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5 Best Korean Gel Nail Polish

Best Korean Gel Nail Polish

There isn’t a compromise on the products that Korean industry has to offer. Right here’s a curated list of best Korean gel nail polish brands that will take your nail art to the next level!

They have a vivid range of products that cater to the skin and the hair and most of them are accepted globally. Which is why the Korean business is thriving!

Best Korean Gel Nail Polish

Best Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands

We tried out 20+ gel nail polish brands and rated them on the scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of durability, color variety and safety. Durability was chosen as a criteria to verify how lengthy the nail paint stays and is resistant to chipping.

Variety was vital to consider which brands have the most different colour choices to choose from. Safety was one of the most vital factors while selecting these best Korean gel nail polish brands. In this criteria we looked on the ingredients and checked if it’s suitable for all skin types and if it has any toxic chemicals or not.

Gel nail polishes have only begun being the centre of attraction. How would you prefer it if we gave you the listing from the world famous Korean industry so that you can make the right and worthy choice.

Top 5 Best Korean Gel Nail Polish

1. Makartt Gel Nail Polish

Makartt Gel Nail Polish

  •  Black and white nail art is one of the most classic colors for nail art design, which would always remains in the buzz and never run out of fashion.

Makartt is a brand which provides you the most exciting water colors which has the curiosity of nail polish lovers all over the world.

The shade is available in flower patterns which amps up the creativity bit of the nail polish. The colors which are blended in this gel nail polish praise each other and provide some subtle but lovely colours. If you’re looking for something a bit more sassy and fewer subtle, these shades have got you!

There’s a slip solution for you to use as a base for the nail after which you’ll apply the primary coating adopted by the second to strengthen the feel of the nails and provides the color a stronger look.

The monochromatic colors from this gel nail polish model are also very fascinating given they’ve the flowery design.

The purple color from this gel nail polish model is our favorite colour from this model. It’s a nice colour to use in your toenails if you have long nails.

2. Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish

Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish

  • Lasting more than 2 weeks high-gloss wear with properly applying.

Lagunamoon  is a brand that swears by safety for the customers by utilizing toxic free elements. Similar applies to their gel nail polishes as well. They assist the nail and the feel of it for a long time. It does not permit for nail chipping and does not rip off the colour for a really long time.

People who have used this gel nail polish have assured that it doesn’t overflow and trigger a thick and uneven layer.

The colors that come with this brand are fairly daring and unique including lavender, ashy blue, white, pink and black.

The shiny look that this best Korean gel nail polish provides is the whole lot you could bring a clean and engaging really feel to your fingernails and toes.

These include check sticks which allow you to check the product earlier than you put on it in your nails.

Not like different nail polishes that have a strong scent which could be overpowering, this gel nail polish has a really subtle scent which doesn’t last long.

3. Yaoshun Gel Nail Polish

Yaoshun Gel Nail Polish

  • It is perfect for professional salon shop or home use, and also as a decent gift for families, friends.

Why go to the salon to get a pedicure and manicure during these unsafe times when you are able to do it yourself at house with Yaoshun’s gel nail polish package!

White and off white colors are the most used and neatest colours used for the bottom for many nail arts. They’ve an thrilling collection of colors which embody blue, pink and even glitter. Combine matching the colours can make your nails all of the more thrilling.  Women who’ve tried this gel nail polish have said that the chipping does not begin till a complete week.

We recommend you be particularly neat when you are basing your nail before you begin coating it additional. If you wish to repaint your nails, you will have to remove it fully before starting over.

What now we have noticed is that it’s simple to get messy with this nail paint because the feel of the gel nail polish is pretty thick. So be sure you make neat and thin coats on your nails with this best Korean gel nail polish.

4. Gellen Gel Nail Polish

Gellen Gel Nail Polish

  • Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low smell, NON-TOXIC

The reason why everyone opts for gel nail polish is as a result of it has a long lasting impact on the nails and doesn’t trigger it harm of any variety.

We love the colours that this model has to supply including subtle pink, blue, white, purple and red.

The finish of this gel nail polish is shiny and has a really smooth exterior a lot that it doesn’t chip off at all.

The scent of this gel like nail polish is mellow and doesn’t stink since it’s made out of safe ingredients that are not poisonous.

With 2-3 coatings this gel nail polish it lasts for about 2 weeks.

The one thing about this gel nail polish is that it would should be kept under the UV scanner for a while for it to dry up.

It is a good choice for those who have short nails.

5. Venalisa Gel Nail Polish

Venalisa Gel Nail Polish

  • The Gel Nail Polish is made of Natural Resin which is Harmless Resin, NON-TOXIC, Environmentally Friendly,

This brand has your again when you need the best colors for an exciting day out with buddies as it brings you the best of both moods. Casual and festive.

These colours bring life to your nails with their ever so exciting shades including yellow, lavender, turquoise and white.

These could be combined and matched as nicely to offer a extra artistic and funky look.

Women with shorter nails can go for these colors since it could actually boost your fingers and provides it a whole look.

This nail polish can be utilized on adults and infants as nicely since it’s tremendous protected on the nails and doesn’t permit chipping of the nail.

Korean Gel Nail Polish Vs Regular Nail Polish

It is a recurring question that has been asked for ages now. What’s so particular about the Korean gel nail polish that it differs from the regular nail paints you see out there.

So listed below are some of the key differences between Korean gel nail polish and regular nail polish.

Regular nail polishes are the paint that you get within the salon or at home for your mani and pedis. But gel nail polishes are not paint however rather acrylics that are placed on top of the nail to make it appear longer.

The exterior of regular nail polishes are plain unless you select otherwise. However gel nail polishes have a shiny and clean end on top which makes it look much more attractive.

Some regular nail polish brands include certain components that may trigger the nail bed to get ruined however that’s not the case with acrylics. They are often eliminated at any time with out causing any harm to the nail.

Korean Gel nail polishes can be removed easily at home with a mild pull whereas nail polish must be removed utilizing chemicals or other options.

FAQs about Best Korean Gel Nail Polish

Is gel or regular nail polish better?

Though regular nail polishes are easier to find and do not require a lot effort, gel nail polishes are definitely higher. Best Korean gel nail polish don’t affect the feel of the nail and do not wreck it in any way. They are often pulled off with out having to use chemicals on it. Apart from the impact on the nails, they’re glossier and shinier on the nails. To prime all of it, it has a protecting layer which doesn’t let the nails chip off.

Can I use gel nail polish without UV light?

Whereas that’s possible, it takes a longer time and in some cases may not have a fair texture on the nail. Would possibly come off as bumpy or not the right texture. While you full the method by operating it under the UV light, the gel nail polish tends to stay higher to the nails. This means you will have undisrupted paint and can keep on for a longer time.

Why are my nails weak after using gel nail polish?

Sometimes whenever you tend to not remove the gel nail polish completely, it can stick onto the nails and make them weak and dehydrated. For this, you could use the correct of layers and run it under the UV light. This way your colour is intact and so is your nails.

Can you use gel polish without a UV light?

It’s not advisable to use gel polish without UV light as a result of gel nail polish takes a variety of time to dry. You can also dry soaking your nails in ice water however that’s not a really efficient way to treatment gel nails.

How long do gel nail polish last?

Gel nail polish often lasts about 2 to 3 weeks relying on how nicely it’s cured. If it’s a thin layer and isn’t cured nicely with a UV lamp then it might strat chipping earlier whereas thick layer and correctly cured nails will last at least 3 weeks.

Can you use gel polish on natural nails?

Sure, you can apply gel polish on natural nails however you need to be very cautious about it. Make sure to take away the gel nail polish correctly after it begins chipping off with correct maintenance. Also, don’t overlook to use cuticle oil to maintain nail well being.

Tips for Applying Best Korean Gel Nail Polish at Home

  • Shake nicely before using the gel nail paint because it makes application easier.
  • Use a nail bounder that bounds the natural nail and the gel nail paint nicely which provides out an ideal result.
  • Gel nail paints can be dehydrating so consider investing in a pleasant cuticle oil that makes your nails strong.
  • Apply a thin layer if your gel nail polish is thicker or vice versa.
  • Get a UV lamp to cure your nails. Get a LED UV lamp of at least 36 watts that’s lengthy lasting and also you’d not want to alter its bulbs.
  • Apply SPF in your hands if you’re nervous about your hands getting tanned due to UV lamp.


Best Korean Gel nail polish are for sure the new craze across the globe. We agree that the standard and the aesthetic is uncompromisable. With the above list, we hope you get a better understanding of the range that you can get with gel nail polishes.

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Best Korean Gel Nail Polish


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