10 Best Tattoo Pens For Skin

Best Tattoo Pens For Skin

Have you always wanted to get a tattoo but afraid of its permanent effects?

If you belong to this category of people, you should definitely try semi-permanent tattoo pens.

The best tattoo pens for skin are easily available in markets these days, and you can find them online too. Most pen made tattoos last for 5-10 years depending on where it is made and how its cared for.

What are tattoo pens?

Tattoo pens are basically like marker pens only, except they give the tattoo effect without being permanent on your skin.

A tattoo pen uses a motor to drive the rod, which drives the needle up and down, making an even transmission of power.

They have short, inexpensive needles that are easy to replace. It has a cartridge system wherein the needles have interchangeable cartridges, which can be pop in and out multiple times while making the tattoo.

It’s easier to use, and a newbie tattoo artist can also use it to set his hands.

Here are the 10 best tattoo pens for skin that are worth checking out. 

The 10 Best Tattoo Pens For Skin Reviewed

1. Best Budget: Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen

The skin companion twin tip tattoo pen is perfect for anyone looking for a semi-permanent tattoo pen with great quality.

It comes in a pack of 6 colors plus a free extra color. You can find that these tattoo pens have two distinct maker tips in just a single pen.

With German-made quality, these tattoo pens dry fast and are perfect to have some fun with colors on your skin. 

On each pen, you can find both a medium tip and a fine tip, which can be used for outlining as well as shading and filling in the colors.

The pens are also safe on the skin and best tattoo pens for skin, even though they can last more than 7 days on your body with soap usage. 


  • Comes in a pack of 7 colors
  • Made in Germany
  • Fast drying
  • Lasts longer than a week
  • Anti-clog tips
  • Twin tip pens


  • Blurs and fades fast
  • It may come off when touched

2. Best Water- Resistant: Bic Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Pen

Bic Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Pen

Bic Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Pen

  • Great for special occasions, sporting events, parties & More

One of the best tattoo pens for skin, the BIC Bodymark pens are a cult favorite for several reasons. It comes with a cosmetic quality that is gentle on your skin and lets you draw and explore versatile patterns on your skin.

The pens come in a set of 8 colors, which are bright, long-lasting, and will catch everyone’s attention easily. 

The pens’ tips are flexible, and you can press lightly or hard depending on how fine or large you want the detailing to be.

Since the pens are made to last long, it may require more than a couple of washings to remove the ink completely. 


  • 8 assorted colors
  • Long-lasting colors
  • Flexible tips
  • Minimal smearing
  • Non-toxic


  • Colors cause stains on fabric
  • Require several washes to remove

3. Best for Classic-Tattoo Designs: Bic Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Marker With Brush Tip

In general, body mark tattoo pens are loved by most people as they are non-toxic, do not cause any irritation on the skin.

It even causes minimal ink bleeding. This is another great tattoo pen from Bodymark, and it comes in two colors, blue and green, which are classic colors in the tattoo world. You can create wonders with just these 2 colors on your skin.

The pens have a fine brush tip, which makes it easy for drawing, shading as well filling in, even for the finest and tiniest details.

These are best tattoo pens for skin, from sporting events to festivals to casual parties, you can try these pens for some great designs. 


  • Cosmetic quality
  • Flexible tip for thin and broad lines
  • Brush tip pens


  • Not tested on sensitive skin
  • It Will only come off with several washes

4. Best Long-Lasting: Stargazer Semi Permanent Tattoo Pen

The Stargazer semi-permanent tattoo pen is a best tattoo pens for skin that will only come off when you decide you want it to.

Yes, it lasts that long and is a favorite for many celebrities and tattoo artists worldwide. Many professional make-up artists also use it for various designs.

The pen has a very thin precision marker, which is amazing as it can be used alternately for both thin and thick lines.

Unless you use a make-up remover or a corrector, the ink stays on your skin. From doodles to henna designs to intricate tattoo patterns, the pens give you a fabulous finish with no smudging.

The pens’ brown color is also different than usual tattoo markers, which come in standard black colors. 


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Strong color
  • Thin precision marker


  • Color is more reddish than brown

5. Best for Body Piercing: Blusea Double Head Tattoo Marker Pen

One of the best tattoo pens for skin, this one definitely deserves to be mentioned in our list. Coming with two heads on either side of the pen, the Blusea tattoo marker pens have dual anti-clog tips, which make it easier for a smooth application, from tattoo art to skin piercing and body piercing.

While one head of the pens has a regular tip, the other side has an ultra-fine tip, so you can easily switch between thin and thick lines. 

Effective precision marking ensures that your patterns are drawn right where you need them to be. The pens come as a set of 10 pieces in a box.


  • Double head marker pens
  • Non-toxic
  • No skin irritations
  • No smudging
  • No smearing
  • Precision marker
  • Regular tip and an ultra-fine tip


  • None

6. Best for Dry Skin: Velvet Body Art Henna Style Tattoo Pens

Best to be used on dry skin, the Henna style tattoo pens from Velvet Body art are amazing.

These are skin safe tattoo pens with water-based liquid ink. They come in a set of 3 black pens, which are non-fading. Using multiple colors combined with this one, you can create some great tattoo designs and henna designs. 

From bold and thick designs to the smallest and finest outlining, these henna style tattoo pens work like magic and best tattoo pens for skin.

With a flexible and velvet tapered tip, they glide easily through your skin for different patterns and designs. Make sure that you wash and clean your skin before usage to get rid of any dirt or items like lotions and creams. 


  • Non-fading black goth pens
  • Vibrant and strong color
  • Smudge-free
  • Waterproof formula
  • Tapered velvet-like tips
  • Quick-drying


  • Comes off easily with water

7. Best for Kids: Vanli’s Temporary Pens

13 beautiful colors coming in a set, these Vanli’s temporary pens are best tattoo pens for skin. You also get several varieties of tattoo stencils included with this pack, making it a great choice since you can try different patterns and designs.

Of the 13 different colors available, 6 of them are original fine felt pens, while the rest 7 are metallic brush pens.

The colors are skin safe and non-toxic, thus not irritate the skin. They also conform to the ASTM and cosmetic standards, so you can be sure about using them on your skin without any worries.

The tips and the ink are also quite thin and dry out fast. And what’s great? You can overlap some of the colors to create new colors and unique designs. 


  • 50 unique stencil designs
  • Variety of colors
  • Skin-safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Conforms to ASTM standards


  • Marker ink dries out too fast
  • Stencils cannot be used multiple times
  • Ink doesn’t last too long on the skin

8. Best Skin-Safe: NPW Hand Art Temporary Tattoo Pens

Gel ink pens are not that common as tattoo pens, but here is NPW with their skin-safe gel ink pens, which work as great semi-permanent tattoo pens and are among the best tattoo pens for the skin.

Best suited for hand art and body art, they come in 4 different primary colors, allowing you to create some fabulous designs on your own.

It doesn’t matter if you want tattoo designs or not; even for simple usage like doodling on the skin, these markers are perfect for you. 

They last for longer than 24 hours if you make sure that you don’t wet or smudge them. The tattoo pens are chosen by parents for many reasons, like they are safe on kid’s skins and won’t smudge easily. 


  • Washes off easily
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • No scrubbing required


  • Rubs off too easily

9. Best Natural Ink: Easy Ink- Temporary Tattoo Ink Set

For natural and long-lasting ink that is extremely safe on your body, the Easy Ink temporary tattoo ink set might be just the right choice.

Made with organic fruit-based ink, the set comes in widths of 5 different ink tips. A tattoo drawn with this ink is sure to last you for longer than a week, so yes, if you’ve been waiting forever to flaunt a new tattoo on your vacation trip, then this ink set is perfect. It is one of the best pens for drawing tattoos on skin and completely safe too. 

The consistency of the inks and tips are so good that you can draw your art just like you would with a pencil, pen, or paintbrush.

With it, no more worrying about smeary edges or smudged lines. There are 5 different needles in different gauges.


  • 100% natural
  • Made with organic fruit-based ink
  • Darker stain
  • Lasts longer than two weeks
  • Fine tips


  • Rashes can form once the ink starts to fade
  • Doesn’t become dark after washing

10. Best Micro-Blading Pen: Professional Semi-Permanent Tattoo Pen

And now, coming to the end of our list, this Professional semi-permanent tattoo pen definitely is one of our favorites. It’s one of the best skin tattoo markers available in the market.

This device has high speed with low vibration, making it perfect for use on different areas like the eyebrows, along the lips, etc.

Along with being a tattoo transfer penit also works as a micro-blading pen for eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips. 

The device has a built-in mute system and a special locking design so you can work peacefully without any noise. 


  • Battery-powered professional tattoo pen
  • Speed control
  • Built-in mute system
  • Special locking design
  • Adjustable speed
  • Low vibration


  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Makes loud noise

Factors To Look Before Buying Tattoo Pens for Skin

If you are a first-time tattoo-user or even a multiple-time user, here are some factors you need to consider before buying a best tattoo pens for skin.

Unlike permanent tattoo pens, semi-permanent tattoo pens are a bit different. So here’s what you should look for.

  • How long the ink lasts

The best tattoo pens for skin will always have ink that lasts long enough so that they won’t get removed within one wash itself.

When looking for a tattoo-pen, look for ones that won’t easily come off, but they are also not so hard to remove that they become almost permanent skin marker pen.

  • If it’s safe on your skin

The tattoo ink’s active ingredients should definitely be looked for; otherwise, you may end up having an allergic reaction.

Always go for skin safe tattoo pen which won’t cause any harmful effects on the skin. 

  • Ink pen tips

Depending on how thick or thin your tattoo pen tips are, your detailing and drawing will come out fine.

It’s always better to go for thin-tipped precision markers that are not only easy to use but can give some great designs too. 

Now that we have rounded up the 10 best tattoo pens for skin,our choice of best pens for drawing tattoos on the skin are given below. 

The BIC Bodymark tattoo pens are our favorite. They give an excellent finish of the drawings on your skin, are completely safe, and lasts for a long time enough for you to proudly flaunt the designs you’ve created.

Our next best choice is Vanli’s temporary tattoo pens for skin, which are also non-toxic, safe on the skin, and conforms to cosmetic standards. They give a rich and dark stain and lasts for as long as you want them to. 

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Best Tattoo Pens For Skin


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