11 Best Beard Dye for Men for Safe & Quality Results!

Best Beard Dye for Men

The greying of the beard is a concern for the majority of men. There is no shame in using the best beard dye for men to obtain a fully colored beard. Even if your skin is beginning to wrinkle, it will help you maintain a more youthful look.

If you aren’t quite ready to look old, there are various high-quality solutions for filling in your beard that have a short lifespan.

best beard dye for men

Remember, hair dye won’t be suitable for your beard hair as facial skin is more sensitive than the scalp. So using a normal hair dye may irritate the beard. Thus it’s important to look for a formula that remains sensitive on the skin yet helps you color the bread hair, making it the best beard dye for men.

With several brands in the market, maybe the best one for you might not be of great use to another. Thus, we have listed the best beard dye for men considering everything one looks for.

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1. Things To Consider For Getting The Best Beard Dye for Men

Before exploring the listed best beard dyes for men, it’s important to understand the factors one should consider while buying them.


Begin with choosing the right color or shade of hair dye for your beard.
Most men cannot tell the difference between the shade of the beard and the shade of the beard dye.

They end up purchasing a color similar to their hair color, which is not the exact one as the beard. Therefore, we recommend getting a shade lighter for dying your beard if it’s your first time.


Check whether the formula is safe for the skin and facial hair, whether all-natural or includes chemicals.

Some chemicals are harmful to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. In that case, you will need to purchase a dye for sensitive skin and avoid using hypoallergenic dyes for the beard.


Before buying the best beard dye for men, check whether the dye is temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent. The package will have the details, so read them carefully.

Permanent dyes last a couple of months, whereas semi-permanent dyes last for a few days or weeks. Temporary beard dyes often last for 12 hours and can be washed out easily.

If you are a beginner, make sure to purchase a beard dye with a shorter lifespan if you make mistakes while applying it.

Ease of Application:

If you want to do it yourself, look for easy-to-use, less time-consuming, and simple products. The steps should be easy to understand as well as implement.

A few beard dyes come in gel form, while others have to be mixed, applied, and washed like shampoo during your shower, making the application process super easy.

2. Best Beard Dye for Men Reviews

One way of adding a masculine touch to your look with dark facial hair is to use a beard dye that gives you the right appearance. You will mostly find natural colors for beard dye since the main aim is to hide the popping grey hairs and get a fuller yet even look.

But in case you want to experiment with something different, you can surely ask a colorist for advice and then go for it.

Below is the list of the 11 best beard dye for men currently popular in the market, which you can use at home easily.

2.1 Best Beard Dye: Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

Godefroy Tint Kit is a beard dye for men ideal for coloring facial hair or smaller sections of hair that require touch-ups.

It has 4 oz tinted capsules and a 1.5 fl oz developer tube to conceal grey hair for up to 6-7 weeks.
It comes with a single application method as well as pre-measured capsules that enable consistent color blending. The Cream formula in this tint kit makes the application relatively simple as well.

It is Allergen-Free, which means it is free of allergen-causing preservatives such as Topical Antibiotic, Soy, Irritant/Acid, and so on. It is also free from strong odor, gluten, and ammonia, making it quite the natural beard color.

It has 4 shades like light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and natural black; thus, it’s the best beard dye to make it look fuller.

Water, hydrogen peroxide, Cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, phosphoric acid, sodium lauryl, and other ingredients make up most of its composition.

These come in capsule form, giving you the versatility of a 20-application kit. You can use it to cover grey patches on your mustaches, beards, and sideburns for excellent results.

Final Verdict:

If you have sensitive skin, this is the best beard dye for men because it is Ammonia-free. It complements the natural color of facial hair. Not only does it do a good job for beards, but also perfect for mustaches, sideburns, and other facial hair.


  • Ammonia free
  • Gluten-free
  • Odour-free
  • Versatile usage
  • Available in various shades
  • No wastage unit
  • Compact application kit
  • Easy to mix & apply


  • Contains SLS

2.2 Best Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin: The Henna Guys Hair

The Henna Guys Hair

Henna for Hair

  • Chemical Free Hair Color

There are many natural hair dyes in the market, but the Henna Guys Hair natural hair dye for men’s is a perfect gift for your father or husband!

With 3.5 oz of dark brown henna and 1.8 oz of pure henna, this works for anyone who has been looking for a beard dye for sensitive skin. The application is quite simple. All you need is to mix the henna powder with lukewarm water and apply evenly using gloves and a shower cap.

It is a plant-based hair dye making it all-natural and gluten & ammonia-free. You don’t need a developer for this product; hence it remains free from chemicals & Metallic Salts.

This beard color price is quite affordable and available in various shades like Jet Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Mahogany, Natural Red, etc.

This Henna powder contains organic ingredients, like Indigo Powder, Amla Powder, Neem Powder, Hibiscus powder, etc. It makes a great beard dye for sensitive skin as the ingredients are free from Paraben, Alcohol, Fragrance, and Additives.

Each ingredient has been sifted thrice for a clump-free paste. It even keeps it fresh and provides a high-grade quality for the user to apply on beards, mustaches, eyebrows, and other facial hair.

Final Verdict:

If you’re seeking a dye that doesn’t include any chemicals, this is the one for you is best beard dye for men. It’s suitable for both men and women. Being an all-natural formula, it provides many hair benefits and is perhaps the best beard and mustache dye. It’s also simple to use on facial hair, such as sideburns, mustaches, or beards.


  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Paraben & Alcohol-Free
  • Contains No Fragrance
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Various shades
  • No Chemicals or Metallic Salts
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile usage


  • Packaging is not good

2.3 Best Natural Beard Dye: Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

  • Permanent, 100% organic and chemical free

For the best natural beard color, here’s the Grizzly Mountain Beard dye which is best beard dye for men. Quite the permanent solution for greying hair that won’t wash off even after you go for a shower or swimming.

It contains 3.2 oz of dark brown beard dye along with 1.06 oz of an Organic Base that is 100% free from chemicals. The application is quite simple as it comes with an applicator brush. Its the best beard color dye for men is gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and scalp.

It gives the gray beard natural color and is available in four organic shades of brown like light brown, natural brown, dark brown, and natural black.

This grizzly Adams Beard Dye natural dye for beard has organic powdered ingredients from plants like False Daisy, Fresh Emblic, Henna Powder, Neem Powder, and Indigo Powder. The fresh herbs and plants deliver the best results leaving your beard looking darker and fuller.

This product is quite safe as it is free from harsh chemicals and can be applied to facial hair like beards, mustaches, sideburns, etc.

Final Verdict:

The Grizzly man beard dye works great for men who want to go for a youthful and fuller beard or facial hair. It is also free from Alcohol, Chemicals, or Ammonia, making it an organic beard dye with a fairly long-lasting effect.


  • Alcohol & ammonia-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile usage
  • Organic & Safe ingredients
  • Variants of Brown Shade
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Applicator brush included


  • Less quantity

2.4 Best Long Lasting Beard Dye: RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

  • Smudge- and waterproof. Lasts 6 weeks.

The Refectocil Cream Hair Dye is a long-lasting & best beard dye for men that produces semi-permanent coloration that lasts up to 5-6 weeks. It has a water-resistant, lightweight creamy formula which is available in a tube of ½.

For tinting purposes, the application of this professional dye for beard and mustache is simple yet effective. Ensure to wear gloves before you begin and use the dye on dry and oil-free hair for best results s that the hair follicles may not hold the color.

It comes in 6 shades, including Natural Brown, which is the bestseller, as it gives an opaque brown color that fits most brunette hair looks. Being the best beard dye for men, it contains Aqua (water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, etc.

It’s another great mustache dye or beard tint which you can even use to color your eyebrows, sideburns, even intimate hair.

Final Verdict:

If you own a men’s salon and have a variety of needs for beard/facial hair tinting, this is the best beard dye for men. It involves the use of a simple approach for combining the tint and developer. The color lasts at least 6 to 8 weeks and covers grey hair well; for best results, apply according to the given instructions.


  • Variety of shades
  • Water-resistant
  • Smudge-proof
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Natural-looking tint
  • Easy application


  • Has no developer
  • Contains SLS

2.5 Best Beard Color for Men: Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color kit

Get a youthful-looking appearance with Clairol Natural Instincts Permanent beard dye by easily managing the color and removing all traces of grey. This beard dying kit comes with a colorant of 2 fl. oz, a 2 fl oz developer, and a Hair treatment of 1 fl oz.

The kit includes all the necessary components to color your hair, making the application simple. To apply this, you must first mix the color, massage it from roots to ends, keep it for a while and then wash and condition your hair.

It has a natural-looking tint perfect for covering grey hairs and refreshing your appearance lasting up to 28 shampoos or washes. The kit contains 3 products that are ammonia-free and rich in beneficial components, including vitamin E, protein, and Aloe extracts.

Some of its secondary ingredients include Benzyl Alcohol, Safflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, etc. You can choose from the four: light brown, medium brown, brown-black, and M19 Black.

This is the best beard dye for men to be applied to beards, mustaches, and even eyebrows, but make sure to do a patch test before coloring your facial hair with a beard tint.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a medium brown color that looks and feels natural, then Natural Instincts Men is the best beard coloring product for you. It contains Aloe, Vitamin E, and protein extracts and gives good coverage for up to 28 wash


  • Variety of colors available
  • Natural-looking
  • Ammonia free
  • Vitamin E
  • Full coverage
  • Handy kit
  • Affordable


  • Not as permanent

2.6 Best Beard Dye For Black Men: Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Blackbeard for Men Formula X

  •  It’s a patented, temporary cosmetic beard color that contains none of the chemicals in dyes that cause skin irritation.

Blackbeard for Men adds a darker color for mustache and beard. It is not a dyeing agent but rather a brush-on beard color that is temporary yet effective. It is a quick beard color, easy to use, taking only a few strokes to fill in grey hair or any areas, and comes in a 0.40 fl oz bottle with an applicator brush.

The formula is free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types. It provides a deeper color application to your facial hair. There are four different colors to pick from light brown, auburn, dark brown, and black.

It contains ethylene, propylene copolymer, ozokerite, carnauba wax, phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, black iron oxide, etc. which makes it the best men’s beard dye.

This beard and mustache dye fill in the beard gaps, making it ideal for men with stubble. You can use this instead of dying your entire beard if you have patches of gray hair. It is also effective on sideburns and brows.

Final Verdict:

If you require an inexpensive and temporary treatment for graying hair, this will work well for you. For best results, this has a beard dye brush that works magically and conceals gray hair in seconds, without the hassle of dying or washing.


  • Applies in seconds
  • Natural look
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water-resistant
  • No Ammonia
  • Color Variants


  • Short Lifespan

2.7 Best Water-Resistant Beard Dye: Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color

Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color

Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color

  • No Burning, Itching, or Rash! “Nature’s Way to Cover Gray”

Here is another long-lasting natural beard color by Manly Guy beard dye. It helps in hiding the graying of facial hair like mustaches or beards, providing results every man desires.

It contains 3.5 oz of finely sifted hair dye powder. The application for this best mustache dye is quite easy as the application process takes only minutes. All you have to do is mix it with water before applying it. It also is water-resistant and is guaranteed to last for at least 4 to 6 weeks. After application, the beard becomes soft and silky.

This natural beard dye contains no peroxide, metal salts, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients.
Since it is hypoallergenic, you will not experience itching or burning while using it. It is a safe beard dye designed particularly for men with organic components. It comes in a single shade but provides colors ranging from brown, dark brown, and black-brown.

Its free from chemicals and preservatives contains all-natural and safe ingredients like Indigo, Henna, Amla, Bhringraj, Neem, etc. thus, known as a men’s beard dye natural coloring option.

Final Verdict:

If you want to pick an all-natural dye to color your beard with fewer efforts and side effects, then this one’s for you. It will not cause any itching or burning as it is hypoallergenic; instead, it will help conceal gray hair. The color for this best beard dye for men lasts up to 4 to 8 weeks.


  • Long-lasting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All-natural
  • No ammonia/ preservatives
  • No chemicals
  • Soft beard
  • Easy to apply


  • Single color shade

2.8 Best Salt & Pepper Style Beard Dye: My Perfect Goatee & Beard Temporary Color

My Perfect Goatee & Beard Temporary Color

My Perfect Goatee & Beard Temporary Color

  • Gentle, Safe, Effective & Easy to Wash Out with Soap and Water

Here is this salt and pepper beard dye for a natural look by My Perfect Goatee & Beard Temporary Color. It helps conceal grey patches in your beard, discoloration in your sideburns or mustache, and so on.

It contains 5.4 oz worth of product and follows an easy application method. The brush-in applicator, help you create the appearance of a fuller and natural look in minutes.

This best beard dye for men helps dying your mustache easily and is available in blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, auburn, and black colors. This short beard dye contains Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, chloride, Parfum, etc., which are quite safe and have nourishing effects on the skin as well as hair.

It colors hair naturally to cover up grey hair or patches used on goatees, beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

Final Verdict:

If you want to keep grey hair off your face, then this high-quality product will surely do the justice. Keeping a balanced color all over your face creates fuller, more well-groomed results that can last for days or until you wash it out.


  • Temporary Color
  • Hassle-free
  • Instant Formula
  • Brush-In Applicator
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean/remove
  • Non-Toxic
  • Various color


  • Expensive

2.9 Best Beard Dye for Short Beard: VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color

VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color

VOLT Grooming Instant Beard Color

  • Smudge and Water Resistant Quick Drying Brush on Color for Beards and Mustaches

One of the top beard color brands for coloring is Volt Instant Beard Color. It comes in two 0.35 fl oz containers, and unlike other coloring solutions, it dries instantly and is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is shake the tube, apply it with the beard dye brush, and you are good to go.

The application takes just a few seconds, even removing it is simple too. This best beard color cream formula is dye-free, hypoallergenic, enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E. It also contains SDA 40-B Alcohol, Castor oil, Shellac, Argan oil, Tocopherol, Parfum, etc., making it safe to use on other facial hair such as grayling mustaches, eyebrows, etc.

It gives a natural-looking color, is water-resistant, and smudges proof as well. Per tube provides at least 35 applications and is available in 10 minimal colors, making it the best beard dye for men.

Final Verdict:

If you want a beard dye for daily usage, this product is for you as it comes with up to 35 applications per tube and is hypoallergenic as well. So you will not have to face any itchiness or burning if you have sensitive skin.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dye-free
  • 10 color options
  • Versatile usage
  • Good quantity
  • Easy to use/Remove


  • Not long-lasting

2.10 Best Beard Dye for Thin Beard: DEFINE IT Barber Colour Beard and Hairline Enhancer

DEFINE IT Barber Colour Beard and Hairline Enhancer

DEFINE IT Barber Colour Beard and Hairline Enhancer

  • This Colour masks a receding hairline and fills in a patchy beard.

Here’s the beard dye for thin beard by DEFINE IT Barber Colour. As the name suggests, it fills up patches and conceals a receding hairline. Apart from that, it comes in a package that includes a Beard and Hairline Enhancer. Both have a quantity of 1.01 fl oz each.

The application of this is quite easy as it comes with a brush and mixing bowl, which lasts for 2 days. You can dye beard to make it look thicker and allow a natural shine with this option. It is water-resistant and cruelty-free. Each pack contains at least 20 applications that can be used to cover balding or graybeards.

The temporary dye is available in black shade only and is best suited for people with darker hair. It contains non-carcinogenic substances like Sandalwood, Argan Oil, tea, Demineralised Water, Simple Dyes, Ethanol, Alcohol, Castor Oil, Parfum, etc.

This liquid-based beard and hairline enhancer are ideal for concealing grey hair, filling up patchy beards, and smoothing out uneven mustaches. You may also use it on your brows and sideburns.

Final Verdict:

If you have dark hair and want to enhance the dullness, grey hair, or patches, this will work well. It contains nourishing elements for skin and hair, like Sandalwood and Castor oil.


  • Nourishing Ingredients
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Provides 20 Application
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile usage
  • Fills patches


  • Not long-lasting

2.11 Best Beard Dye for Ginger Beard: Cameleo Men Hair Beard Mustache Black Color Cream

Cameleo Men Hair Beard Mustache Black Color Cream

Cameleo Men Hair Beard Mustache Black Color Cream

  • Fast – get rid of gray hair in just 5 minutes

The versatile Cameleo beard dye, for both hair and facial hair, is the dye you should invest in.

It is a disposable and single-use hair dye in two sachets, a 1.01 oz hair color cream, and a 1.01 oz developer.

It has a 5-minute action for simple, natural-looking color. All you have to do is combine the two products in a mixing bowl. Apply the mixture evenly to dry hair while wearing protective gloves.
Rinse your hair with warm water after 5 minutes.

This long-lasting beard dye comes with a safe formula free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, etc. It comes in various color shades of Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Black

This shampoo-based beard color has ingredients in the hair color cream such as Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Oleic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, etc. The developer contains Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Stannate. etc

You can use it on your hair, mustache, beard, and so on, and it will give you consistent results in minutes.

Final Verdict:
It is a great option for a beard dye for ginger beard as well as graying beards. It’s the best beard dye for men, which is quite long-lasting and simple to apply. Not only is it free from ammonia but also parabens, making it a safe product to use.


  • Long-lasting
  • Ammonia & Paraben-free
  • Safe formula
  • Various color options
  • Versatile usage
  • Easy to apply


  • Expensive

3. Conclusion

I hope after reading the whole article, considering factors like color shades, application, ingredients, etc., you can buy the best beard dye for men suitable for your needs and skin type.

After determining these factors, in many ways, the RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is our overall best choice. Since this provides long-lasting color that lasts up to 5-6 weeks, it’s plant-based and free of ammonia and chemicals. It effectively conceals gray hair in beards, mustaches, and other facial hair.

However, if you want a natural hair color kit, the Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a terrific choice. It gives men a young appearance by removing all traces of grey hair.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Why and when to use beard dyes?

Most people use beard dyes when they want to fill in patches or gaps on their facial hair. You can also begin to use beard dyes when your mustache or beard begins to gray. Applying the best beard dye will help you look younger.

How long does the beard dye last?

A beard dye’s lifespan varies; some are permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. Permanent ones can last up to 5 to 8 weeks, while semi-permanent ones can last up to 2 to 4 weeks. Finally, a temporary beard dye has a lifespan of 2 to 3 days before it washes away.

Are beard dyes safe?

Many beard dyes contain potentially harmful chemicals such as SLS, Ammonia, or Parabens. If you have sensitive skin, choose a beard dye with a hypoallergenic solution that is gentle on the skin.

Can you permanently dye your beard?

No, you cannot color your beard or facial hair permanently. They may endure up to 3 to 4 months at maximum, but they do not last forever. When the coloring fades, you’ll need to do touch-ups.

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