7 DIY Hair Dye Mistakes You’re Making & How To Fix?

DIY Hair Dye Mistakes You're Making

Plastic gloves, some color box dye, or any old shirt, what could go wrong? Well, hair color doesn’t always turn out how you planned it to be. Everyone makes hair dye mistakes and you may be making it too.

We have got solutions to your DIY problems, no need to visit a salon. Hair dye is becoming quite a rage these days, everyone is trying out some new shades on their hair and obviously, it is one of the best ways to spice up your overall look easily and completely by just sitting at home, all you need is the right guidance to perform the steps.

DIY Hair Dye Mistakes You're Making

It is completely okay if you are new to hair coloring and you mess up, no one is perfect, and the first try mostly goes wrong, it is easy to fix these problems all you have to do is follow some short steps and rules for the same.

Dying hair at home is way better sometimes because you will know how to take care of your hair on your own. We have been observing lately how people are complaining about their DIY hair dye disasters, something goes wrong or they just mess up a little bit in between, well, we hope this blog clears your way out and fixes up all your problems.

We also recommend that you can consult any hair professional but it is also acknowledged that sometimes going to a salon is not so pocket-friendly and that’s one of the reasons people have started to prefer DIY at home. Apart from this, there are some of the best hair dye you can consider for dying your hair.

7 Most Common Mistakes that you might Face and how to fix them:

1. Hair color came out darker than you wanted it

This kind of hair blunder is common to see especially for brunettes, this happens when you leave your color applied more than the required time and it is a little difficult to fix this but it is not impossible to do.

Solution – before you think of using any color remover, reach out for any clarifying shampoo, it’s also called detox shampoo. Now apply the shampoo to the area where the color has gotten too dark, washing the area more frequently with proper rubbing can help you solve this mess within a few days. Make sure you use conditioner and increase your washing frequency to prevent your hair from drying out.

2. When you see orange scalp

When you see an orange scalp after applying color, that means your roots are warm, you get hot roots from choosing a redder shade than your natural color but it does not affect the previously covered areas.

Solution – when you deal with orange roots, see what color fits opposite to orange and yellow? Violet is the color that will fit the best to rectify this issue. Use a cool violet color on your roots where it is orange and choose a shade that matches the level of your current one, only when it’s safe to apply color again on your hair.

3. When your hair color fades after you applied

This hair dye mistakes happens when you applied the color just a few days ago and you start to see that your newly applied color has started to go down and fading away, this also happens when you wash away your hair before the time is up.

Solution – don’t panic and first of all reach out for color therapy treatment that would make your newly colored hair enriched with shine and smoothness that would help your color to boost up. You might like this treatment and would like to take it often in the future.

4. When you ignore the use of products specially meant for colored hair

We often do this thing, after getting the hair colored, we use our normal shampoo and conditioner which is one of the hair dye mistakes that your hair gets damaged and strands get weak after the color is faded from hair. 

Solution – please keep this marked in your mind that if you have colored your hair then you have to use hair products that are meant specifically for this purpose, using these specialized shampoos and conditioner makes a huge difference to your hair. The color will last longer and your hair will remain in a good condition.

5. When you wish to look good but the color is not visible in some part of hair

This is also one of the major hair dye mistakes caused while coloring, this happens when you do not apply the color properly or you miss some section of your hair in between, this is very easy to fix, let’s see how.

Solution – to fix this, the first thing that you need to know is that always use 4-5 hair clips and divide your hair into different small sections so as the color can be applied on every strand in the right way. If some part gets left behind then just take that part, separate it with a hair clip, mix the color in the right proportion and apply it on the strands that were left. Keep a record of timing just as you would have done earlier.

6. Color on the roots 

If you are applying color on the root of the hair, you are damaging your hair with your own hands and you need to take care of this. People often do not notice this hair dye mistakes and carelessness causes their hair to get rough and dry. This damage is hard to recover and the color is going to act as a chemical dose for your roots.

Solution – this is the thing that almost every hairstylist is going to tell you, never apply color on the root hair, always try to keep a distance of at least an inch or two. But even if you have applied it once, do not worry and just wash your roots gently with cold or regular water to get it off soon.

7. Mixing the color in a wrong proportion 

Another most common hair dye mistakes made by almost everyone out there. Most of you don’t notice what amount is required and this can cause some trouble to your hair.

Solution – The right proportion to be mixed is mentioned in the manual, go through that at least twice to make it clear for yourself and then mix it gently in the right amount, it should be balanced when being applied. The right amount will give a good shine to your hair and the right color that you ought to change.

These were some of the common hair dye mistakes we all can make while dying our hair. Other than these there are some more common problems such as-

  • Choosing the wrong color when mostly people select any color by just seeing a good label or any celebrity picture on the pack is very wrong and what you see is way more different than what you are going to get after you dye your hair so ask your hairstylist at least once that what shade would suit you the best, hair dye should enhance your look and must not look artificial. So keep this in mind and choose wisely, take your time to check what would be the best for you.
  • Going overboard with hairstylingdo not use color too often, only use it when you think it is necessary or it’s been a long since you have not used any color. Overusing hair color or straightening machines will damage your hair permanently and such damage cannot be recovered so easily so be careful and use wisely. And even if you want to apply a small amount of color on some part of the strands then mix it separately for those particular stands only. 
  • Keeping the hair color applied for too long than the actual timeis another huge mistake that is usually made by many people out there. We have mentioned this above too, remember that there is an instruction manual given along with the package of color, must-read that first, and always set a timer on your phone or watch after you have applied your color. Normally, it is usually kept for almost 30 minutes at home, and extending this time means damaging your strands, so be careful about the timing.
  • Choosing a color that mismatches the skin tone, you must opt for the color that matches your skin tone, that is going to suit you the best, mismatched colors do not look good and people often end up feeling like why did they dye their hair. Just like makeup, it is important to see whether the color you choose matches your skin or not. If you are confused in choosing, take someone’s help for this process.


We hope that this blog helps you in fixing your hair dye mistakes and disasters. All you have to do is just be careful about every single thing and the steps you perform while hair dying.

Hair color dying boosts up your confidence while you are in a public place or any other place, your whole look gets changed and it is preferred that before you dye your hair get a patch test or consult your stylist at least once and try to avoid mistakes, even if you make one try to fix it before it gets harmful in anyways.

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DIY Hair Dye Mistakes


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