second, make sure that you are using the right type of makeup brush. Fluffy, angled makeup brushes with soft bristles are ideal for applying both bronzer and highlighter.

Simply make sure you have two of these brushes, since you don’t need to use the same one to apply each bronzer and highlighter as a way to avoid muddling your makeup.

Best Makeup Brush for Bronzer

Flat Angled Kabuki Bronzer Brush

  •  Builds a flawless, high coverage base with densely packed bristles to create a smooth full-coverage look without brush lines.

Best Makeup Brush for Highlighter

EcoTools Define & Highlight Duo

  • These two highlighter and bronzer brushes feature dual ends to contour concealer, highlight, shade & powder.

5. Add Blush and Contour

In case you are wearing highlighter and bronzer, you don’t necessarily want to add blush and contour to your make-up look as nicely. Bronzer and highlighter do sufficient to add warmth and glow to your skin.

Nevertheless, you can put on highlighter, bronzer, blush, and contour all on the identical time for those who really want to get glamorous.

How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter after contour yourself. Contour is the darkest makeup you’ll apply to your face, so that you need to ensure that it goes on your skin right after your foundation and concealer to avoid making a muddy end to your make-up look.(

If you have already applied contour to your face, you must apply solely a small quantity of bronzer to your skin so as to add subtle warmth and glow to your skin. After you’ve utilized your contour and bronzer, add blush and finish up with your highlighter.

6. Apply in the Right Places

In order to obtain your desired makeup look, it’s crucial to know How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter to the right areas of your face.

It may be tricky to know exactly where to apply your bronzer, however it’s fairly simple when you get the hang of it. The easiest way to remember where to apply bronzer is to apply it in the form of a 3 on your face.

Start about an inch away from your lips and line the hollows of your cheeks in a crescent form that strikes as much as your hairline at your temples to kind the bottom of the 3.

Next, apply bronzer at your hairline alongside the edges of your forehead in a crescent shape to form the top of the 3.

For a natural-looking finish, apply highlighter liberally to the areas where mild hits your face with the most intensity.

These areas include along your cheekbone, under the arches of your eyebrows, at the inner corners of your eyes, down the middle of the bridge and on the tip of your nose, and simply above your lips in the cupid’s bow area.

7. Have Fun With It

Bronzers and highlighters are some of the most fun and simple products to use once you get the hold of using them. They’ll dramatically transform your makeup looks, or simply add subtle warmth and a glowing finish to your skin.

It’s your alternative to determine the intensity of your look primarily based on How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter.

As soon as you understand how to properly choose the right shades of bronzer and highlighter to your natural skin tone and how to apply these makeup products in the right places, have enjoyable with the process of actually applying your highlighter and bronzer to your skin.

Experiment with totally different shades within the range of shades that suit your natural coloring, check out different types of bronzers and highlighters with different finishes, and play with the depth of your make-up looks.

Above all else, don’t take yourself too seriously and let yourself have enjoyable with creating a gorgeous, warm glow to your skin by using the above tips of How to Apply Bronzer and Highlighter as beginners.

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