8 Best Groin Shaver for Men

Best Groin Shaver for Men

Selecting the best groin shaver for men is likely to be difficult. The best electric shaver for groin has sharp blades, a robust motor, a chargeable battery, and an ergonomic design for easy and clean shaving.

An excellent ball trimmer on your private areas could make all of the difference while manscaping in case you’re searching for a top quality machine. We’ve listed the best groin shaver for men that can assist you choose! Explore these best groin shaver for men particularly the down under areas.

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer
” It also comes with adjustable trimming guards sizes 1-4 for different hair lengths.”

2. Best Wet and Dry: MANSCAPED™ Crop Shaver
” The pivoting head of the razor helps you attain even the narrowest factors with none problem.”

3. Best Unisex: Meridian – The Trimmer
” It’s designed with extra sensitive shaving technology of 6000 strokes per minute plus an anti-knick shaving guard.”

4. Best for Precision: Telfun Body Trimmer for Men
” This Next-level Body Trimmer for Men is Cordless, waterproof, and can be charged with a rapid charging USB dock.

5. Best for Sensitive Skin: INVJOY Electric Groin & Body Hair Shaver
”  The pubic hair clipper for men is equipped with advanced ceramic blades which reduced the risk of cuts, fewer pulled hairs, and skin irritation.”

6. Best for Thick Hair: Quiet Groin Hair Trimmer for Men
” The body hair shaver only needs 60 minutes for fully charging,with a 500mAh large capacity lithium battery.”

7. Best for Hard to Reach Areas: Braun Series XT5
” This trimmer and shaver features a SkinGuard comb to protect your skin even in delicate areas.”

8. Best Waterproof: MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men
”  Soft ceramic blades featuring advanced technology, performing well when it comes to groin hair, the armpit area, legs. “

Best Groin Shaver for Men

1. Best Overall: MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

best groin shaver for men

  • The Lawn Mower 4.0 features rust-proof, ceramic snap-in blades for hygiene and sharpness.

This electric shaver is specifically designed for the below the waist area to maintain such sensitive areas neat and clean. The blades are made up of soft ceramic and feature SkinSafe expertise that ensures the fragile job of shaving the groin without any cut or inflicting irritation and is best shaver for men’s groin area.

  • For other areas

This trimmer shouldn’t be bound to be used for the groin space only, as you need to use it on the not-so-private parts of your physique too. The SkinSafe alternative blades allow you to shave a number of areas of your body by having multiple blades suitable for every part and is best groin shaver for men.

  • Beneficial Features

This best groin shaver for men comes with some wonderful options, together with being cordless, waterproof, and a USB charging dock on your utmost comfort.

The adjustable guard of the trimmer can effectively work as a guard for different hair lengths, and no matter what length of the hair to be trimmed is, this trimmer can simply get it trimmed.

  • Ceramic blades

The ceramic blades of the trimmer are specifically designed for keeping your skin trimmed and clean with a sharp texture. These blades are rust-proof, so that you don’t have to worry about your blades getting affected because of humidity in your bathroom.


  • The trimmer is rechargeable for multiple uses.
  • Trimmer is waterproof.
  • It’s cordless for ease of use.
  • Includes helpful features like LED light, no-slip grip, etc.
  • USB charger and charging dock is included.


  • None

2. Best Wet and Dry: MANSCAPED™ Crop Shaver

MANSCAPED™ Crop Shaver

  • one of the best groin shaver for men that you could get your hands on.

Being designed and engineered particularly for shaving public hair, this is likely one of the best groin shaver for men that you could get your hands on.

It’s designed keeping in thoughts the consumer’s comfort, and you can use the ergonomic design of the razor for sensitive areas and for extra prolonged durations without inflicting you any fatigue.

  • Extra Wide Lubrication Strips

For a snug glide, lubricated strips on the razor are lubricated utilizing vitamin E, aloe vera, avocado oil, and argan oil. All these components are used to lubricate the strips above and beneath the stainless steel blades.

  • Pivoting Head

The pivoting head of the razor helps you attain even the narrowest factors with none problem. You don’t have to vary the angles of the razor to achieve the slim factors because the pivoting head can simply change the course and attain the factors with none situation.

  • Micro Comb Bar

The razor comes geared up with a micro comb rubber bar specifically designed to straighten your hair. This straightening course of eases the shaving process for you.


  • Three stainless steel blades for an ideal shave.
  • Non-slip and rubber grip deal with.
  • The package comes with 4 replacement blades.
  • The package also features a travel case.
  • Reaches hard-to-reach areas with ease.


  • None

3. Best Unisex: Meridian – The Trimmer

Meridian – The Trimmer

  • High-performance Trimmer was designed to remove the coarsest of hairs from below-the waist to all over the body.

Tugging, irritating skin, and inflicting bumps is a nightmare with regards to trimming your groin area, and this meridian groin trimmer is best groin shaver for men which makes certain that you’re utterly protected from getting them.

Now could be the time to bid your farewell to razor burns and bumps since this trimmer is right here to save you this horrible feeling. Check this best body trimmer for groin area which works well for both men and women.

  • Painless Procedure

The trimmer comes with proper instructions on painlessly eradicating your groin hair. The first and foremost factor to do is soften your groin area by cleaning. Secondly, tighten your skin down there to avoid nicks while you trim. The last thing to do is to make use of the trimmer parallel to the skin and flat side down.

  • Ease of trimming

This best groin shaver for men supplies you the freedom of both shaving in the shower or out of it. The trimmer is waterproof, however it is also shock-proof, so that you don’t have to worry about getting a shock if you decide to trim your hair during a shower.

  • Rechargeable

The trimmer is cordless and rechargeable, so you may get it charged whenever you need. When the trimmer is totally charged, it could possibly repeatedly work for around 90 minutes without any interruption.


  • Appropriate for men and women both.
  • Provides you a premium experience of shaving.
  • Additional sensitive shaving technology offers 6000 strokes per minute.
  • Comes with an anti-knick shaving guard.
  • Suitable to be used in or out of the shower.


  • A Wall adapter is not included in the bundle.

4. Best for Precision: Telfun Body Trimmer for Men

Telfun Body Trimmer for Men

  • The groin trimmer features rust-proof, ceramic snap-in blades for hygiene and sharpness.

The telfun trimmer comes with advanced expertise that allows you to have the best shaving expertise for the groin area and other body parts. Utilizing this best shavers for men’s groin may simply trim or shave all body areas without any problem.

  • LED light design

What makes it stand out among rivals is that it comes with an LED gentle design that permits you to reach and see even the narrowest area of your body without any drawback. The trimmer is highly handy for trimming the private components without getting your skin cut.

  • Waterproof

The groin trimmer for men is totally waterproof, giving you the freedom to get your private areas shaved both in the shower or out of it. Moreover, the trimmer is extraordinarily secure to clean in running water for straightforward cleaning.

  • Ceramic Blades

The soft ceramic blades of this trimmer function a sophisticated technology that gives you extraordinarily great comfort and convenience when you shave down there. Moreover, these blades are safe to use in the groin area since they will simply prevent inflicting any nicks or cuts on sensitive parts.


  • The blades are rust-proof and sharp.
  • The comb information makes the trimmer suitable for any hair size.
  • LED gentle design suitable for private parts shaving.
  • Completely different comb guides are available.
  • The trimmer is cordless and will be simply charged.


  • The plastic casing is not waterproof.

5. Best for Sensitive Skin: INVJOY Electric Groin & Body Hair Shaver

INVJOY Electric Groin & Body Hair Shaver

  • The groin hair trimmer is designed to built for body privates sensitive areas, back, chest, and especially privates ball hair.

Suitable for both wet and dry use, you may get your hands on this groin and body trimmer to apply it to sensitive areas of your body. Due to the washable body and the detachable blade head, you may easily clear this shaver without worrying about getting it damaged.

  • R-shaped blades

The blades have an R-shaped design on both sides, which is considered excellent for preventing snags or cuts on sensitive areas. You can use this trimmer in the direction of your hair development to make sure you have a really safe and clean shave.

  • Guide combs

The trimmer comes with two adjustable guide combs in an effort to easily adjust them to the proper height according to your shaving requirements. These guide combs are great for completing your shaving demands and getting cleaned easily.

  • Dock Station

For fast charging, the trimmer comes with a dock station to make sure that you can simply get it charged with out having to find the wire or charger when you have to charge it. After a full cost, you may simply use this trimmer for 90 minutes with none interruption.


  • Superior ceramic blades to prevent the risk of cuts.
  • The design is completely waterproof.
  • Low noise design.
  • It’s particularly designed for sensitive areas.
  • Guard combs protect skin from cuts.


  • Being used without the comb can be harmful.

6. Best for Thick Hair: Quiet Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

Quiet Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

  • Men’s USB Rechargeable Electric Body Hair Grooming Trimmer 

Do you wish to have best groin shaver for men ? Effectively, the LEMLEGU groin hair trimmer is your go-to possibility. The trimmer is particularly designed to make it possible for it’s safe to be used all over the body, even in sensitive areas.

  • Long time endurance

With a 500mAh massive capability lithium battery, the trimmer is appropriate for use for 60 minutes repeatedly with none interruption after it’s absolutely charged. The use time shouldn’t be lower than 60 minutes, that’s for certain.

  • LED battery indicator

The LED battery indicator of this trimmer is designed particularly to be sure you get to see and shave your sensitive areas correctly with none issue. This trimmer is secure for use in or out of the bathe.

  • Multifunctional

The trimmer is designed for multifunctional use, which implies it’s safe to be used for sensitive areas, beards, armpits, heads, legs, and different body parts if required.

This means buying it as soon as you may simply use it extra comfortably with convenience without worrying about getting caught with shaving one part.


  • Will get fully charged in only 60 minutes.
  • LED battery indicator for getting aware of battery capability.
  • Consists of various accessories like a comb, cleaning brush, charging wire, etc.
  • The entire body of the trimmer is waterproof.
  • Consists of safe ceramic blades.


  • The on-off button can get accidentally pushed.

7. Best for Hard to Reach Areas: Braun Series XT5

Braun Series XT5

  • Trim, edge and style with one tool: all-in-one electric razor and beard trimmer for men.

With one instrument, you cannot only trim your hair however can also style and edge. This trimmer is an all-in-one shaving possibility for men, and men can simply include it of their self-care routine so that they will have a easy and painless shaving expertise for their sensitive parts.

  • Skin protection

The comb of this trimmer is particularly designed to function a SkinGuard comb which helps in defending your skin from any kind of cuts or nicks. You can use it on your sensitive areas along with utilizing it to shave your chest, armpits, and different body parts without worrying about getting cut.

  • Lasts Longer

The trimmer is particularly built to last longer thanks to the 4D stainless steel blades, which may simply last up to 6 months without getting damaged. Based on shaves per week, the life of those blades might vary.

  • 4D blades

The 4D blades of this shaver are designed with innovation and include two central shaving zones and two side trimmers. Moreover, the SkinGuard comb makes sure that your skin is protected against any kind of cuts or nicks which can occur using a shaver on sensitive parts.


  • The blades final sharp for up to 6 months.
  • A two-way comb lets you trim each up and down.
  • Each stroke is easy, comfortable, and quick.
  • SafeGuard technology to offer safe trim on sensitive areas.
  • Gives you an even trim even once you shave quickly.
  • The trimmer is totally waterproof.


  • The top sometimes falls off the angle of the trimmer.

8. Best Waterproof: MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

  • Anti-cut blade and high-power motor makes trimming more effective. 

The trimmer by MANSPOT comes with anti-cut blades and a high-power motor in an effort to get the very best experience of shaving, even in your private areas. If you’re planning to keep your skin clean and smooth down there, this trimmer will be one of the best go-to choices to get your desired results.

  • Rechargeable

This razor is totally rechargeable, and you can get it recharged no matter once you want. Additionally, the highly effective battery of this trimmer offers you the freedom to use it for continuous 90 minutes with none interruption as soon as it is completely charged.

  • Waterproof

Since it’s quite simpler to trim in the shower because you get to clean the trimmer proper then and there when you shave, this trimmer is specifically designed to make it work during the bathe. Depending on your demand, you might be completely free to use it both in or out of the shower.

  • Soft ceramic blades

The blades of the trimmer are made utilizing soft ceramic blades to make sure that your skin is protected from any kind of cuts or nicks.


  • Gives a closed shave and detailed end.
  • The battery is powerful and rechargeable.
  • 6000rpm razor provides a great clean shave.
  • It’s ideal for lasting even through a water splash.
  • Comes with a quick start guide.


  • Customer service is not as good.

Buying Guide for Best Groin Shaver for Men

Here are the features that you need to look for when buying a razor for your groin hair.

  • Weight

The weight of the best razor for men’s groin also plays an vital role in providing you with a great shaving experience. The heavier the razor is, the steadier the shave would be, and the heavy razor offers you a safer shaving.

The burden of this razor will put it to work, and you won’t have to use much pressure to get the shaving executed.

  • Texture of Handle

The texture of the handle is also vital to give you an excellent grip on the razor so that you get to have a smoother and safer shaving expertise.

  • Length of handle

Most of the razors include a length of the deal with, around 80mm to 100mm. Though the length of the razor doesn’t make a lot difference in the quality of shaving, it supplies a level of comfort. This implies the size that gives you the comfort of handling is appropriate for you to get.

  • Aggressiveness

The aggressiveness of a razor means the gap between the comb and the head of the razor. The wider the hole, the extra exposed the blades are and hence the extra aggressiveness. If you’re a newbie, it’s quite vital to choose a mild razor so that you just don’t have to face the aggressiveness of a razor.

  • Functionality

For best groin shaver for men, performance is one of the most vital features to look for. This means if the trimmer is particular for public hair use, you may not be able to use it for your face or arms. The functionality of the trimmer depends on various blades which are suitable for different body parts.

  • Rechargeable

Before buying a men’s groin area shaver, make sure it’s rechargeable, and charging it’s not a difficult activity. If the trimmer is cordless, it can turn out to be extremely comfortable for you because you won’t must keep looking for a specific charger to charge your trimmer.

Moreover, the rechargeable trimmer comes with virtually all the necessary equipment wanted to keep them charged, including charging stations, wall adapters, USB charge cords, and so forth.

  • Battery Life

Think about yourself getting caught with half groin shaved just because your trimmer’s battery died. Sounds horrible, right? Long battery life is extraordinarily important to get your groin shaved utterly in one go, so that you don’t must shave it in various shifts.

Moreover, longer battery life additionally ensures that you could shave for longer durations of time between charging.

  • Waterproof

Since the trimmer runs on electricity, make sure it’s waterproof in order that it doesn’t get broken when exposed to water. This can make it fairly simple for you to use the trimmer in your toilet or bathe, and you can avoid the mess since you aren’t certain to use it within the room.

  • Warranty

This is one of the most important options to search for when you are buying a best groin shaver for men. The longer the warranty period is, the much less you will have to worry about your product getting damaged within a small period of use.

Search for an electric trimmer that comes with a warranty of no less than a year or two so that you don’t have to get tensed about investing into getting a brand new product and buying it from your own pocket just in case your current trimmer will get damaged due to whatever cause.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Groin Shaver for Men

1- Can you use a razor on your groin?

Sure, you can definitely use a razor on your groin area since it’s quite a painless process to get the public parts shaved. Additionally, various trimmers and razors are specifically designed for such sensitive areas to provide the users with smooth and clean skin down there.

2- What are the disadvantages of shaving public hair?

A few of the disadvantages of shaving public hair include:

  • Genital burns if you get any cuts from razors.
  • Abrasions or cuts.
  • Ingrown hair and bumps.
  • Dry skin if the skin is not moisturized before and after shaving.
  • Typically severe genital itching down there.

3- At what age should you start shaving your private area?

It’s fairly a good idea to start shaving your private areas from 12-to 14 years if you are comfortable. This completely depends on the user’s personal preference; however, starting from this age might show to be beneficial in the long run.

4- How long does razor burn last?

If they are just razor burns, they can often last up to 2 or 3 days most. However, if you have got razor bumps, they can take around two weeks to get cleared and may end up coming back each time you shave the same area.

5- How do I prevent razor bumps in the public area?

Here are a couple of steps to prevent razor bumps in public areas:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate the skin in the public area.
  • Use an appropriate shaving cream or shaving gel.
  • Place a warm wet towel on the public area before shaving your groin area.
  • Avoid the skincare products that may have ingredients that end up causing irritation on the skin.
  • Make sure that to shave in the direction of the grown hair.
  • Use a fresh and sharp razor to avoid any bumps.

Conclusion of Best Groin Shaver for Men

Keeping personal hygiene is important not for just women but for men too. This consists of preserving your private areas hair free to get a way of cleanliness and have smoother skin down there that you dream of.

Getting your hands on the best groin shaver for men is extremely vital to get a shave that doesn’t irritate your skin and gives you a clean and smooth feel.

With hundreds of choices available in the market, it can get extremely tough for you to choose the best one. Due to this fact, to ease that out for you, we have chosen the best groin shaver for men to make your choices precise.

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