10 Best Hair Dye for Black Men that Retains Moisture

With the availability of so many hair dye in the market, which ones should we choose?

One has to keep in mind the shade, tone, and ingredients of the product. If you seek some clarity regarding which product to buy, we have enlisted 10 best hair dye for black men in this article.

With good hair products, the hair can provide a refreshed, healthy, and rejuvenated look. It can boost your confidence, improve the emotional state and help you gain a remarkable first impression. So read the article to know more about the best hair dye for black men’s hair.

10 Best Hair Dye for Black Men

1. Best Moisturizing Hair Dye: Shea Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit

The Nourishing Hair Color Kit by Shea Moisture is a one-stop solution to men’s permanent black hair dye! Consisting of a wide spectrum of natural and organic ingredients, the mixture strengthens, rejuvenates, and repairs hair.

Shea Butter and Soy protein are the core ingredients of the color, which deeply moisturizes and repairs damaged hair to provide a natural-healthy glow.

This best hair dye for black men comes with an advanced no-drip formula that delivers vibrant color and shines to the hair along with easy application.

It is free from Ammonia, phthalate, paraben, sulphate, ppd, and other harmful chemicals. Being cruelty-free and organic, it delivers a permanent, long-lasting neutral soothing tone to the hair along with excellent grey coverage.

The Shea Moisture Nourishing Hair Color Kit is available in the market in 8 vibrant shades. Each shade and tone effectively color the hair to provide a softer, silkier, and healthier appearance.

The components, along with their functions, separates the product from the generic hair color, making it one of the best dye for black men’s hair.


  • • Reasonable price
  • • Provides good grey hair coverage
  • • Moisturizes the hair and strengthens
  • • Natural components and chemical-free
  • • Works well on perms
  • • Long-lasting black hair dye
  • • Best black hair dye for grey coverage


  • • Developer contains hydrogen-peroxide
  • • Not for all hair types
  • • Not suitable for facial hair

2. Best Dark Hair Color Kit: Softsheen Carson Dark and Natural Hair color

Formulated with aloe vera and honey, the Softsheen-Carson Dark and Natural Hair color is the best long-lasting black hair dye.

This best hair dye for black men contains soothing aloe and honey which leave the hair soft and moisturized, with a silky sheen. The fortified, Ammonia, peroxides, ppd, sulphate free product delivers a soft, conditioned, and more manageable hair.

The color is available in liquid form, providing a moisture-rich result. The product’s application lasts up to 6 weeks, becoming one of the best black hair dye for grey coverage. Quick and easy to use, the simple application procedure takes a total of 5 minutes.

 The pack consists of an applicator cap, gloves, and manual to provide an advanced drip-free, long-lasting hair color. 

The formula is specially designed to be one of the best hair dye for black men. The shades suit the skin tone and consist of ingredients to cater to the melanin-rich skin.


  • • Men’s permanent black hair dye
  • • Natural products, less added chemicals
  • • Soothes nourishes and protects hair from excess damage
  • • Excellent grey and white hair coverage
  • • Easy to apply
  • • Can be used on facial hair


  • • Not suitable for all skin types
  • • Cannot be used on compound Henna and other progressive colors

3. Best Overall: Just for Men, Easy Comb-in Color

Just for Men, Easy Comb-in Color

best hair dye

  • Gray Hair Coloring for Men with Comb Applicator

If easy to apply, hair color is your requirement; Just For Men has a revolutionary easy Comb-in color to suit your needs.

The advanced auto shop feature of the product cuts down damage by preventing over-application on hair. Once the desired color is applied, the product shuts down the excess application.

Along with the natural look-after application, the product is extremely user-friendly. The pre-mixed liquid product cuts down the problem of mixing dye and developer manually.

The application kit in the product comes with a tube and an applicator brush. The simple process is to attach the tube to the brush and apply it directly to the hair.

This best hair dye for black men can be easily applied to facial hair to provide a complete and authentic appeal to an individual’s look.

Besides the easy-to-apply feature, the product is skin-friendly and does not stiffen the hair. Harmful chemicals like Ammonia are absent from the mixture, which is also great for the hair. 

The color blends into the hair easily and stays on for about 8 weeks, making it one of the best black hair dye for gray hair and the best black hair dye for gray coverage.


  • • Autoshop feature helps even application
  • • No uneven or over-application
  • • Free of Ammonia and other harmful chemicals
  • • Extremely user-friendly, quick, and easy to apply


  • • Might not provide the stable results as promised
  • • Not suitable for all skin types.
  • • Possibility of color dripping onto the skin

4. Bigen EZ Color for Men

According to cosmetic experts, The Bigen EZ Color for Men is the best hair dye for black men which provides an intense and bold jet black look after application. The hair product is low in peroxides and free of Ammonia than the generic brand of hair colors.

What is great about the product is that it does not stain the skin. There is no dripping of the liquid product on the skin and thus can be used on facial hair.

Natural ingredients such as aloe extract and olive oil are easy on the skin and provide excellent conditioning and repair to damaged hair.

These natural ingredients provide the hair with moisture, strengthens are provides a healthy and natural sheen. The product can be used for multiple applications. It can be left on for longer than 10 minutes to achieve the desired color.

Being easy on the skin with aloe vera and olive oil extracts, the product stands out to be one of the best hair dye for black-haired men.


  • • No dripping
  • • Does not stain skin
  • • Easy application
  • • Natural ingredients
  • • Dark and intense color results


  • • Not suitable for all skin types
  • • Few traces of peroxides

5. Best Natural Hair Dye: Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Moustache Color

Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Moustache Color

Manly Guy BLACK Hair

  • Safe, Natural, Cruelty Free and Made with Organic Ingredients.

The Manly Guy Hair Color by Henna King is one of the best black hair dye for gray coverage. The product is rich in natural products such as Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria), Henna (Lawsonia Inermis), Amla (Emblica Officinalis Gartn), Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba), Neem (Azadirachta Indica).

This natural ingredient, along with rich vitamins, strengthens and rejuvenates hair to give a more youthful result.

This best hair dye for black men does not contain harmful chemicals such as peroxides and PPD. It is also hypoallergenic, which does not leave a space for rashes, itches, and burning sensations on the skin.

The product comes in powder form and is fragrance-free. Organic and natural core ingredients of the product are safe to use on all hair and skin types. From permed to straight or curly hair, the product can be used without worry.  

This particular vegan solution is easy to apply and lasts between four to eight weeks. The procedure to apply is easy and user-friendly. The application kit comes with a hair cap, hand gloves, and a detailed manual for first-timers.

Overall, this long-lasting black hair dye is one of the best black hair dye for gray hair. The cocktail of vitamins and organic sources makes the hair shiny, healthy and delivers a fuller look.


  • • Vegan, natural and organic
  • • easy application procedure
  • • Long-lasting black hair dye
  • • Hypoallergenic solution prevents reactions
  • • Chemical-free solution


  • • The process of application is lengthier than other products
  • • Leaves a subtle grey tone to the applied skin, which washes away easily

6. Best Hair Dye Foam: Goldwell Men Reshade Grey Blending Powershots

A grey hair dyed black male look has one of the most masculine attributes. For the ones desiring the cool grey undertone, this is the best solution. This best hair dye for black men comes in a foam format. It preserves slight coloration while delivering a youthful-masculine look.

Semi-permanent in nature, the power shots take away the striking discoloration of hair while keeping a natural, well-balanced grey look. The fortified foam formulation is extremely easy to apply.

The package comes with a bottle that needs to be shaken to mix the product inside. Then apply to the hair for five minutes. The result is a cool grey undertone with a more charismatic masculine look.

One of the features of the product is that the user can apply the product to dry hair. The solution gets activated through oxygen to reveal a fantastic result. It does not stain warm tones after shampooing. The 4CA product is the darkest shade of the range.


  • • Ammonia and paraben-free
  • • Simple, quick, and easy process to apply
  • • Natural and youthful results


  • • Not long-lasting
  • • Does not eliminate the grey color of the hair

7. Best Hair Bleaching Kit: Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

  •  Helps To Gently Prepare Hair For Intense Vivid Colors

If you are looking to prep your hair for intense colors, Manic Panic is the best hair dye for black men! The Flash Lightning Kit comes with a dust-free bleach powder, one thirty-volume Cream Developer, and one application kit.

The product works best when used with the Manic Panic Prepare to DYE Clarifying Shampoo (8 oz). The bleach powder and the developer gently prepare the hair for vibrant colors during the dyeing process.

The bleaching products are vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA accredited, which lifts the hair, adds volume and prepares the hair to apply intense colors.

This kit consists of one mixing tub, one tint brush, one plastic cap, one set of vinyl gloves, and a rare mixing tub to find in bleach kits of other brands. The kit also comes with an instruction manual for the first-timers.

The clarifying shampoo seals the deal by removing excess oil, preventing product build-up at the roots, and ensures deep cleaning.

It contains organic and natural ingredients, such as Ginseng root extract, rosemary extract, sage extract, and light grapefruit fragrance, make the hair healthy. The antioxidants found in the shampoo protect from harmful UV Rays.

Having a pH level of 7.80, the product helps open the hair cuticle for maximum dye deposition.

Using the product on Light, medium, dark brown, and even black hair color might result in a blonde hair dye for black males.


  • • Cruelty-free and vegan formula
  • • Comes with an all-inclusive application kit
  • • Usage on dark hair can serve as a hair dye to achieve a blonde tone
  • • Clarifying shampoo ensures deep-cleaned and healthy hair


  • • Might irritate specific skin types
  • • Ingredients might vary
  • • Specific time for application is not mentioned

8. Best Semi-Permanent Color Gel: Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel

Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel

Christophe Robin Temporary Color Gel

  • Color gel brilliantly masks roots and grays, without ammonia or peroxide

The Temporary Color Gel by Christophe Robin is one of the best home remedies for a beautifully colored mane. This best hair dye for black men consists of Oat flakes, kernel, and Inula Flower extract, which protects and preserves hair color.

It contains rich antioxidant brightens color and regenerates the hair fiber by stimulating the keratin production of the hair.

The product comes in a gel format and has a natural fragrance that does not overpower the experience. Ammonia and Peroxides are absent from the product, which masks the roots and grey hair, giving the hair a radiant and youthful effect.

The Gentle formula is present in an easy-to-apply bottle which is extremely user-friendly and gives brilliant natural color and shine to the hair.

Having revolutionized the at-home, fix for quick and best dye for black men’s hair, the Christophe Robin hair color gel will impress you for sure.


  • • Temporary hair color stays for 5-7 washes
  • • Easy to apply
  • • Consists of 92% natural ingredients
  • • Provides good grey coverage


  • • Not suitable for permed, bleached, and porous hair
  • • Not suitable for highlighted hair

9. Best for Hair Color Experimentation: Good Dye Young semi-permanent hair cream

Botanically infused with sunflower oil and other organic conditioners, the semi-permanent hair cream from goodDYEyoung, nourishes and rejuvenates hair.

With a wide spectrum of organic elements like Bergamot Oil, this hair product provides an even tone of color and excellent coverage.

The cream product is Ammonia, PPD, and formaldehyde-less and nourishes the hair color, relaxes the pores, and soothes the scalp upon application,

With a mild fragrance of bergamot oil, the semi-permanent hair cream is vegan and cruelty-free. The mixable colors and rich and vibrant tones deliver excellent pigmentation and protect the hair from UV rays.

The product is available in 3 shades of black, yellow, and purple. The intense and vibrant black color makes the product one of the best black hair dye for gray hair.


  • • Natural ingredients
  • • Soothes, relaxes, and nourishes hair
  • • Intense and vibrant shades


  • • Stains the skin
  • • Not suitable for all skin types

10. Best Hair Dye for Grey Coverage: Wella Hair Charm Hair Developer for coloring

Hair developers are a must when it comes to coloring. Wella has launched the Cream Hair Developer which works as the best black male hair dye colors.

Accompanied with the natural infused fragrance, this product produces a natural shine to the hair upon application. The product can be used with permanent hair colors and it is best hair dye for black men. It is great for covering the aging or fading of the natural hair color.

The product comes in a cream format and is extremely skin-friendly.  The full cure time with the product is 45 minutes which produces long-lasting hair color results.

Being Ammonia and other chemical-free, the hair developer cream is one of the best solutions for excellent grey coverage and intense color results.


  • • Mild on skin
  • • Provides great coverage
  • • Easy to use, cream format
  • • Chemical-free


  • • Cure time might differ from one hair type to another
  • • Cure time might differ from one hair color to another.

Factors to Look While Buying a Hair Dye for Black Men

Several factors should be considered before you choose a hair color.

  • Skin tone

The character of shade is the skin tone of a person. It is important to determine how much the desired color complements the skin tone of a person. Choosing an odd color that does not go well with your skin tone might look unnatural.

  • Hair Texture

The hair texture is also one of the crucial factors to be considered before buying a hair color. The thick textured hair takes more time to absorb color, whereas the thin textured hair will be quicker to absorb the color. This shall determine the cure time and amount of product to be put on for the desired result.

  • Effect of the hair color

It is imperative to go through the ingredient list of a product before purchasing it. Determining the percentage of chemical and organic content of the product is a must. If you are allergic to any compound, going through the ingredient list will help you avoid the trouble.

  • Research

Conducting research about which brand suits you is a smart move before purchasing hair color. Doing patch tests and test runs with various hair color products before directly applying is a cautious move to avoid damage and burn to the hair.

  • Consultation

Before buying the best hair dye for black men, you should always consult a professional. The experts can determine the best color for your skin tone and advise you about which brand to use and which brand to stay away from. Collecting tips and tricks for taking care of colored hair never goes in vain.

Personally, Bigen EZ Color for Men with the natural ingredients, Just for Men Comb-In color with its technology are the two best products to use on the hair.

The natural and organic, chemical-free products nourish, rejuvenate the damaged hair, and strengthen and condition the scalp. These products are a few of the best in the market, which works well with darker skin tone men.

Thus, we end with the recommendations for black or ethnic hair dyes for dark skin tone men. Delve into the world of colors and dyes which suit your skin tone and flaunt your hair!

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Best Hair Dye for black men


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