Can You Put Mascara On Fake Eyelashes?

mascara on fake eyelashes

Who doesn’t love bigger, rounder eyes with thick and beautiful lashes? They can instantly lift your face and transform your look in a not-so-subtle manner. While false eyelashes offer a temporary solution, eyelash extensions are more permanent.

Once you have them done, you don’t need to worry about applying your lashes now and then. Now you might be thinking, can you put mascara on fake eyelashes? Yes, you can, but you have to remember few things; keep reading to know how can you put mascara on fake eyelashes.

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What are Fake Eyelashes?

Basically, fake eyelashes is a makeup application that can be used for various purposes, such as increasing the length, thickness, and fullness of your natural eyelashes.

Unlike false lashes, which are either placed as a single piece on your eyelid or placed on by one along with your natural lashes, the eyelash extensions are used to enhance your natural lashes themselves. Extensions are usually made from materials like silk, mink, human hair, etc.

fake eyelashes

While you can apply false lashes onto your eyelids yourself, and with the help of adhesive, you may need to consult a professional at your salon for fake eyelashes. Since they are individually applied to each existing eyelash, it can take quite a long time and may need expertise.

The cost of both also significantly varies. While false eyelashes themselves are quite expensive, eyelash extensions needing professional expertise for application are more expensive than fake lashes.

There will also be a significant difference in the weight of both kinds of lashes. Since false lashes are made from artificial fibers, they are likely to feel heavy on your lids, unlike extensions that are light as a feather and feel the most natural.

Can you put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes?

Makeup won’t be complete without using mascara and if you were using lash extensions and worried that now you no longer can use the mascara and have to say bye-bye to your favorite one, then you’re mistaken. You can put mascara on lash extensions but have to take care of few things.

After lipstick, every woman’s favorite cosmetic is probably mascara. It makes your barely-there lashes quite visible and darker, making your eyes look bigger and overall brightening and enhancing your face.

When you get fake eyelashes, you are probably likely to wonder if you can use your favorite mascara on them. Well, good news. Yes, you can wear mascara on your lash extensions, but there are some tips and guidelines you need to follow. While extensions naturally can make your eyes look bigger and rounder, a pinch of mascara can definitely do wonders.

Tips for using Mascara on your Extensions

Some of you have or wanted to use the lash extensions and now wondering can you put mascara on false lashes. We understand that mascara is something you don’t want to miss out on while using these extensions. So here are some of the tips on how can you put mascara on lash extensions.

applying mascara
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or eye makeup. These will end up being extremely hard to remove. You may need to use an oil-based makeup remover that will mess with your extensions’ adhesive and cause them to fall put much faster.
  • Do not rub your eyes before and after applying mascara. Rubbing often can cause shedding of both your natural lashes as well as the extensions.
  • Do not use oil-based makeup removers. These will break down the glue or adhesive in your extensions and reduce their longevity. Make sure your daily skincare regimen includes oil-free products.
  • If using eyeliner, make sure that you use a water-based ink eyeliner that will come off easily.

Can I put mascara on false lashes?

There are a lot of misconceptions about using mascara and eyelashes together; wondering if you are supposed to put mascara on fake eyelashes? Do you use mascara on fake lashes? The truth is, you can use both of them together without any worries but make sure you take care of the following things:

  •  Don’t use waterproof mascara as it can be really hard to remove and cause damage to your false lashes.
  • Apply only a thin and light layer and not heavy mascara, which will be difficult to remove and make your lashes look too clumpy.
  • Should you put on mascara before fake eyelashes – Yes, before placing your fake lashes on your eyelid, try to apply a thin coat of mascara on your natural lashes. This will provide a more natural look and help both the lashes blend effortlessly. This is how you should put mascara on before false lashes.
  • You should apply mascara on your lower lashes after placing your false lashes.
  • Ensure that your mascara is completely dry before adding your falsies to the top.

How to remove Mascara from your Eyelash Extensions?

Now that you know about how you can properly apply mascara on your extensions let us look at how you should be removing them so that you don’t cause any damage to your extensions.

  • Always make sure that you use oil-free makeup removers when removing your mascara. Be gentle on your eyelids, and patience goes a long way.
  • A clean spoolie is essential while removing mascara. The spoolie brush does a better job of removing your mascara than makeup pads that will be harsh on your lashes and eyes.
  • Dip the spoolie in. makeup, remove and simply brush it on your lashes a few times till the mascara is broken down. Now you can get rid of the remover by simply dabbing with a clean tissue.


I hope, all your questions and doubts were cleared on how can you put mascara on lash extensions. Now, get ready and flaunt those great lashes with your favorite mascara.

No doubt, eyelash extensions individually can look bomb on you. And if you are adding some mascara to it, it will surely spice up your look. So, as long as you remember to be gentle and use an oil-based remover and mascara, too, you will be ready-to-roll.

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