How To Make Eyelash Extension Glue Last Longer?

How To Make Eyelash Extension Glue last longer

Planning to try out a pair of eyelashes and wondering how to make eyelash extension glue last longer? You are at the right place to get some answers to this question. 

All the girls with stubby or super thin lashes consider eyelash extensions to be the best invention after mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger and shiny, you glow differently, but maintaining eyelashes is also kind of a task. 

How To Make Eyelash Extension Glue Last Longer?

Almost every girl out there wishes to have thick eyelashes, extension is the only way you can see yourself in that look so why not just go for it?

Eyelash extension glue is a key factor used to attach the extension over the natural ones. It can be a process that might consume some time but once you get to know how to apply, you will become a pro at it soon. 

These extensions can be a little bit expensive but a worth it investment into your beauty regimen, try to use a good quality adhesive, or else you are going to experience some pain and discomfort near the eye area. 

Eyelash extensions Perm Kits can get you the eyes that you always have been dreaming of and that is why you will also need a strong adhesive to achieve that goal. In this blog, we are going to cover all the topics related to eyelash extension!

Many of us wonder how to make eyelash extension glue last longer, there are so many theories on how to store the glue, how to apply, and how to make it last longer, keep reading and you will know all of the parts very well.

1. Step by Step Guide

Let’s see how to make eyelash extension glue last longer?

1. Mind your eyes 

First of all, ask for lashes according to your eyes, consult someone before you get one, .07mm and .05mm range is usually a perfect fit for almost everyone. Choose lashes that mimic your natural lash shape, avoid using thick eye cream and go for a lash sealer, sleep on your back.

2. Don’t use waterproof mascara with extensions 

Normally, there is no need to apply mascara after you have your extensions on but still, you want to go for mascara, avoid using the waterproof one as it gets harder to remove and might mess with your extensions. 

3. Use a gentle face wash and oil-free makeup remover 

One key to making your extension last longer is that avoid touching your eye area, if you want to remove your makeup, use the oil-free one, and after you take a shower you can blow dry your lashes to get it smoother.

2. One Secret about the Shelf life of Eyelash Glue

If you store your glue at room temperature, its life is approximately 1 year unopened.

And if you store it in the fridge at a temperature of 13C (to be exact), its life can be approximately 15 months if unopened.

3. Tips to know about How long does Eyelash Glue last on Skin

These were the main 7 points that every girl is keen to know about how to how to make eyelash extension glue last longer, how long does lash glue last on eyelashes! Besides, if you notice a long-lasting ultra-sticky eyelash glue, it’s time to replace the glue with a new one.

Here are some more pointers that you would like to know about how long does eyelash glue last on skin:

  • Lash glue on the skin lasts for about a week if taken care of and handled softly.
  • And now if you are also wondering for how long will eyelash glue last opened? Look, there is a max life of 3 months but you could use it up to 6 months maximum. And shake the glue properly before you use it every time.
  • Eyelash extension adhesive contains cyanoacrylate that is for adhesion and a quick dry.
  • It also contains compounds like stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator (to keep the glue stable), pigments.
  • There will be separate layers while you apply the glue and some components just rest down in the bottle that is why shake before you use it.
  • According to research, it is believed that you can store the glue unopened but only according to the temperature that it can take.
  • Make a habit of wiping the nozzle after you use your eyelash glue and remove the excess part before putting the lid on.

4. Best Lash Extension Glue for Self Application

The bonnie extension glue is the best extension glue that you would love to use for self-application as well as well used by lash artists. These products are mostly recommended to all the consumers out there and their price is also reasonable.

5. Best Budget Lash Extension Glue

The best in the budget is “Ardell lash grip eyelash adhesive”, available at Amazon, you can check the accurate price there.

6. Aftercare Tips

  • Do apply an eyelash sealer every morning after waking up, it will help to keep your lashes at their place for a longer period. You can go for below by blink, as it contains acrylic and hyaluronic serum that helps the eyelash to adhere and remain healthy in its good condition.
  • Eyelash refills are very important if you have just gotten your new eyelash extension, else your stylist will just add more extensions to your eyes and that ends up looking like a rated look, nobody would want that!
  • Make a thumb rule to be gentle with your eye area, if you feel a little bit itching then just give a slight rub on your eyelid in a circular motion to feel okay. And when you remove your extension make sure to use a remover to get rid of leftover glue and sticky part. Wash your face with regular water and apply a cream.

7. Conclusion

We hope you all got your answers, for how long will eyelash glue stay on, for how long will it last, and what you need to be careful about. You know what is best for you and what is not, so choose wisely for yourself, eye section is considered to be the most sensitive out of all the organs. 

Using eyelash glue is not so difficult once you get habitual to it. Using beauty products and extensions is always a worth it deal but you will always need the right guidance in applying anything.

Please note that you have to sleep on your back when you have your eyelash and glue on otherwise, your eyelash can fall and it will be a mess.

If you are worried that you might get a mess to deal with, go for a refill at the salon and get your style back. And don’t forget to use lash-friendly products only else it can cause some irritation around your eye area.

We hope our blog comes to your use and if you have any other questions, please let us know, we will be obliged to answer you as soon as possible!

8. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does lash extension glue last?

The main thing Is that the best eyelash glue is the one that lasts for weeks, though it is a bit expensive to get, the lash glue lasts for about 6 weeks if handles with proper care and gently taken care of.

  • How to tell if eyelash extension glue is bad?

Keep a check if your glue is of good quality or bad, if you are unable to brush through your extension, it is a clear sign that your glue is a bad one. If your eyes burn a little bit after you got your lashes done, that is also a sign for the same.

  • Can you use expired eyelash glue?

No, not at all! Never used an expired eyelash glue as it can lead to infection in the eye or near the eye area, and that is the most sensitive part, so just get a new eyelash glue and throw away the expired one.

  • How long does lash glue last unopened?

The adhesive that you ought to use must last up to three months if unopened and if properly stored, the expiry date for an opened one is almost 5 weeks. 

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How To Make Eyelash Extension Glue last longer


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