10 Best Bleach for Hair at Home

best bleach for hair at home

Are you thinking about bleaching your hair? How long should you wait to bleach your hair again?

Then you should know that there are a number of fine products which you could use to do it yourself, right from the comfort of your home. 

You can either do it by yourself or ask a friend for help and get wonderful results! Here is a list of the best bleach for hair at home you will find on Amazon.

1. WellaBlondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

Suitable for all kinds of lightening techniques and to get the perfect lightening effect, this may as well be one of the best bleach for hair.

It is a lightener of blonde powder which weighs 28.2 ounces. Use this for taking gentle care of your hair.


  • The product uses high-quality ingredients in its composition.
  • You will get colour results that are vibrant and intense in their forms.


  • Might not be ideal for all shades of hair.

2. Clairol Professional Bw2 Lightener

This particular hair bleach powder from Clairol gives you quite quick results and a perfectly balanced lightening.

You are advised to apply the product where you want to, after mixing the developer of Clairol Cream with BW2 and let it process for up to thirty minutes.


  • Professional hair bleach to get quick and predictable outcomes of balanced lightening.
  • Can be used for off-scalp usage, balayage and foiling.


  • Might require more in the amount to show the desired results.

3. L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach

L’Oreal’s bleach powder for hair delivers superior, brighter and faster lightening of hair.

The powder is free of dust and uses a formula that is non-drip concentrated. It provides an excess in the strength of its lightening mechanism and can lift to seven levels.


  • You can achieve multiple effects in one application.
  • Can get complete sheerest global platinum to extremely subtle highlights.
  • Remains creamy and moist throughout the process.


  • May cause itching and burning sensation for off-scalp application.

4. BlondForte Perfect Blond Extra Strength Professional Hair Lightener Bleach

If you are wondering how to bleach hair at home without damage, then this is the best hair bleach kit for you.

This is the perfect blond hair dye toner with extra professional strength. Directly from Italy, the lightener is easy to apply. Beautiful blond hair can be achieved due to the creamy consistency.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about how to bleach black hair?

Then Blond Forte works well for you with all types of hair including Hispanic hair, African American hair, Asian hair, dark and brunette hair.


  • Six to seven reliable levels of up to forty volumes for more lift – the best bleach for dark hair.
  • The composition includes coconut oil to ensure there is no hair damage.
  • No smell of heavy ammonia.


  • Not ideal for extensions or wigs.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium Lift 9

This particular bleach powder for hair is infused by an integrated bonding technology and is capable of providing you upto 9 levels of lift.

It also contains anti-yellowing agents that can neutralize any kind of warm undertones. 


  • A distinctive quality of the highest ingredients.
  • Will not experience any skin irritation after using the product.
  • Shows great results for brunettes.


  • May seem costly if compared to the amount of the product.

6. Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

The cream developer hair bleaching kit has seven levels. The package includes intense hair dye colours of Manic Panic to prepare the mane and a premium hair lightener.

The bleach powder is devoid of dust to help you prepare the hair for vivid and intense colours during the process of lightening.

So if you are still wondering how to bleach hair at home without damage, this product will definitely help you enjoy an evenly lifted outcome.


  • Comes with using instructions, a set of plastic gloves, a plastic cap, a tint brush, a mixing tub, a cream developer and a dust-free bleach powder.
  • The formula used is vegan and cruelty-free.


  • May burn the scalp.
  • May go blotchy if you do not prepare various coats.

7. Wella Professionals Color Charm Powder Lightener

If you are looking for a controlled reliable effect, when it comes to bleaching, this is indeed the hair bleach powder you are looking for.

For using this colour charm powder lightener, mix it in a non-metallic container. Make sure you do not process it for more than fifty minutes.


  • Known for being a reliable and controlled lightening action.
  • Formula is dust-free.
  • Has up to seven lift levels.


  • May require more in quantity to show needed results.

8. Pravana PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener

Pravana’s ultra-lightener is popular for having up to nine levels of lift and is one of the best bleaches for dark hair.

It contains the technology of ReUnite Mending. This brand new technology has amino acids for internal power to restore the hair from the inside.

They use ingredients that are derived from plants to help the cuticle layer to reunite. 


  • Proven by doctors to increase softness and shine.


  • Package does not come with clear instructions in English.

9. Goldwell New Blonde Base Lift Creme

Goldwell comes with its latest blond crème for base lift and is a professional hair bleach. The mixing ratio of the item is 1:2. For each tube, it can be used twice.

They have a unique technology of colour that contains Luminescence in all colour segments, silver, highlights, blondes and colour extra rich.


  • The new technology can convert the UV light invisible to naked eyes into magnificently brilliant visible lights.

10. COTY HAIR Clairol Nice N Easy Born Blonde

This is the ultimate blonde bleach for achieving the perfect blonde hair colour. The item is easy to use at the same time.

It is made of natural oils and contains up to six levels of lighter. It can be used for all hair colour shades, starting from black to blonde. So if you are thinking about how to bleach black hair, this should be your go-to product.


  • The systems help to moisturize and condition the hair after you are done with blending.
  • You can achieve lighter shades if you let it on for a longer duration.
  • Can get all levels of blonde, from ends to the roots.
  • Customized hair lightening.


  • May seem overpriced to some customers.

Our personnel recommendation is of course the Clairol Professional Bw2 Lightener.

However, now that you have the catalogue of the best hair lightening products on Amazon, what is holding you back from bleaching your hair? 

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