7 Best Vanity Mirror to Upgrade your Glam!

Best Vanity Mirror to upgrade your glam

Do you love the old Hollywood vibe a stylish vanity table mirror, however don’t have space in your house to fit one in? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a portable or wall-mountable mirror you could depend on whenever you need to apply makeup or groom yourself? A best vanity mirror could possibly be the answer.

best vanity mirror

In the event you discover one that fits your needs in addition to your aesthetics, a best vanity mirror will be the proper addition to your bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room. So what high-quality choices are out there?

We reviewed dozens of vanity mirrors to establish the best of the best vanity mirror options for you. We thought-about a variety of things together with high quality of design and materials used, aesthetics, cost, and Amazon buyer opinions.

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1. Best Vanity Mirror to Update Your Bathroom or Makeup Table

Here’s is the list of 7 best vanity mirror you can find on amazon with best prices.

1.1 Best Vanity Mirror Overall: Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

  • Best Lighted Makeup Mirror with 15 Dimmable LED Bulbs for Dressing Room & Bedroom, Tabletop or Wall-Mounted.

If you’re after a vanity mirror that gives everything you would need and more in one, the Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights is it. More than 500 customers have given it an average score of 4.4 out of 5, making it a popular selection that lives as much as the hype. What do you must look forward to if you select this option?

This is the bets vanity mirror for beginners, the mirror’s large size (22.8″x 18.1″) supplies you with the visibility it is advisable to perfect your makeup or grooming routine. It may also be positioned on a desk or hung, because of its detachable base.

The mirror is surrounded by 15 LED light bulbs which will be easily adjusted for brightness. They may also be adjusted for tone: warm light, day light, and cold light. That is all incredible information for you if the ability to simply customize your vanity mirror’s lights is an important feature to you. It actually makes achieving the perfect level and type of brightness a breeze!

One other function we love is the helpful USB charging port situated along with the mirror. All in all, there’s an entire lot of options to get excited about this vanity mirror!

Key Features:

  • Large size (22.8″x 18.1″)
  • 15 LED lights with adjustable brightness
  • 3 tones: Warm light, day light, and cold light
  • Detachable base for wall-mounting

1.2 Best Vanity Mirror with Multiple Magnifying Panels: Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror with Magnifying Panels

Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror with Magnifying Panels

 Click image to open expanded view WEILY Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • Equipped with 21 LED lights, the vanity mirror allows you get yourself a beautiful makeup even in the dark or poorly lit areas.

Been searching high and low for a high-quality vanity mirror that boasts not just one magnification choice, however multiple ones? It may quite the task, however we’ve discovered the very best pick out there: the Trifold Vanity Makeup Mirror with Multiple Magnifying Panels.

It provides a complete of 6 magnifying mirrors: 3x, 5x, and 10x from high to backside on the left-hand aspect, and 10x, 5x, and 3x from high to backside on the right-hand aspect.

That is an absolute dream function notably if you’re a fan of intricate makeup (drawing the proper winged eye, anyone?), or have any grooming tasks that require a extra detailed view.

In the event you’re wondering which other features makes this foldable and portable vanity mirror worth considering, we wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to say its handy storage tray, a fully rotating head, and 3 tone settings (cool, warm, and mixed).

Key Features:

  • 6 magnifying mirrors
  • Foldable
  • 360° rotating head
  • 3 tone settings: cool, warm, and mixed

1.3 Best Budget Vanity Mirror: KOOLORBS Vanity Mirror with Lights

KOOLORBS Vanity Mirror with Lights

KOOLORBS Vanity Mirror with Lights- KOOLORBS Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • This mirror has 3 color lighting, cold, warm, and natural light, providing 3 light scene.

A portable vanity mirror with 21 LED lights and 3 magnification modes that can be bought for under $25?

If you solely have around $25 to spare, you’ll actually be impressed that you can even get change from it if you opt for the KOOLORBS Vanity Mirror with Lights. It’s bursting with features you’re positive to get lots of use out of, which we imagine makes it an absolute steal. We’re not the one ones; more than 7500 customers gave it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5!

The mirror comes full with three fully-foldable panels, one among which is split in two. The mirror found on the main middle panel features a border of 21 LED lights, whereas the one on the right-hand aspect panel is obvious without lights.

The mirror on the left-hand side is different again; it’s break up in half to supply each 2x and 3x magnifications. This option additionally offers convenient USB charging and 180° rotation, that means you could angle it on the exact angle you need to perfect your look.

Key Features:

  • 21 LED lights
  • three magnification modes: 1x, 2x, and 3x
  • 180° rotation
  • USB charging

1.4 Best 2-in-1 Wall Mountable or Tabletop Vanity Mirror: Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • Lighted Mirror with Outlet and Stainless Steel Frame, Dimmable Illuminated Makeup Mirror with LED Bulbs.

As far as 2-in-1 wall mountable or tabletop vanity mirrors go, there are numerous reasons we think you can’t look past the Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights. First of all, this 31.5” x 25.6” x 2.4” vanity mirror attracts all eyes to it, whether or not you hang it on your wall or place it atop your table.

In the event you choose the former, you can look forward to an easy set-up and the reassurance that it won’t budge because of its sturdy metallic hook. In the event you select to the latter, you’ll be impressed by the strength and sturdiness of its wooden base. So you can forget about coping with any unsightly rusting from low-cost metallic bases; this one is built to last.

One other function value highlighting is its 14 fully-replaceable LED gentle bulbs. They’re notable as a result of whereas some vanity mirrors might look nice, they feature built-in, non-replaceable LED gentle bulbs. We additionally rate Chende Hollywood’s lights as a result of they not solely emit the perfect natural glow, however they may also be dimmed to 50% or 30% brightness.

Key Features:

  • Can be mounted on the wall or placed on a tabletop
  • 14 fully-replaceable LED light bulbs
  • Dimmable lights
  • 31.5” x 25.6” x 2.4”

1.5 Best Vanity Mirror with a Smart Control Panel: FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights

FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights

FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • Makeup Mirror with 15 Dimmable LED Bulbs for Dressing Room & Bedroom, Tabletop or Wall-Mounted, Slim Metal Frame White.

You’ll be amazed by just how simple it’s to switch between setting with thanks to this vanity mirror’s easy-to-use smart control panel.

Nowadays, we’ve develop into accustomed to with the ability to conveniently full a variety of tasks on the touch of a button. In the event you’re someone who values such functionality, we’re sure you’ll love the FENCHILIN Large Vanity Mirror with Lights. This option features a smart control panel that makes switching between the mirror’s helpful settings so easy that you would principally do it with your eyes closed.

For instance, you may flip the mirror’s 15 LED lights on and off, change between tone and brightness settings all through the smart control panel’s touch-sensitive buttons. When you’ve discovered the perfect combination of settings, you should utilize the memory function to set them so they’re prepared for you to enjoy each time you turn on your FENCHILIN vanity mirror.

If you’re after extra magnification, you’ll appreciate the inclusion of a mini 10x magnification mirror that may be easily detached and reattached wherever you see match. As you can tell by now, this feature is the definition of “built for functionality.”

Key features:

  • 15 LED lights
  • Smart control panel with touch-sensitive buttons
  • Memory setting to save favorite settings
  • Detachable base

1.6 Best Vanity Mirrors with Built-in Lights- AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

AirExpect Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights

  • 3 Color Lighting Modes 72 LED Trifold Mirror, Touch Control Design, 1x/2x/3x Magnification

In excess of 6000 customers have given this tri-fold vanity mirror an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. What’s so particular about it? It provides 72 dimmable LED lights, three ranges of magnification (1x, 2x, and 3x), and a brush stand as well.

This is the best vanity mirror with built in lights that gives natural and soft, bright light but not dazzling, protecting your eyes. 

Key Features:

  • Highly-reviewed
  • 72 dimmable LED lights
  • Wide-angle viewing

1.7 Vanity Mirrors with Light Bulbs- LUXFURNI Vanity Lighted Tri-fold Makeup Mirror

LUXFURNI Vanity Lighted Tri-fold Makeup Mirror

LUXFURNI Vanity Lighted Tri-fold Makeup Mirror

  • Tri-fold Makeup Mirror with 10 Dimmable LED Bulbs

Not only does this best vanity mirror boast a truly elegant tri-fold design, nevertheless it additionally features 10 dimmable long-life LED bulbs and a memory perform.

It gives professional HD lighting as well as smart touch control that you can simply turn on and off the lights by touching the sensor.

Key Features:

  • 10 dimmable long-life LED bulbs
  • Memory function
  • Energy-saving auto power off

2. Who Should Buy a Vanity Mirror?

A vanity mirror can be the perfect addition to your house. Not solely can an arrogance mirror add a glamorous aesthetic to whichever room you cling or place it in, however it can also serve a number of sensible purposes.

Vanity mirrors are usually related to providing women with a reflective surface to assist put their makeup on. As they’re usually designed with this purpose in mind, they tend to incorporate a range of features that may assist casual and pro makeup users alike to good their makeup.

But to be clear, vanity mirrors aren’t the unique domain of women nor makeup wearers. Any kind of person of any gender can use a vanity mirror to get themselves ready in any approach they see fit.

For instance, you can use a vanity mirror to check that you look neat {and professional} earlier than heading to work. Or you should utilize one to ensure you capture every last hair when shaving away your 5 o’clock shadow.

Or you may even buy a classy vanity mirror to enhance the aesthetics of your room. The use cases for a vanity mirror are truly endless, making this an incredibly versatile item.

3. Important Features to Consider while Buying the Best Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors should have a number of important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a vanity mirror:

  • Wall-mountable vs freestanding vs portable:

One of the biggest considerations to make when shopping for a vanity mirror is which type to buy. There are three fundamental types: wall-mountable, freestanding, or portable. They all have their benefits, so you may simply select the sort that best suits your needs and preferences.

For example, a wall-mountable type is ideal if you want to hang your vanity mirror in a set position. Whereas, a freestanding type is best if you want to prop it on your table or want to change the place you employ it. Can’t select between them?

Choose an choice that gives each sorts in one. If, however, you desire a vanity mirror that offers complete portability, a portable type is the one for you.

  • Built-in lights vs light bulbs:

Most vanity mirrors on the market have some form of light on them. There are two main types to choose from built-in lights or light bulbs. Some people base their choice on aesthetics, whereas others might have preferences for the kind of light each emits.

There’s no right or wrong choice here, so choose the type that best matches your unique needs and preferences.

  • Adjustable lighting:

Speaking of lighting, it’s value keeping in mind whether or not or not you want a vanity mirror with adjustable lighting. Adjustable lighting will be a helpful function should you require different strengths/types of lighting to better accommodate the setting you’re working in, in addition to the task you’re trying to complete.

  • Magnification:

While you may be used to looking at mirrors that reflect your image with a 1:1 ratio, you could be interested to find that many vanity mirrors offer magnification. For instance, a mirror might provide a 2x magnification so that you see your reflection twice as close.

Some might even be comprised of a number of mirrors with completely different levels of magnification. For sure, the larger the magnification the extra detail you’ll be able to see—baby hairs and all!


Vanity mirrors are available a variety of sizes. Because of this you’ll have an ample selection of options to choose from that not only come in the size you want but in addition boast the features you’re seeking.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vanity mirror?

A vanity mirror is a sort of trendy mirror that’s usually designed with a makeup user’s wants in front of thoughts. Whether or not you go for a portable one or hang it in your bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room wall, the features in these mirrors make getting yourself ready as easy and handy as possible.

You should utilize a vanity mirror to get completely dolled up, add a quick flick of eyeliner, or check your bare-faced look. Nonetheless, makeup doesn’t even want to come into the equation. A vanity mirror can be used for any grooming tasks, or to easily double-check that you don’t look completely disheveled before heading out!

Why is it called a vanity mirror?

A vanity mirror will get its title from a vanity desk, a bit of furnishings designed for grooming oneself, which gained recognition within the 18th century. The exact etymology of the phrase “vanity desk” is unclear, however it may be fairly assumed that it took place because of the association that looking at your self in the mirror has to an act of vanity. The word “vanity” is outlined by Merriam-Webster as that means “vain, empty, or valueless.”

How do I select a vanity mirror?

You may select the suitable vanity mirror for you by determining which qualities you’re looking for in a single. For instance, do you want one with LED lights or gentle bulbs? A wall-mountable one or a conveyable one?

What size is appropriate in your wants? Take a look at our helpful checklist of essential vanity mirror qualities to think about when buying around for one.

Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it?

Bathrooms are notorious for having bad lighting. Whereas they might be vivid enough to maneuver your approach around them, the standard lights in your bathroom might not be supreme for making use of your makeup or performing normal grooming tasks.

5. Conclusion

Anybody who’s ever utilized their makeup at home solely to realize once they see themselves in higher lighting that it’s not blended correctly will perceive the dramatic distinction good lighting could make!

This is one of the the reason why there are so many converts to lighted bathroom mirrors. If you wish to achieve greater precision and don’t wish to strain your eyes, a lighted bathroom mirror is most undoubtedly value it. Plus, they appear oh-so-glamorous, which is a cause in itself to think about getting one!

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