How to Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Using Bleach?

How to Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Using Bleach

Do you know how to dye dark hair purple without using bleach? This blog is going to tell you how to make this possible. Purple hair was barely seen in the 1970s but some celebrities of our generation like Katie Perry revived this trend again. In the past, lilac shades were the most popular but purple is in the spotlight!

How to Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Using Bleach

Changing your hair color is way more than the change of external appearance, your look is changed and boosts your confidence up and you start glowing up even more. Whether you choose a dusty and deep shade or a pastel balayage, all the shades of purple can easily transform your naturally dark hair. You can easily find the best purple hair dye according to your hair type.

People usually think that how to dye dark hair purple without using bleach but no, it’s not at all difficult! Thanks to the latest hair transforming innovation that has made this change easier for people to perform.

You can now color your dark locks into any shade of purple you wish to change into. You can also dye brown hair purple without using bleach. Usually, these colors do not last for long but to make it last longer you can adopt some pro tips given right down in this blog. Follow it all and you will see the change. Many women now prefer home remedies to be better.

 I have often seen people asking can hair be dyed purple without bleaching. Yes of course as several brands manufacture hair colors that do not require bleaching now, you just need the right coloring method that shows how to dye dark hair purple without using bleach.

If you are determined to add a splash of purple to your hair locks, find out what you need to do to get that in the next section.

1. Things to Consider before Dying your Hair

  • Carry out a patch test with your permanent hair dye, even if you have used it before. The test involves a small amount of solution on your inner elbow and leaving it to dry. Every dye has a different testing instruction. After this test, you will know if you are allergic to it or is it okay for you to use it.
  • The after result depends on your natural hair color, we can expect different shade results on brown hair, dark brown hair, medium brown, and black hair. So you need to keep that in mind too.
  • Which shade of purple should you choose? You must know what would you choose for dying, dark purple colors like burgundy, amethyst, and indigo are easy to dye if you have dark hair.
  • Select what type of dye you should use, usually the color dye lasts for 8-16 washes but it depends on the hair type too. The permanent dye lasts much longer but yes it will fade over time.
  • Check the pros and cons of dying your hair, the original hair must not get damaged, so choose wisely for yourself.

2. Types of hair Color

  • Demi-permanent hair colors – these colors contain an alkaline agent, they require a developer that helps the color to penetrate the hair shafts, they do not lighten up the natural hair color, so you get a uniform finish. This hair color lasts longer than the semi one with minimum damage.
  • Semi-permanent hair colors – these colors penetrate the hair partially, do not lighten the dark hair and contain little to no ammonia, are not harsh at all. However, they do not stay for long, will fade away within 3-6 shampoo washes. This option is only ideal if you want to try 2-3 shades of purple on dark hair.
  • Permanent hair colors – these colors contain ammonia that bleaches the hair for the dye to work. It can dry your hair and damage the strands of your silky hair.

Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark hair without Bleach

1. Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – it offers a deep and royal purple color, it is also called purple rain, it works very well on brown hair too.

2. Manic Panic-Purple Haze Hair Color it can be directly applied to the hair and gives a good color and a shine to it. If you have light blonde hair, it will work the best and appear truest of all.

3. List of Products that you will need While Dying your Hair Purple

  • Clarifying shampoo – use a clarifying shampoo for washing your hair gently before applying color.
  • Hydrating conditioner – use conditioner after washing the hair.
  • Your choice of product – keep your choice of product aside.
  • Some hair clips – get some hair clips ready for tying the hair strands along.
  • Gloves – keep a pair of gloves ready while applying the color.
  • Shower cap or any plastic bag – must use any one of these to cover the hair after you have applied the color.
  • An old tee – keep an old tee with you to save your clothes from getting dirty.
  • Timer – keep the timer ready for calculating the waiting after you have applied the color.
  • Conditioner – use conditioner for hair wash.
  • Heat protectant – use this only if you want to style your hair out.

4. Step by Step Guide to Dye Dark hair Purple without Bleach

How to Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Using Bleach
  • First of all, pick the shade that goes with your skin tone and that suits you the best, be it light or dark.
  • Wash your hair softly with shampoo and appropriately apply conditioner a few days before you have to color.
  • Part your hair into four or five sections with the help of your hair clips, the more the partition, the easier it gets to apply all over the head and strands.
  • Now, keep following the instructions given in the packet and mix the color solution within the proper ratio required. Take it out in a small bowl and keep mixing till it gets right.
  • Make sure the color gets applied to all the strands of your hair and is well coated, check in the mirror if some part is left out, apply there too.
  • After applying the color, cover your head with a shower cap or any plastic bag that fits in well, set a timer, and wait for the color to set along.
  • Wash your hair gently with regular water and do not apply shampoo, use conditioner instead.
  • Let your hair dry and do not use heat immediately, later on, apply the heat protectant if you want to style it out.

And your hair is dyed successfully!!

Just in case, if you have brightly colored hair, aim to use cold water rather than going for hot, use dry shampoo as much as possible.

Good shampoos for bright colored hair are sulfate-free and contain gentle ingredients too. Another way to preserve bright high colors is by regularly oiling your hair in the right amount, as it helps to keep the hair in a good condition.

Coconut oil is the best to use if you have dry hair. Use it at least once a week. Ayurvedic oils are also best suited to keep your hair strengthened and strong, helps to avoid unnecessary hair fall.

5. Conclusion

purple is a fun color to dye, it washes out with time. To make it last longer you can follow the coloring tips shared above and keep giving regular touch-ups. I hope these tips will help you out while dying your hair purple at home.

No more exposing hair to ammonia now. Dying hair at home is much easier nowadays and costs way less than the salon price. Also, due to Covid, it is much better to just sit at home and perform such hair-dying activities rather than searching for some safe salon outside.

Just keep in mind that always use good quality products, branded products and if you fail the patch test, try not to use the color then because it will cause huge damage to your hair. Use regular water, not so cold and not so hot.

Follow the right directions while applying and do not ignore the instruction manual given along with the product. All the tips mentioned above are worth trying and testing and it is not so difficult to perform, take someone’s help if you cannot perform it alone.

Also, remember that do some after-dye care for your hair, it will help the color to last longer than the expected time.

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How to Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Using Bleach


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