15+ GORGEOUS Summer Nails For Your Next Manicure


Looking for the trending summer nail designs? Then, here we present over 100+ options of summer nails that are sure to be a hit.

In summer, either you’re in super cute swimsuit at the beach with a straw hat or cuddling up with the laptops and some hot chocolate to bring you the best summer nail trends.

Summer Nails

1. Matte Nails

The matte nail polish gives the smooth, velvety finish ends up with a modern, edgy look.

Summer Nails

2. Chrome Nails

A special type of polish that gives metallic, mirror-like finish on the press-on nails.

3. Glass Nails

This trendy nail polish gives you glossy, glass like finish on the square shaped nails.

4. Nude Nails

Nude nails ends up with the classy, subtle and timeless beauty on nails and mostly liked by mature womens.

5. Floral Nails

The floral painted nails gives you the dainty flower patterns for a more feminine vibe.

6. Pastel Nails

If you’re not into bold and bright colors, then pastel is your definite shade.

7. Neon Colors

The bright neon colors are bold and fun way to play with your nails.

8. Sparkle Nails

The Glitter, sequins and sparkle enhances your nails with glittery look.

9. Animal Print Nails

If you are fond of patterns and colors that are inspired by animals, such as leopard or zebra print, then animal print nails are best for you.

10. Tie-dye Nails

This type of nail design gives you the marbled effect which is perfect for summer nails.

11. Fruity Nails

This lemon-themed summer nails trend would be so ideal for summer as the weather gets warmer and your nails feel refreshed by this.

12. Minty Floral nails

This utterly pretty summer nail design is perfect for beginners with short nails.

13. Baby Blue Nails

This new summer nails trend looks so pretty with soft blue pastel colors and is ideal for summer season.

14. Seashell-themed Nails

This seashell themed summer nail design definitely makes you miss the beach more this summer season.

15. Nail wraps

Nail wraps are pre-designed stickers that are very trendy these days. They can be easily applied to the nails to create a variety of new looks.

16. Gradient Nails

To get the seamless transition from one shade to another, then mix two or more colors together ends up with gradient effect on nails.

17. Geometric Nails

This is the popular summer nails trend these days. This nail art involves using shapes, lines, and angles to create modern designs.

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Written by Harry Smith

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