The 10 Best Vegan Makeup Brushes and Brush Sets

Are you looking for the best vegan makeup brushes?

Every woman needs to look stunning and extra enticing, particularly if you can do so without utilizing animal products.

The cruelty free makeup brushes not only work simply in addition to regular brushes, however you’re serving to the environment as well.

The vegan trend is rising quickly, as an increasing number of people wish to be extra cautious of their surroundings and the products they use.

The 10 Best Vegan Makeup Brushes and Brush Sets of 2021 [Reviews]

Beneath are the 10 best vegan makeup brushes and brush sets rated and reviewed. For each item, we’ve included a product description and their pros and cons.

The InnoGear Makeup Brushes is a skin-friendly Professional cosmetic Brush set having a complete range of brushes which incorporates 16 makeup brushes, 4 makeup sponges, and one brush cleaner.

Innogear vender is a professional vendor that understands the fundamental needs of the consumer and designs this vegan makeup brush set which incorporates all of the important instruments that are required for daily application.

Many other brushes usually are not pleasant to the skin and have low-quality fiber hair whereas this professional cosmetic brush set has a high-quality synthetic fiber.

The quality of this professional makeup brushes set is tremendous as that each brush is specially designed which does not reflect shades whereas wearing makeup to avoid embarrassing moments.

This makeup brush kit is an essay to use and beautifully crafted in that manner which helps to mix foundation, cream, fluid, powder, primers, and moisturizers into your skin without shedding.

The design of this set of brush is elegant and distinctive in appearance, with their premium handle and aluminum it becomes sturdy and will not break easily, its premium handle makes it too close to the fingers and you can use it easily.

Its shape has been designed in such a way that you can mix makeup with any angle and can apply foundation, buffing, highlight, and any necessary blending to create the desired look which reinforces your face structure as you want.


• Not only professional kits are DIY as well
• The high-Quality synthetic fiber hair
• Durable due to its aluminum handle

Syntus bamboo makeup brush set is one of the cheap makeup brush sets due to its affrodable price as well as durable design with a bamboo stick and high quality synthetic fibers hair with a wooden color which makes it look a quality brush.

This complete set of brush meets all the requirements of the consumer and incorporates 5 basic high kabuki makeup brushes and 6 items of exact eye make-up brushes.

It additionally comes with 4 makeup sponges and 1 free brush cleaner as a complimentary present. All beauty brushes in the set cover all functions of makeup.

This vegan makeup brush set includes a face flat brush, powder brush, blush brush, angled brush, liquid foundation brush, angled shadow brush, makeup blender, concealer brush, small detail brush, small angled brush, and lip brush.

Durability on its peak due to its natural bamboo handle. These brushes are vegan, eco-friendly, natural, and have high tenacity and high-quality artificial fiber.

This enhances the beauty of the brush and makes it more sturdy as well. Syntus bamboo makeup brush set having a high-density fiber hair which is so fluffy to blend out any form of makeup, powder, foundation products easily with out irritating the skin.

A complimentary sponge for makeup can also be delivered with the brush set which is made of a non-latex material. This provides a soft feeling to the skin and does not soak up the foundation, an excellent choice for all types of cosmetics, creams, powder and liquid foundation.


  • Durable due to bamboo handles
  • The synthetic high-quality fiber hair
  • Complimentary sponge and cleaner

If you are looking for Cruelty free eye makeup brushes then here your search ought to finish as MSQ presents an entire set of eye makeup brushes.

This makeup brush set incorporates 12 brushes that fulfill all your requirements with perfection.

Blisters of the brush are made from premium synthetic fiber material, very fluffy and high density and friendly to eyes, and has a soft and silky touch, connected with the handle through thin aluminum sheet which may be very close to the finger and easy to make use of for everyone.

MSQ eye makeup brushes are vegan makeup brushes which are avaialble in all sizes of brushes which embrace blending brushes, eyeliner brush which is bent to cowl all angles, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush, and concealer brushes.

It’s a long-lasting eye makeup brush which is made from sturdy wood which is finely colored and polished.


• High-quality wooden handle
• Simple to hold
• Complete range of eye makeup that meets all needs of eye makeup

Do you like colors?

Most women like colourful stuff so that is the only option for all women, Matto particularly designed this 10 PCS makeup brush set for all color lovers.

These vegan makeup brushes are uniquely designed and each piece has a different color which seems distinctive than other makeup brushes.

This makeup brush set incorporates an Eyeliner brush, lip brush, mini angled brow brush, flat blow brush, flat angled eye shadow brush, blender brush, highlighter brush, foundation brush, contours brush, and Powder brush, set covers all your needs with perfection.

Bristles of each brush are fluffy and dense with high-quality synthetic fiber hair which gives a soft contact and silky feel to the skin as an alternative without shed which avoids many embarrassing moments.

All brushes are very dense and have a controlled and streak-free application of powder cream and liquidate cosmetics like several professional makeup brush.

Matto Makeup brushes come with a complimentary brush holder, which decently holds all your brushes and retains your dressing table tiny, and your brushes also stay safe and their life extended for lengthy, it additionally helps you to carry and travel anywhere.

This cruelty free makeup brushes set is a perfect setting for a wide range of products from powder to foundation, cream to mineral makeup.


• Excellent for color loving women
• Complimentary brush holder to keep your table tiny
• Money-back guarantee if a buyer is not satisfied

There’s one more full range makeup brush with large capacity and uniquely designed for all makeup lovers, containing 4 face bases brushes, 8 eyeshadow brushes, and 2 extra brushes to cover all your requirement of makeup from nose to lips.

This professional vegan makeup brush set is specifically designed for makeup lovers of all ages. Beginners and professionals each are compatible with tropical makeup brushes as this design is very close to the finger and easy to use for all.

Each piece is well fluffy and has a high density of skin-friendly fiber which doesn’t irritate the skin non shed, even when it can be used with baby skin it’ll give a very soft touch to the infant skin.

Due to dense bristles, it’s simple to grab and blend all types of cosmetics, powder, lotion, foundation, and all makeup stuff to perfectly apply on your skin.

The best and distinctive part of this vegan makeup brush set is its high-quality transparent handle.

Flowers are printed on the handle which enhances the look of the brush, which gives a soft feel to the hand whereas utilizing and enhancing the beauty of applying makeup.

All brushes are purely handmade to make the customer satisfied as this is a vegan makeup brush manufacturers priority to satisfy the customer, each brush is very soft and comfy to deal with so the application of makeup will likely be easy for DIY and professionally as well.


• A unique transparent handle which gives a soft feel to the hand
• A high-quality fiber hair is used which doesn’t irritate the skin
• Can be used as professional and DIY as well

This is one of the best professional natural makeup brushes set having 10 pieces.
They cover all of your needs, such as: Flat foundation, Powder brush, Blush brush, Angled contour brush, Eyeshadow brush, Blending brush, Lip brush, Angled eye shadow brush, Concealer brush, Eyeliner brush, Multi brushes.

Its unique crystal design makes it different from other makeup brushes in the market.

Due to high-quality crystal handle making it durable as long-lasting as the other wooden handle available in the market. its crystal handle glitter fascinating coloured light in the sunshine and provide you with a fairy feel.

The set of brush are made from durable plastic with glitter in diamond shape which enhances the beauty of every set and offers a little confidence to use for applying makeup as they want.

Bristles are also very soft and fluffy which is the basic need of any high-quality brush.
Each brush incorporates synthetic fiber hair which is not irritating to the skin however skin-friendly as properly, and having the ability to catching various makeup stuff and blending lotion, eye cream, eye shadow, and powder and more.

Due to high quality and fluffy bristles, it’s never sheds. It additionally lets you keep away from any embarrassing second on any event. These are reliable brushes you can use anywhere as these are easy to carry on travel or any event for instant touch up.


• Durability due to crystal handle
• Unique diamond design
• Perfect gift for mother, spouse, and female buddies

Sixplus brings a high-quality vegan makeup brush set for you, which no doubt is one of the best makeup stuff for all learners, professional or DIY purposes. The set contains excessive High quality total 15 Sturdy brushes.

Each brush has a bristle of synthetic goat and horsehair which is very friendly to human skin and applies any kind of powder, eyeshadow, lotion, or basis perfectly without irritation.

Sixplus ensures the durability of each brush by making it of a powerful wooden handle connected with bristles by a thin golden aluminum sheet. This makes it great for long-lasting use. Not only is it durable, but it additionally has a unique design from a New York designer.

Its elegant design gives an individual feeling to the user. A complimentary magnetic makeup brush holder additionally comes along with the brush set which is beautifully designed with the super magnetic pressure which successfully ensures to opening and closing the box, it keeps your dressing table very tiny and manages.

It’s simple to carry for traveling and outdoor activities, storage box can contain 10-25 brushes. Each brush is purely handmade, eco-friendly and vegan to give a high level of satisfaction to the user, and you may apply all kinds of makeup with confidence without shedding at any time or anywhere, customer satisfaction is a priority for Sixplus.


• Complimentary unique designed brush storage box
• Elegantly designed by a New York designer
• Skin-friendly bristles made of goat and horsehair

This cruelty free makeup brush set includes 14 makeup brushes and makeup brush cleaner also. With its fluffy and dense high-quality synthetic fiber, all types of makeup applications become smooth, the bristle is soft and skin-friendly which doesn’t irritate the skin and gives the soft touch to the user.

Premium high quality brushes are made from wood handles which might be finely polished and designed with golden aluminum thin sheets that connect bristles with handles and ensure the durability of every brush price.

Luxe premium makeup brush comes with a 150ml bottle of vegan makeup brush cleaner for safety and long-lasting use of brushes. Theis set of brush is commonly washed by water and soap.

Please note at any time when you are going to clear the brushes please wash only the fluffy bristle instead of a full brush, as its wood handle connected with the surface by glue and water can loosen the glue over time.

Luxe premium vegan makeup brush set is completely designed for both professional and DIY use so that is the perfect gift for whom you care and wish to improve their natural beauty.


• Comes with a vegan brush cleaner for long-lasting use of brushes
• Beautifully designed with wooden handles
• Perfect gift for your family members

Now we have a Shany’s Elite vegan makeup brush collection having 18 pieces and one brush holder as a complimentary gift. This set of brush cover all basic needs for application of any form of makeup from powder to liquid foundation.

This set of makeup brushes is made of the preferred and demanding brushes in the modern world of beauty like kabuki styles, eye brushes, or foundation brushes.

It’s a perfect tool by which you can art well with makeup, the inspiration of this elegant model cosmetic brush will bring out your internal artist, excellent for each personal or professional use.

Bristles are made of high quality natural and synthetic fiber with high density and fluffy which directly attached powder and blend it on the face with perfection without irritation, due to its softness and fluffy bristles you can use it on baby faces without hurting them, they will feel the soft touch.

The handle is made of durable wood with beautiful design, connected with bristles by a matching color thin aluminum sheet which is very close to the finger and anyone can use it easily. Iit’s additionally dustproof which helps it to stay new all time.

It comes with an 18 brush holder pouches. They are very light and uniquely designed as it can be remodeled from a normal brush pouch to a sturdy brush stand.

As it’s a perfect package that is designed for professionals, beginners, and DIY purpose so it’s the perfect present to your mother, spouse, sister, and all-female buddies, at affordable prices with durability for a long time memorable.


• Distinctive design pouch to manage your dressing table and keep it tiny
• A high-quality fiber hair is used which does not irritate the skin
• Can be utilized as professional and DIY as well

Here is one another complete set of brushes that contains all of the characteristics which you need from any makeup brush set.

It features a powder brush, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, contour brush, eyebrow brush, and blush brush. Docolor vegan Makeup brush may be very pleasant to skin as that is made of sustainable materials, high-quality fiber and goat hair being used, the amount of hair may be very dense and rich.

This provides a soft contact and doesn’t irritate the skin. The contact of the brush is also very soft which doesn’t irritate the pores and skin and in addition non-shedding, the density of hair is high due to which is controlled and streak-free application of powder cream and liquidate cosmetics

Docolor makeup brush set is perfect for blending, highlighting, and shedding functions which contains all sizes of brushes having 13 PCs for various capabilities, which fulfill the necessity of all capabilities of makeup. The looks of this makeup brush set is so beautiful itself.

Its strong handle is made of wood which is finely polished and painted with stunning colours. Its durability additionally ensures that every brush can be utilized for a long time.

It’s an ideal set of makeup brushes which everyone can purchase, not only for personal use however you can also use it as a gift to your family and friends members on any occasion.


• Beautifully designed and finely polished
• Made from a durable handle of wood
• A excessive density of fiber hair which makes it very soft

Right here I’ve given you the perfect choices to pick the best vegan makeup brush among the many 1000’s of brushes in the market which are not so excellent.
Online purchasing is at all times at risk of what you should buy which got here exactly as per your requirement so I’ve given you the best options based on buyers’ reviews.
So don’t think too much and purchase the best vegan makeup brushes with minimal risk. Among all we recommend the Sixplus 15 Piece Espresso MakeupBrush Set WithMakeupHolder which comes with 15 pieces of vegan makeup brushes along with makeup brush holder travel case.

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