How to Grow an Afro Fast?

How to Grow an Afro Fast?

Do you have damaged and broken afro-textured hair and had zero experience with long afro hair? You might be eager to know how to properly take care of your hair, right? If yes, then here we will tell you everything on how to grow an afro fast along with its maintenance.

how to grow an afro fast

There are many misconceptions and myths about black afro-textured hair where it says that it can’t grow properly. Well, this is all wrong!

It has been proven that proper learning, care, and patience can show amazing results. In the below steps, we will cover both how to grow an afro female and grow hair faster male.

Let’s start!

1. Grow Your Afro in 10 Easy Steps

Let’s have a look at these 10 easy steps and learn how to grow an afro fast.

1. Know your hair type:

Everyone has a different hair type, so it is important to know your type for revolutionizing your hair care. The better you’ll know about your hair, the easier it will become for you to know about how to grow an afro fast.

You can go to the salon or choose any online expert to help you with their advice on your hair type. They can also assist with the characteristics of the hair, which will ultimately make your task easy, and you will not face any difficulty choosing the right treatment and products.

Type 1- Straight Hiar:

  • Can grow easier and faster
  • Carries the tendency to be both greasy and shiny

Type 2- Wavy Hair:

  • Known as lax and loose hair type
  • Naturally in ‘S’ shape
  • Free from oily and dryness
  • Thicker than type 1

Type 3- Curly Hair:

  • Ringlets
  • Dry

Type 4- Coily Hair:

  • Tightly curled
  • Remains in the same shape
  • Dry
  • Problem with moisturizing and shine

2. Proper cleansing and conditioning:

One of the secrets to growing black hair long is maintaining cleanliness and ensuring that the hair is fully conditioned. There have been myths that black hair does not need much wash, but in reality, it depends on the needs of your hair.

Hair growth takes place from the scalp, and if the pores get blocked, it becomes difficult for new hair to grow. If you have naturally oily hair, you have to wash it often to save it from dryness.

For this, try using a shampoo that doesn’t make your hair dry and is sulfate-free.

Try massaging your hair with shampoo into your scalp to remove dirt and increase blood circulation. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse it with cool water. Once done, wrap your hair and let it dry naturally.

3. Use hair oil daily:

Hair oil is considered as one of the best ways when it comes to how to grow an afro faster in 1 week. Try natural oil in the middle and at the end of your hair. It helps the hair to become supple and soft.

This remedy also prevents the breakage of hair and encourages hair growth. The best oils referred to are Jamaican oil, Moroccan oil, castor oil, coconut oil, etc.

Take the oil and apply it using your fingertips. Once done, cover it with a satin scarf so that hair can take in all the oil. Then wash it gently.

Best Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Stimulating Hair Growth: Ultimate Originals Therapy Jamaican Black Castor Stimulating Hair Growth Oil

4. Go for leave-in and deep conditioning:

For many people, a leave-in conditioner may be a tough thing to add to their hair care routine, but it’s very effective.

According to research, when asked about how to grow an afro fast, experts recommended this step as a crucial one. It is because it carries several benefits like adding extra moisture, nutrients, and protein, which greatly benefit the hair.

It is also suggested to deep condition the hair once a week to keep the hair strong and healthy. After-results of the deep condition show hair to be much thicker and shinier than before.

Distribute your hair in parts and apply it from root to tip. Let it sit and leave it for 20- 30 minutes. The longer you keep, the better result you can get. After that, rinse it and apply a leave-in conditioner for better results.

Best Leave-in Conditioner for Dry & Coarse Hair: Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner

5. Moisturize and lock:

Once your hair becomes clean and dry, then comes the part of moisturizing. The most important and major point of how to grow an afro fast is to avoid all kinds of bad practices so that hair can remain clean, healthy, maintained, and easy to style.

The main cause of hair breakage is lack of moisture. Dryness is one of the major issues of afro hair, so it is essential to properly moisturize the hair daily. It provides hydration to the hair and prevents thinning.

Partly divide your hair into sections. Apply the moisturizer and then lock it with hair oil by using it on top of it. Keep in mind to use a dime size of both the moisturizer and the oil to maintain the right amount. If you find your hair wet after moisturizing and sealing, it means that you have applied more amount of product than needed.

Best Hair Moisturizer: Bumble And Bumble Grooming Creme

6. Trim the split ends and damaged hair:

Trimming and removing the hair at least a quarter-inch every three to six months can help hair grow and eliminate unwanted split ends. This does not promote hair growth but retains it in every way.

This practice is often seen and recommended to maintain the health of black hair. It is suggested to trim only a small portion for hair growth. Going overboard will not result in any growth. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it is highly beneficial and comes under the list of how to grow black hair naturally.

7. Keep away your hair from extra heat:

Applying extra heat to your hair is the most common and popular way to get straight hair. Thus the regular application of warmth may result in great hair damage. Always ensure to line the low heat setting before applying it to the hair.

Also, using blow drying and flat hair ruins the hair to a great extent. Try using them as little as possible. Prefer going for low heat styles and low manipulation from time to time so that you can allow the hair to relax.

8. Select your hairstyle wisely:

There exist many reasons that can bring blockage in how to grow an afro fast. The end of the hair remains the oldest part and hence demands a little more attention and protection. One tiny mistake is enough to snap it off.

Ensure to select protective styles for your hair like braids, twists, or weave to reduce the risk factor of breakage. Along with that, take care of your pillowcases to ensure that it does not create any friction while you’re asleep.

You can wear a scarf to save your hair from this problem. Make sure the material is satin and not cotton because cotton also causes breakage and damage.

9. Say no to chemical straighteners and relaxers:

Using chemicals can be very hard for your hair. For example, black hair grows slowly half an inch per month, where over processing with chemicals can cause great trouble that can’t be restored. The only option then remains that of cutting hair. These chemical straighteners end the naturally textured hair.

Even experts say that if you are wondering how to grow natural hair fast, you have to avoid all kinds of chemicals reaching your hair. You can pick neutralizing shampoos if your hair comes in contact with chemical sprays and gels.

Use it every other week to gain the best results. If you want to go for straightening, then try doing it without heat or chemicals. It can give you a new look while keeping your hair healthy.

10.  Pick a natural method:

The very simple and natural way to increase your hair growth is to give it a scalp massage. This increases the blood flow and enhances the strength of roots. It also helps the nutrients to reach the follicles faster.

Along with that, a hot castor oil treatment can be a great help. All you need to do is massage your scalp and apply it at the ends of your strands.

Eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle can also be a great help in hair regrowth treatment. You can also apply aloe vera juice to your hair. It nourishes the hair and maintains the pH level of the hair.

2. How to grow Black hair faster Naturally with Home remedies?

Here are few of the home remedies which you can easily use to grow Afro fast.

1. Egg yolk mask:

  • Take two eggs and mix them with two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • To make it less sticky, add some water to it.
  • Next, apply the mask directly to your dry hair and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Then use the shampoo and rinse it properly.

2. Cinnamon mask:

  • Mix cinnamon with equal amounts of coconut oil and apply it to your hair.
  • Make sure that it reaches its roots.
  • Wait for 45 minutes and then rinse.

3. Cornmeal sprinkle:

How to make black hair grow faster overnight? Well, it’s quite easy with the below steps:

  • Pour 1 Tbsp of cornmeal into any shaker and sprinkle it on both your dry hair and scalp until you finish it all.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes, and then brush it all out using a hairbrush.

3. How to Grow an Afro in South Africa?

Well, apart from all the above steps, here are few bonus tips especially for the ones who want to grow an afro in South Africa.

  • Keep your hair well-moisturized
  • Use a silk scarf to wrap your hair before going to sleep
  • Avoid using heated appliances
  • Have regular trims
  • Use products with natural ingredients which can tame your frizzy hair
  • Use satin or silk hair bands
  • Say no to colors
  • Use wide-tooth combs to avoid breakage
  • Keep your natural curls and enhance them with proper products
  • Don’t over-wash your hair

4. Wrapping up

How to grow Afro fast can now be quite easy for anyone who desires it.Like any other hair type, afro hair also grows half an inch every month. So follow the steps of the hair care routine that can accelerate your hair in every way.

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Grow Your Afro in 10 Easy Steps


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