How to Apply Press-On Nails at Home?

We all know how a finely polished set of nails can change your daily mood and appearance. But, finding the right nail artist or salon is difficult or expensive.

How to Apply Press On Nails at Home?

It’s difficult to get your nails done all by yourself. Here’s where press-on nails at home add a professional manicure look.

Press-on nails come in various colors, designs, and even studs.

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What Are Press-On Nails?

There are various brands available in the market that have come up with Press-on nails. Many people have the question in mind on how to make homemade press on nails at home? Well, it’s quite simple. The false nails can be made of many acrylic resin false and need to be glued to your nails.

The acrylic nails give a manicured look and are of a high-quality appearance. There is a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, etc. Press-on nails at home allow you to have a DIY experience which is quite economical too.

How Do Press-On Nails Work?

Doing press-on nails at home is quite easy and just requires a pusher for the cuticle, nail file, and glue.

You will need to pick press-on nails of the right size. If the press-on nails are bigger than your size, then they might fall off. So you will need to be careful with that.

Once you have selected the perfect size of the press-on, you will have to glue them to your nail. It’s quite a simple process.

How to Put on Fake Nails at Home with Glue?

Here are some of the steps on how you can apply press-on nails at home:

Step 1. Trim your nails:

This is the first step of the process; you will require a nail cutter to trim your nails. You may also shape the nails with a nail file.

Step 2. Wipe or clean your nails:

The second step is to clean your nails well with soap and water. Then you can pat it dry with a clean cloth. After cleaning them, you can take a cotton ball and apply some remover to wipe out nail polish residues if applicable.

Step 3. Pick the right nail size: 

This is the third step of the process. Many have the question in mind before applying press-on nails at home, that is, “what size press-on nails do I need?”

Well, the answer is simple… you need to choose the correct size which is not too short for your nails. Neither should it be too long as well.

Step 4. Apply one nail at a time: 

The fourth step is to begin with one finger at a time and gradually cover all the nails with glue and the acrylic nails. Once you are done applying the glue, press the false nails on your nails firmly for about 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 5. Apply a coat of nail polish:

This is the last and optional step of applying press-on nails at home. If your acrylic nails are transparent and you want to add a kick to your nails, then apply a thin coat of nail polish in the choice of any color you like. You may even choose to add glitter, studs, or sequins as well.

Ways to Make Your Press-On Nails Last Longer

Here’s how you can make your press-on nails at home last longer:

  • Here’s how to stick fake nails at home and keep them last longer. Firstly, when you apply glue to the press-on nails, make sure that the adhesive is stuck well to your nails and pressed firmly so that it doesn’t fall out.
  • Keep your fake nails clean from oil, dirt, or any other substances that may reduce the appearance of the nails.
  • If you want to keep switching your nails every week, you may apply just a few drops of glue, but if you want them to last long, then I suggest you apply the glue generously.
  • If you don’t want your nails to fall off or break, I suggest you go for short nails as they look elegant and have a longer run than longer nails.
  • Do not submerge your nails in the water for too long while you’re in the shower; it may weaken the adhesive as press-on nails are made to come off with soap and water.

Best 5 Press-On Nails to Try

Having attractive nails that look fresh out of a salon is just what we need. The 5 best at-home press on nails look for a party, brunches, or just about every event.

When your nail salon is expensive or open, here’s where you have to look. Here are some of the best fake nails to do at home, allowing you to switch up your nails for a festive look.

1. Best Press-On Nails: Outyua Hot Pink French Press-On

Outyua Hot Pink French Press-On

How to Apply Press-On Nails at Home

  • Coffin hot pink long nails 24pcs set 12 different sizes.

A great way to enhance your nails is by Outyua’s Press-on nails. These Clip-on nails are quite durable as they’re made of quality ABS material. They last for a week or more with strong adhesive glue and you can easily apply these press-on nails at home.

It comes in a hot pink color. The package consists of 24 pieces of press-on nails which are a set 12 different sizes. These nails are easy to trim and file and quite suitable for most occasions, from weddings, parties, or a date night.

2. Best Nail Material: Morily 24pcs Fake Nails

Morily 24pcs Fake Nails

Morily 24pcs Fake Nails

  • They’re convenient to choose the suitable size that fits your every finger.

The artificial press-on nails by Morily come in a unique clear white and nude ombre color. The design is charming and made of non-toxic acrylic and are best press-on nails at home.

It gives your nails a luxurious look. Each of these press-on nails comes with 24 pieces and in 12 different sizes.

The packaging is rather convenient, and the nails fit your every finger well. Not only is the product easy to apply, but it is easy to remove as well. It is just the perfect way to match all your outfits with a simple color and design.

3. Best Nail Design: CoolNail Long 3D Bling Glitter Fake Nails

CoolNail Long 3D Bling Glitter Fake Nails

CoolNail Long 3D Bling Glitter Fake Nails

  • It’s make your nails Fashion, Creative and fresh.

A dazzling look to your simple nails by Cool Nails using the press-on nails. These come with gems studded on the artificial nail, which looks extremely fancy and attractive.

Not only are these easy to apply but quite easy to remove as well. The nails are made of the same materials and do not include any harmful chemicals in it.

Not only are these safe but a fun and creative way to give your nails a fashionable look. They also come in various sizes, a great way to try DIY tricks at home for nail art. These nails have the most creative design that will work great for parties, festivals, and brunch dates.

4. Best Reusable Nails: ALLKEM Yellow Extra Long Coffin Press on False Nail

ALLKEM Yellow Extra Long Coffin Press on False Nail

ALLKEM Yellow Extra Long Coffin Press on False Nail

  • Our nails can be customised and resized by cutting or filling down¬†

Another great option if you are looking for funky and stylish options for press-on nails. The ALLKEM’s nails in yellow color give a perfect summer look.

These nails are reusable and give an instant manicure to your nails, made up of high-quality ABS and non-toxic materials. These false nails don’t damage your nails and provide a salon-quality finish.

These artificial nails come in a package of 20 pieces and 10 different sizes. You can even customize or resize the nails by trimming or filling them down. The only downside of this product is that it does not include glue.

5. Best for Eventful Look: Bee Stripe Long Sculpted Stiletto Full cover Press on Nails

Bee Stripe Long Sculpted Stiletto Full cover Press on Nails

 Bee Stripe Long Sculpted Stiletto Full cover Press on Nails

  • High quality ABS material which is non toxic , has no smell.

Another great option for an eventful look is by Allkem Nails. These nails are the easiest and most effective ways to style your nail with such art designs.

We all have nails of different sizes, shapes, and colors or the requirement of a particular design. These nails are made from non-toxic and high-quality ABS material, which does not cause any damage to your nails, and they’re also reusable.

It comes in a dazzling red and black combination of colors that indeed make your nails look extremely fancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do press on nails ruin your nails?

No, the press on nails does not ruin your nails, as most of the nails claim to be made from non-toxic material that does not cause any damage to the skin or nail.

But, the glue or adhesive can be a matter of concern when it comes to nails. The glue can make your nails a little dry. To cure this issue, you may moisture it with coconut oil when not using it.

  • Can you shower with press-on nails?

Yes, you can shower with press-on nails, but it is also advised that one doesn’t contact water for a long time after applying the press-on nail. Stay away from water or soap for about 2 to 3 hours after applying the nails.

  • Are press-on nails better than acrylic?

Yes, the press-on nails are a much safer practice for your natural nails than any kind of gels or acrylics nails.

They are also cost-effective and come at a cheaper rate than acrylic nails. Lastly, acrylic nails are not easy to remove, causing damage or broken nails in the removal process.

  • How long do press-on nails last without glue?

Press-On nails last for about a day or two without any glue or adhesive. But, if you apply glue, these nails last for about a week.

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