How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Vinegar? Step by Step Guide!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Vinegar

All of us wish to look stunning and that’s the reason we use makeup products, whether or not they’re costly or not.

We merely adore the arrogance that makeup offers us and the way it offers us the mindset that we are able to obtain something we got down to do. To clean makeup brushes becomes too tedious sometimes.

However when we return home and worried about to clear our brushes as a result of that’s hygienic and for our personal good. So, In this article, we will discuss in detail that how to clean makeup brushes with vinegar.


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9-Step Guide To Clean Makeup Brushes With Vinegar

To prevent all of those, merely use this DIY household item called vinegar you keep in your kitchen and refresh your brushes, and now I’ll explain to you how to clean makeup brushes in 9 easy steps.

Step 1: Rinse the Makeup Brush with Lukewarm Water

Step one to completely clean brushes is to rinse them. The lukewarm water melts down the piled-up makeup stays and lets you simpler clean them, and all of this whereas that same lukewarm water manages not to injury the bristles of the brush.

Chilly water gained’t have any impact, besides that it may well additional harden the piled-up makeup. This can make the duty to clean makeup brushes, much more, harder by clotting the makeup between the bristles.

Then again, utilizing very hot water can burn the bristles, leaving them damaged. The bristles of the brushes are very delicate and really straightforward to wreck, which signifies that if you’re not cautious with this cleaning section, they can develop into dysfunctional and unusable.

Even the slightest quantity of pressure together with the wrong hand motion can result in injury of the bristles. This can make all of them fuzzy and never usable.

There are various methods in which you’ll injury your brushes, and this is only one chance which we should eliminate. And that’s why I’ll now let you know the way to rinse your brushes accurately.

This is very important to protect the lifespan of the makeup brushes. As soon as you’re done with the rinsing, the second stage of the first step follows.

Step 2: Brush Cleaning

In the second step, you might have two equally good choices, you can use your palm or a silicone mat to clean makeup brushes. In my opinion, the silicone mat for brush cleaning is a barely higher possibility due to a few causes.

The most important pro of this product is that the silicone mat has completely different textures on its floor and every of those textures has completely different cleaning capabilities. The textures enable deep cleaning and break down layers of hardened makeup.

The silicone pad will not be very costly, it’s straightforward to make use of and what’s extra important- it’s easy to wash. The feel of the silicone pad, together with the performance of the vinegar technique, is a combo that ensures success and ensures you that you would be able to lastly see the true colours of your brushes (and, not that brownish one you hate a lot!).

However don’t fear in case you don’t have this silicone tool at home as a result of your palm can work simply fine. With lukewarm water, wet your palm or silicone mat and apply liquid or dishwashing soap on them.

Then, with out huge pressure, rub the brush from your hand or silicone mat with mild round motions, to slowly start to take away the hardened makeup products left within the brush. Do that till you see that the hardened makeup on the brush is sufficiently decomposed after which rinse the brush again with lukewarm water till you discover that the water has become clear.

This step allows us to interrupt down the layers of accumulated makeup products on the brushes we wish to clear. It’s certainly a good preparation that will increase the effectivity of cleaning makeup brushes with vinegar.

Step 3: Disinfect

This step is very important to main the hygenie as disinfecting the makeup brushes is an important step for a lot of causes, starting from preventing the spread of dead skin and cells to stopping the spread of bacteria. Over time, with constant usage, your makeup brushes soak up many sorts of bacteria and dead skin cells from your face.

If they are not cleaned correctly, then the brushes can transmit these bacteria and dead skin cells in your face once more. This can complicate the process of making use of makeup and it may well even trigger dermatological skin issues which aren’t very easy to treat.

First, these occurrences can injury the bristles and make them be directed throughout the place which may result in uneven utility of the make-up, or the brush strokes can develop into seen and there will likely be streaky lines on your face.

Second, the accumulated combo of the bacteria and the dead skin cells may cause dermatological issues, similar to:

  • Clogged pores
  • Rash
  • Broken out skin
  • Zits

Step 4: Create a Mini Solution

To begin the disinfection course of, take a small bowl or small jar by which you’ll have to dissolve a liquid solution made from one-third vinegar and two-thirds water to clean makeup brushes. Take your brushes and soak their bristles in the solution.

Then, with out placing stress on the brushes and urgent them towards the partitions of the container, make light round motions with the brushes within the solution. It’s best to do that for a few minute.

And, are you able to guess what follows after this?

You might be proper, you’d must rinse once more, and with lukewarm water after all. When you’ve completed rinsing, place the brushes on a clear towel for them to dry slightly bit when you put together the solution for the great cleaning.

This section is of utmost significance for individuals who have been utilizing the brushes for a very very long time and haven’t cleaned their brushes in any respect.

Step 5: Prepare the Solution for the Main Cleaning

That is actually the most important part of the vinegar cleaning process, so please pay very close consideration. As soon as once more, take a jar or a really deep container in which you’ll depart the brushes in such a method that their bristles will likely be immersed within the answer that you’ll make.

This is essential as a result of you’ll have to leave the brushes within the container for an extended time interval. To make the solution, and I mean make it environment friendly, it’s essential to fill the bowl with lukewarm or hot water (however not that hot as a result of as I’ve already instructed you- it may well burn the bristles), one tablespoon of vinegar, and half a teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid.

If you wish to make a soap-free solution to clean makeup brushes, as a substitute of liquid soap or dishwashing soap, you may as well make it with two-thirds vinegar and one-third water. A very powerful factor is that it’s essential to have vinegar as your fundamental ingredient for creating this necessary solution.

Regardless of the rational concern that the brushes will come out smelling like vinegar, belief me- that’s not the case and within the different steps of this text I’ll clarify to you why it’s like that. Vinegar is an effective natural cleanser that’s made out of acetic acid and that permits it additionally to kill bacteria naturally.

Best vinegar to make the solution for cleaning the makeup brushes is Giuseppe Giusti White Wine Vinegar which is aged balsamic vinegar and Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar made with Raw, Unfiltered All Natural Ingredients.

Step 6: Swirl it all around

Take your makeup brush and with its bristles, place it in the already created vinegar solution. As soon as once more, keep in mind that you simply shouldn’t apply too much pressure and also you shouldn’t press the brush’s bristles against the wall of the container you might have chosen.

When you’ve placed the brush in the solution, gently begin swirling it round, just like a straw in a glass of drink. On this step, you’ll be able to see how the clear water slowly begins to get dirty, making the brush increasingly new alike.

Swirl the brush in the solution till you see that there’s no extra dirt popping out of it. Place your brush on a paper towel and let it sit when you repeat this course of with the opposite brushes. This is essential since you should swirl one brush at a time.

Step 7: Let’s Take a Vinegar Bath Together

When you’ve swirled all of your brushes, seize all of them collectively and put them within the container with the solution. Nevertheless it’s actually necessary to create a new solution (one tablespoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid) as a result of placing them within the dirty one will do you no good- it may well solely make the already cleaned brushes soiled.

Allow them to sit there with out touching them for about 5 to 10 minutes. Simply make it possible for they’re positioned in a way that doesn’t damage the bristles, they need to be all collectively and positioned in the same direction.

This can make sure that every last piece of the piled-up makeup will dissolve and will likely be rinsed out. Many individuals who strive vinegar cleaning are worried that the vinegar will depart a odor within the bristles of the brushes.

However guess what?

You don’t have to worry about that.

To start with, that’s why the vinegar is dissolved both with liquid/dish soap or water. The soap has its personal odor which may overpower the odor of the vinegar, while the water dilutes the vinegar’s substances.

Second, the ninth step of this short cleaning tutorial ensures that not one of the vinegar’s odor will likely be ignored on the bristles. That’s as a result of the vinegar is a pure deodorizer which signifies that after the brushes are fully dry, the odor of the vinegar will evaporate by itself, leaving no hint of the sturdy odor you’re all used to.

Step 8: Rinse Again

I do know that you all should assume that I’m repeating this one too many instances to clean makeup brushes, however you already know what they say- repetition is the mother of learning. So as soon as again, place your wet brushes on a clean paper towel.

Take one brush at a time and rinse it with cold water. Let the water slide down the bristle of the brush and take note of the water that falls within the sink. As soon as the water is evident, it’s time to make use of your hand or the silicon mat once more.

With out placing any additional cleaners, and underneath operating water, begin making a round motion with the bristles whereas making use of light pressure on your palm or your silicone mat. When each drop of makeup is cleaned, rinse the brush as soon as once more and place it on a clean paper towel.

On this step, in contrast to within the others, you’re to make use of cold water. Cold water is really helpful as a result of we wish to have the bristles of the brushes hardened so we are able to reshape them if it’s necessary.

Once you use your brushes, over time they will lose their major form and a few of the bristles can lose their desired path and might stand out from the remainder of the bristles. By making use of mild stress and squeezing the bristles collectively, you’ll be able to assist them to face collectively. You recognize what they say- together we stand, divided we fall.

Step 9: Dry the Brushes Overnight

Once you have placed the cleaned brushes on a clean paper towel, seize another one, and use it to lightly squeeze the remaining water between the bristles.

That is to make sure that there aren’t any big drops of water stuck in between the bristles as a result of they won’t dry out completely by themselves and the ultimate result will be moist brushes which may destroy the powdered makeup.

After which, as soon as once more, gently with your hand, reshape the bristles of the brush simply in case a few of them are nonetheless displaced and bent. Place the brushes on a clean paper towel and allow them to sit overnight.

You mustn’t use any instruments for warmth drying the brushes- like a blow dryer, microwave, or something that’s heat-based. Simply allow them to sit in a single day and this manner, you might be sure that the brushes will dry naturally, avoiding any heat damage.

And as I’ve instructed you previously, with the long strategy of drying (overnight) you create a timeframe by which the vinegar may have time to activate its position as a natural deodorizer and can evaporate by itself, leaving no hint of the strong odor.

Your makeup brushes are clean and able to use once more. And, you can follow these steps to clean makeup brushes once again.

Problems that Comes with Applying Makeup

All of us end doing our makeup and go straight to starting our day or go straight to that Friday night time occasion we’ve been getting ready for.

After doing this, for a few hours, we neglect concerning the piles of dirty brushes that we by no means appear to wash and make them look new or like those we purchased from the shop.

We always see brush cleaning products which can be both too costly or pure fantasy and non-functional, leaving us with the impression that we are going to by no means to clean makeup brushes once more.

Typically, this may demotivate you leaving you considering that you’re helpless and that you simply solely have two options- to proceed utilizing the dirty brushes or to buy new ones. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to restore these brushes to their authentic state by merely cleaning makeup brushes with vinegar.

Final Thoughts

After cleaning makeup brushes with vinegar, they’ll appear to be they’re brand new. You’ll get monetary savings on not shopping for specialized cleaning agents and on not buying new brushes every month.

Half an hour of cleaning the brushes and letting them dry overnight surely’s not time-consuming. You all must have this method in thoughts, particularly as a result of specialists counsel that we must always clean makeup brushes at the least as soon as in two weeks, and when you see your brushes so clear, I’m fairly positive that it would be best to use the vinegar technique extra continuously than two weeks. To clean makeup brushes is enjoyable and very satisfying.

In the event you nonetheless can’t put something in your basket and need to inquire extra, I’d love to listen to about your concerns, so give me your comments under. Or if you simply need to examine exciting beauty issues, please follow our web page.

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Vinegar


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