How To Make Your Moisturizer More Effective?

How To Make Your Moisturizer More Effective

Do you ever wonder that how much moisturizer are you taking up on your skin? Or how much of it is your skin absorbing? And now you are looking out for ways on how to make your moisturizer more effective? How to make your skin glow, soft and better? You are at the right place to get an answer to all these questions.

How To Make Your Moisturizer More Effective?

We all want to look beautiful, everyone looks forward to taking care of their skin. Some opt for beauty products whereas some go for home remedies. Girls these days focus more on their skincare due to the rising level of pollution and dirt particles in the air, which can cause you skin allergy if you do not take care of it.

Moisturizer makes your skin soft and prevents wrinkles near the eyes if you are getting into the age period of 35-40 above. Skincare must be a part of your daily routine if you want to look young forever. Our skin needs to soak up all the essential ingredients.

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We often observe girls searching for ways on how to make your moisturizer more effective, the benefits of applying moisturizer at night, what product is the best suited to look good, and keeping the skin soft.

In this blog, I am going to explain everything that you need to know, and by the end, you will get answers to all your doubts and questions on how to make your moisturizer effective.

How to apply Moisturizer on the Face?

First of all, you should know the basic trick to apply moisturizer on your face. Squeeze a very little more than a pea-sized amount into the palm. 

Warm it up in your hands then apply to cheeks using gentle circular motions, then move to forehead and rest of the face. Use upward strokes when applying on the neck area. And you are done with applying your moisturizer!

  • Apply it to your damp skin – always find the right formula while applying moisturizer to your skin. Whenever you wash your face, instead of using a towel, apply the moisturizer to damp skin as it helps in hydration and you can also use the same on your body. Try to use it more on the drier areas like the knees and elbow.
  • Mix it with your foundation – if you want to make your moisturizer effective, you can also add a small amount of it to your foundation. It will give good coverage while you do your makeup. This way you just created your tinted trick.

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What can i use to Moisturize my face at Home?

You can go for home remedies if you feel allergic to beauty products. Keeping dry skin moisturized is very important, but some treatments can be expensive or ineffective. Let’s move forward to some home remedies for how to moisturize your face naturally.

  • Coconut oil – this natural oil works well in treating dry skin, study says that it is safe to use and as effective as petroleum jelly for using as a moisturizer. It improves skin hydration and increases fats on the surface of the skin.
  • Sunflower seed oil – improves hydration when used as a moisturizer on arms. Olive oil can damage your skin barrier so all of the natural oils cannot be used as a moisturizer, only a few are effective.
  • Honey – Honey is the best part of any home remedy as it is found to be moisturizing, healing, and anti-inflammatory. It is an ideal home treatment that you can get for yourself anytime you like.
  • Petroleum jelly – also known as mineral oil, is being used as a moisturizer for years now. It improves dry skin and keeps the skin soft.
  • Aloe vera – another good component that you can use to make your skin shiny and soft, you must use it before you go to bed and leave the gel all night as it is said to be more effective during the night.

How many times a Day should you Moisturize your Face?

Many of you wonder that how many times should you apply moisturizer to your face! Here is the answer – it is usually recommended to use it twice, once after you wake up and once before you sleep.

How To Make Your Moisturizer More Effective?

This will make sure that your skin is moist throughout the day and while you are asleep and you will look forward to a healthy skincare routine if you follow this.

Moisturizer Benefits for Face

– Moisturizing helps the skin to stay young, the daily loss of skin cells causes dryness. Moisturizing can help the skin to repair itself and stay healthy.

– It can reduce the appearance of blemishes, skin creates a healthy sheet for itself after you have finished applying your favorite moisturizer, so it helps to get rid of unwanted blemishes.

– Reduces the chances of skin problems, using the right cream can help you maintain the skin and its accurate balance. When your skin is oily, problems like acne start to show up, so try to choose a good moisturizer with exfoliant ingredients.

– It helps in fighting wrinkles, people with properly moisturized skin accumulate wrinkles at just a fraction of the rate.

– Perfect end to a hot shower, after you shower, apply your moisturizer in the right amount and give a soft massage to your face.

Benefits of applying Moisturizer on face at Night 

  1. Applying moisturizer at night helps in supplying moisture to all the dry parts of your face. Keeps you hydrated.
  2. Softens your skin.
  3. It helps to reduce wrinkles.
  4. Will make your skin supple.
  5. Helps to restore the elasticity of the skin.
  6. Nourishes your skin cells and renewal.
  7. Helps in better blood circulation.
  8. It Will help to take care of your aging.
  9. Prevents acne and other skin-related problems.
  10. Boosts collagen in your skin.

Best Moisturizer for Face

Here is a small list of moisturizers that are highly recommended and offer good skincare at a reasonable price – 

Side effects of Moisturizer on face

If you are using any moisturizer, you will need assurance that it is giving you the care you need and if it is damaging your skin in any way then you need to be alarmed about it. Do not try to fix these issues on your own, visit a dermatologist instead as our skin is sensitive.

You can experience rashes/redness on your face and it also might be itching, this means that you are allergic to something and you need to visit a doctor.

There could be dryness after applying the moisturizer, you must update your moisturizing brand as soon as possible.

Acne is another sign that the moisturizing you are using didn’t suit your skin and you need to look out for lightweight serums and gels that are water-based.

Oiliness is very common, especially in the morning. Your skin glows a little too much and that may be because of the moisturizer that you are using. Moisturizers containing salicylic acid might come in handy to rectify the situation.

Skin bumps are also common, small white clusters on the skin are also called milia. See a doctor to rectify this situation.


Now you know the secret of how to make your moisturizer more effective, along with its benefits and loss. Keep all the key points in your mind while you are getting into a skincare routine.

Be careful and avoid scratching your skin by rubbing it with a towel, excessive air conditioning, using lotions that contain alcohol, contact with detergents, sitting under direct heat, wearing clothes that rub the skin and cause itching, bathing underway too hot water, and shaving with a blunt razor.

All of these things can cause your skin cells to damage and can make it rough. People with sensitive and oily skin are the ones who need to be the most careful while they are getting into any kind of skincare routine.

We hope you find this article useful and if you have any questions regarding how to make your moisturizer more effective! Please let us know, we will be glad to answer.

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How To Make Your Moisturizer More Effective


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