10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Every Hair Type!

Best Purple Hair Dye for Every Hair Type

It takes a lot of courage to try something fresh, and when it comes to picking the best purple hair dye, it can be a tricky process. Thus, it requires professional and careful knowledge of best hair dye that retains moisture from a variety of brands to have an amazing personality makeover.

Our Top Picks

Best Drugstore Purple Hair Dye: Pravana Chromasilk Express Tones- Violet
“Its the best ammonia-free dye, easy to apply without leaving any side effects”

Best Semi Permanent Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair: Arctic Fox Vegan And Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye
“It is a completely vegan product, which is eco-friendly and feels natural to your hair”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Unbleached Hair: Manic Panic Violet Night Hair Color Amplified
“Its best for unbleached hair and gives sheer hair complex with visible results after hair dyeing”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Light Brown Hair: Adore Creative Image Semi-Permanent Hair Colour
“The product works best for the ones with alluring brown colored hair and keeps it nourished and enriched for a couple of months.”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Brown Hair: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Electric Violet Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
“The dye gives a strong, enticing sweet odor to your hair and also works best for dark brown colored hair”

Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye: L’oréal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color Midnight Violet
“A long-lasting dye which leaves the permanent purple color to your hair and makes it look funky and in style.”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Brunettes: Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Colour
“This hair dye moisturizes your hair gently and conditions it as well. It also works best for the brunettes.”

Best Purple Hair Dye For Grey Hair: Schwarzkopf Colour Ultimate Hair Colour Cream
“Best purple hair dye for grey hair, which changes your personality as well as provides soft and shiny hair.”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Blonde Hair: Keracolour Clenditioner Colour Depositing Conditioner
“Easy to use, with instant results in less time, which works wonders on blonde hair along with other hair types”

Best Purple Hair Dye for Black Hair: MOFAJANG Hair Colour
“It is stain-free, non-greasy, and keeps your hair novel fresh. This works best on black-colored hair.”

Some expert hairstylists suggest trying temporary purple hair dye to see the effects before you get a permanent change. But if you are certain about the look and want to go for it without any adieu, you can choose the professional purple hair dye as your last resort.


You can apply it yourself by avoiding hair dye mistakes or can take the help of a professional to do the same. But the most important question is how to choose the best purple hair dye as there are various options in the market.

What should you look for while doing the same? It might be confusing and time-consuming for you, so let us help you pick the most suitable purple hair dye for your hair.

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1. Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Purple Hair Dye

  • Versatile shades:

You need to find the right shade according to your preference; you can go from pastels to bright purples. You can also decide it according to what kind of finish you like.

  • Harsh Chemicals:

Dying your hair may damage your hair, but it entirely depends on the chemical composition of the dye. We suggest that you buy something that contains very low or no-ammonia. You can take hair porosity test and identify what composition works best for you.

  • Color Fading:

The color of your dye may fade over time; in the latter stages, it may look like shades of pink. We suggest that you apply a darker shade than your desired color so that it lasts you long without fading.

  • Brand:

Dying your hair is a huge decision, and you must invest in good-quality dyes from well-established brands.

  • Ease of Use:

As a beginner, it’s necessary that the application of the product is beginner-friendly and can be executed easily.

  • Hair Condition:

Hair dying is a harsh process, and it involves using chemicals that may damage your hair. If hair are gone through some chemical treatment before, we suggest that you take a professional’s advice.

Hair dying may dry out your hair, and hence we suggest that you deep condition your hair and take a hair porosity test to make an informed decision.

  • Temporary or Semi-permanent dye:

Semi-permanent hair dye gives you a sheen and shine; it’s more of a refresher, but on the other hand, temporary hair dye has large particles, and they sit on the follicles and cuticles of the hair. Temporary hair dyes last longer.

  • Scent:

Scent is not a major factor, but you should take this as a consideration, dyes with harsh chemical compositions usually have a foul smell, but on the other hand, ammonia-free dyes have a more fresh smell.

2. Top Purple Hair Dye for Perfect Violet Locks

2.1 Best Drugstore Purple Hair Dye: Pravana Chromasilk Express Tones – Violet

Pravana Chromasilk Express Tones – Violet

Pravana Chromasilk Express Tones

  • Its formula adds incredible shine to hair and allows to achieve perfect blondes.

Parvana is not only one of the best pastel purple hair dyes but also cost-effective. With bright natural tones, this long-lasting purple hair dye is specially designed to create natural tones.

It has a 3oz Ammonia-free formula that will leave your hair lustrous and shinier than ever before. Its silk and keratin-based and will give which will deep condition and give you a beautiful tone.

This dye will take 10-15 to create the mixture and will give a beautiful pastel color. It will take minimal effort, and it will give you a salon-like finish without damaging your hair. It’s easily availble in the market and one of the popular choices among teens, which is why it’s the best drugstore purple hair dye that adds maximum shine to your hair.

Get this with Pravana’s Developer for the finest results wherein you will get 2 parts zero lift developer and 1 part toner. Use it as a conditioning treatment for 5-10 min, and you will be ecstatic.


  • • Ammonia-Free
  • • Easily Available
  • • Easy Application
  • • Semi-Permanent


  • • Developer Not Included

2.2 Best Semi-Permanent Purple Hair Dye For Dark Hair: ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye


  • As a highly pigmented color, Violet Dream will give a deep warm tint to darker shades of hair, and will cover up brassy tones without any issues.

When it comes to the best temporary Hair dye, Arctic Fox has its highly reviewed brand image.

Made in southern California, not only this chemical formula is the most reliable for new users as it has no harmful chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, and it’s a vegan formula that results in one of the best takes out here for temporary purple hair color dye; it has been a crowd-pleaser.

What makes this hair color worthy is that it has added conditioner, which heals the vibrancy of hair and provides gentle care for regular users.

It will leave a long-lasting soft fragrance and condition your hair without causing any harm. Its pigment can be controlled according to your preference and will leave a bright sheen. It is the best temporary purple hair dye for dark hair for any go-to events.

Arctic Fox is the highest-rated best purple hair dye for dark hair because of its amazing results.


  • • Sweet Smell
  • • No Peroxide
  • • No Ammonia
  • • No PPD (Paraphenylenediamine)
  • • No Ethyl Alcohol
  • • Vegan
  • • Works great on dark hair


  • • Starts to fade in 2 weeks

2.3 Best Purple Hair Dye for Unbleached Hair: Manic Panic Violet Night Hair Color Amplified

Manic Panic Violet Night Hair Color Amplified

Manic Panic Violet

  • This Shade Can Even Give Virgin And Unbleached Hair Deep Violet Tones

If you want your hair color to have a pleasing, soothing formula, then this one’s for you. This best deep purple hair dye is for your unsoiled locks. Everone has this concern of How Long To Wait To Dye Hair After Bleaching? so try this manic panic purple hair dye for best results. It is vegan, eco-friendly, and consists of a PPD free mixture that gives its best results even on non-pre-lightened hair.

It provides the users free custom mix and is also easy to apply. In addition, amplification lasts 30% longer and gives intense shade resulting in a bright tone to your hair.

It’s Aloe Vera, and nourishing oils hydrate the hair and leave a soft, healthy-looking shine. These curative properties act as a conditioner and repair damaged hair.

It will give you a bright and vibrant result, and its cream-like texture makes it easy to use. Thus, it’s the best purple hair color for your hair.


  • • Easy to apply
  • • Bold finish
  • • Sensitive scent
  • • Stain-free
  • • No Ammonia


  • • Grows dim

2.4 Best Purple Hair Dye for Light Brown Hair: Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Colour

When in the mood for purple stripes for your brown locks, go for this best semi-permanent hair dye for dark hair. With its easy-to-apply guide, you can achieve the results that you want.

Thisis one of the best purple hair dye, which gives a sleek and shiny look to your hair. The liquidity leaves an initial dark purplish color which is unstuck and results in a beautiful tone to your hair.

It has a nourishing formula that consists of aloe vera, vitamin E, Argan Oil, and herbs. The formula is free from ammonia, peroxide, and alcohol. Hence this doesn’t dry your hair out but instead hydrates and postures them.

Along with a smooth finish, it clarifies your hair and covers all your grays, and gives a beautiful sheen with gorgeous tones. Hence it’s the best semi-permanent hair color for brown hair.


  • . Wipes off easily
  • • Consistent
  • • Decent smell
  • • Liquidy
  • • Long-Lasting
  • • Budget-friendly


  • . Tones down to lighter shades

2.5 Best Purple Hair dye for Dark Brown Hair: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Electric Violet Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony helps you transfer your hair into a magical violet purple shade and delivers bright hair color with full coverage, ultra-conditioning formula. For the ideal vibrant electric violet purple, try Pony shade to give the most intense color to your hair.

You can easily use it at home without having any side effects. Its damage-free formula will keep your natural hair smooth, soft, shiny, and healthy as it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients. Thus, it makes it the best purple hair dye for those who love experimenting with their hair.

It’s free from bleach, ammonia, or peroxide, and it’s 100% cruelty-free. There are no developers or heat for this process, so this is the best way to dye dark brown hair purple.
It is suitable for use amongst beginners till experts.

It gives a really soft shade will a pastel yet vivid color and elegant sheen. It’s not overpowering and gives a sophisticatedly toned look. It is the best purple hair dye for dark brown hair and is ready to use right out of the jar. It is a semi-permanent hair color designed to wash out gradually over time.


  • • Vegan
  • • No Ammonia
  • • No Bleach
  • • Sweet Fragrance
  • • Soft hair
  • • Easy to use
  • • Fades gracefully
  • • Damage free


  • • Declines tones
  • • Time Consuming

2.6 Best Permanent Purple Hair Dye: L’oréal Paris Feria permanent hair color Midnight Violet

L’oréal Paris Feria permanent hair color Midnight Violet

L'oréal Paris Feria permanent hair color Midnight Violet

  • The Power Shimmer Feria Conditioner seals and smooths for lasting bold color that will turn heads.

If you are looking for a dramatic change in your hair, this is the right thing that you’ve found. Since it has unique colors in Midnight Violet, this can be the best way to dye hair purple.
It is a Casting crème Gloss that gives a natural-looking shine to your hair. With this hair color, you’ll see visible shimmery tones and glossy shine.

It gives you lasting colors and delivers brilliant results. It consists of hydrating Conditioners that keep hair condition with passing weeks, so the hair never gets ravaged.

It has a repairing formula that will deeply condition and hydrate your hair, so your hair will end up looking healthy and gorgeous. It will give a bright sheen from roots to tips. It will give intensifies results without causing any damage.

This results in a silky and shiny look that will also make your hair healthier with a salon-like preference at home. All this makes it the best permanent purple hair dye.


  • . No Ammonia
  • • Rich color
  • • Glossy shine
  • • Natural tones


  • • Chemical Odour

2.7 Best Purple Hair Dye for Brunettes: Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia-free Permanent Hair color

Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia-free Permanent Hair color

Garnier Olia Bold Ammonia-free Permanent Hair color

  • his permanent purple hair dye is formulated with color boost technology.

If you’ve been looking up to commercials and hoping to get soft, shiny, and nourished hair, this will surely be a game-changer. This ammonia-free Permanent Hair color is the best way to dye hair purple. It leaves your hair silky and vibrant without any damage.

Its Non-drip color cream is easy to spread, and it spreads evenly too. Dark brunette shades also can easily achieve up to 8 levels of lift for the purest blonde possible.

It is enriched with almond oil and black tea extract, which give you soft, healthy, and nourished hair with vibrant color.

For permanent hair dye and to enhance your natural hair color, turning to Garnier hair color makes all the difference with nourishment oils and leaves its Garniee’s reputed shade. It will give you a range from rich, vibrant colors to inspiring pastels. In addition, it will provide you with hydration of oils from roots to head.


  • • Nourishment of three oils
  • • Smells great
  • • Easy to use
  • • 50% more shine
  • • No Ammonia
  • • Moisturizing


  • • Needs Professional Care
  • • Shades change over a week

2.8 Best Purple Dye for Grey Hair: Schwarzkopf Colour Ultimate Hair Colour Cream

Schwarzkopf Colour Ultimate Hair Colour Cream

Schwarzkopf Colour Ultimate Hair Colour Cream

  • The advanced, premium formula of Color Ultime hair dye defies fading for lasting vibrancy for up to 10 weeks!

If you are looking for ways to color your hair Hassle-free and get that shiny luxuriously soft to touch to your grey frizzy hair, then this one is the ultimate option for you. It will leave a sheen and repair damaged and frizzy hair.

The formula is free from ammonia, silicone, and alcohol. Instead, it consists of botanical ingredients such as oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil.

The breakthrough formula of Color Ultime hair which is PDD free provides you with the proper color intensity and a performance that has noticeably brilliant color results; its cream-based formula hence makes it beginner-friendly.

The advanced formula of this dye defies fading for lasting vibrancy color. It has its perfect colorations to provide lasting, incredible shine, from your roots to tips. It gives soft-toned shades and provides an elegant and soft sheen, making it best purple dye for grey hair.


  • • Shines bright
  • • Intense Colour
  • • Soft
  • • PPD free
  • • Best for grey hair


  • . Leaves Stains

2.9 Best Purple Hair Dye for Blonde Hair: Keracolour Clenditioner Colour Depositing Conditioner

Keracolour Clenditioner Colour Depositing Conditioner

Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner

  • Add stunning hues, maintain vibrancy and kick up your color.

If you are looking for a way to instantly infuse color into hair with every wash, this best semi-permanent purple hair dye surely helps you. It will help you add gorgeous hues, maintain a lively bounce off your hair, and kick up the color. Thus, it’s one of the best purple hair dye you must try.

It is a non-lather conditioning cleanser that adds a sheen and a vibrant color to your hair with every wash. It adds light hues and maintains vibrancy without salon visits. It is very user-friendly and be used by beginners very easily.

Its conditioning formula will hydrate your hair and deeply nourish them, making it one of the best purple hair dye. Its Sulfate-free formula is a non-lather conditioning cleanser designed to add deep shade to your beautiful hair.

This highlights and lightens your pale blondes to rich hints which are paraben-free, which helps in resulting in the molecules to protect your scalp from damage. In addition, it will give you bouncy and lively hair.


  • • Instant
  • • Stunning color
  • • Vibrant results
  • • Conditioning
  • • Sulphate free
  • • Paraben-free


  • ● Fades after every shower
  • ● Leaves stains

2.10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Black Hair: MOFAJANG Hair Colour

MOFAJANG Hair Colour

MOFAJANG Hair Colour

  • . Easy to color, easy to wash, strong without damage to hair, no sticky.

When it comes to dying natural hair, we get a bit hesitant due to the damage it can cause, but this Hair Paint Wax leaves the hair damage-free and amazing color. This has proved to be the best hair coloring dye wax as it works on your natural hair.

It is a temporary hair dye but with a hair dye color and coverage. Its made of natural ingredients, and it’s really comfortable to wear; and the formula is not sticky and is really beginner-friendly.

This best temporary hairstyle Cream is a safe and fun way to color your hair and have a insta makeover with a non-Sticky formula that washes out easily. Combined with natural ingredients and no scalp irritation, this is environmentally friendly and causes no harm.

It doesn’t take much time to show off the results. It is reviewed as the best purple instant hair Wax. It gives an incredible definition to your natural hair, making them look even more highlighted in its own form.


  • • Safe
  • • Organic
  • • Non-Sticky
  • • Great hold
  • • Instant
  • • Stain-free


  • • Odour
  • • Fades over time
  • • Flaky

3. How to Maintain Your Purple Hair

Coloring your hair can add a dramatic change to your hair play, and so Rich and Bright colors such as purple require proper care and upkeep. Lilac Violet purple oh pretty whatever shades of purple hair can be rich and deep and soft and subtle.

Best Purple Hair Dye for Every Hair Type
  • Although the pigments need a little extra maintenance, one reason is that it doesn’t penetrate down that deep. Furthermore, such vibrant colors require bleach to lighten the pre-colored hair bleaching does some damage, but contrary to coloring brief, it does not actually change the texture.
  • Hair somewhat loses its elasticity, so you need to take proper care while washing your hair and cleanse through the scalps too. Having said it is important to note to use proper products on your colored hair depends on how much the color has undergone in your hair. Moreover, purple tends to fade faster than other hues; this is possible because the molecules shaft much faster.
  • Moisturising is the key to improve hair health. You need to take proper care of your hair’s moisture level to prevent it from breaking and fading. This can be done using a sulfate-free conditioner and proper treatments.
  • Condition your hair a week before dying so that your hair is prepped and so that moisture is locked and the color locks in a better way.
  • After dying your hair, make sure you condition them deeply, especially in the initial weeks. This will make sure that your hair is healthy and hydrated. It will also help the pigment to last long.
  • You can dye your hair a little darker to increase the longevity of the pigment.
  • Try to avoid Heat Styling as much as possible as they dry your hair out and may cause a lot of damage to your hair. The right choice in picking out your product accordingly. Follow these tips, and you are good to go.

4. Conclusion

We hope after reading this article you get an insight about what is suitable for your needs, and you have got an insight about factors such as ingredients, application, tones, etc. We hope that you have gained some insight and can make an informed decision.

However, after listing the 10 best purple hair dye products, we recommend trying L’oréal Paris Feria Permanent hair color for natural permanent glossy shine with no ammonia to prevent your hair from damages.

Even you can also go for Keracolour Clenditioner Colour Deposting Conditioner. It’sone of the best purple hair dye thatworks perfectly on blonde hair by providing proper conditioning instantly to your hair with all the organic ingredients in it.

If you want to start with a semi-permanent one, then go for Arctic fox vegan. It’s the best purple hair dye for any go-to event works the best, by providing all vegan ingredients and an alluring, irresistible smell.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you wash purple hair?

Well, after successfully dying your hair, you should wait for at least three days to wash out the color as follicles and cuticles, the outer part of your hair shafts haven’t fully absorbed the color. Also, try and wash your hair with shampoos that don’t contain chemicals like sulfate, as it may wear off the color and make your hair frizzy and dry.

Do not wash your hair too frequently, as it may strip you off with natural oils. Instead, try and incorporate deep conditioners and shampoos that help your hair stay moisturized for a longer period. You can also use purple shampoos as they will help in adding a little color back with every wash. Finally, we suggest that you towel dry your hair and opt for the non-heating option.

  • How many washes does hair dye last?

Most colors last between 2-8 weeks, you may notice some color bleeding in your first 2 washes, but it will stop happening eventually; the more you condition and take proper care of your hair, the more likely they will last long.

As semi-permanent are soft and don’t contain ammonia, they fade easily as compared to other dyes. You can use purple shampoo so that a little pigment is added with each wash.

  • Does purple hair color fade fast?

Yes! The purple hair does fade a lot faster compared to more natural shades. They will begin to fade in the first 4-5 washes—the dye molecules in the best purple hair dye outway the hair shaft much faster than natural colors. But if you regularly condition your hair, it will lock the pigment for a longer time.

You can use dry shampoo to bring it a more lively color, as regular shampoo may make your purple dye bleed sooner. Unfortunately, Beach and pool water can also take away its longevity.

  • Can I dye my hair purple over black?

Coloring over black hair option involves coloring the underneath layer of your hair with the best purple hair dye.

First, you’ll need to bleach the surface of the layer of your black hair. After you’ve lightened your hair, wait at least 12-14 days before reaching for your permanent best purple hair dye. After bleaching, you have to make sure that you take intensive care of your hair and making sure that you are hydrating and nourishing them properly.

  • Do you have to lighten your hair to dye purple?

To dye your hair purple, your hair must be at least dark brown. If your hair is darker than that, you may have to bleach your hair to achieve the desired look. So, yes, you may have to lighten your hair in certain cases to achieve a certain shade of purple.

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