10 Best Korean Lip Balm for Winter

Do you suffer from chapped or dry lips during winter? Here’s a curated list of the best Korean lip balm you have to try! We reviewed the best korean lip balm that are best for winter season. All you have to do is decide the one that fits you best!

We’re no strangers to the 10-step Korean skincare regimen. What’s still a bit under the shadows is how the Koreans never have chapped lips. But before we get into it, there might be other causes your lips are chapped. Notice when you chew or pick your lips typically? If you do this, I think we have the answer proper there — don’t do this. However this is not one of the reasons why your lips are chapped, then this piece is for you.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: TONYMOLY Liptone Lip Care Stick Rose

2. Best Runner-Up: ETUDE Apricot Stick Gloss 

3. Best Tint: ISOI Lip Treatment Balm

4. Best for Chapped Lips: Hanyul Lip Balm

5. Best SPF: TONYMOLY Mini Peach Lip Balm

6. Best Matte: I’M MEME Pep! Balm

7. Best Glossy: SKINFOOD Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

8. Best Color Changing Balm: KAJA’s Mood Balm

9. Best for Dry Lips: Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

10. Best Hydration: UNPA Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub

How to Choose the Best Korean Lip Balm?

For me, personally, I like a lip balm that can do multiple things. The ability to keep my lips moisturized is a must; sun protection is negotiable, relying on what my day looks like, though it’s preferable.

When it comes to gloss and tint, they’re important factors to consider because you don’t want to put on the wrong lip balm on the wrong place. Too much gloss in the day might be gaudy.

So when you’re selecting the lip balm, keep these certain characteristics in mind, so you possibly can have one lip balm for the winters and even switch between night and day.

Top 10 Korean Lip Balm

1. Best Overall: TONYMOLY Liptone Lip Care Stick Rose

TONYMOLY Liptone Lip Care Stick Rose

 best korean lip balm

  • The water-like texture makes it feel super comfortable on the lips and packs a punch when it comes to hydration and color payoff.

TONYMOLY’s reputation for creating effective (and cute) cosmetics is proven yet once more. You’re most likely not going to lie when you’re not a fan of how roses smell, however I couldn’t get enough.

You’ll have to swipe it twice on your lips for full coverage with this best Korean lip balm. However when you do, it does keep your lips hydrated and moisturized for quite a while. The lip balm is rich in natural oils, squalene and castor oil, they usually do their job well.

The lip balm has a coral-y rose tint like shown in the packaging of the lip balm. As a lot as I love this lip balm, I wouldn’t suggest the same lip balm in the peppermint taste. Not solely was it not moisturizing sufficient, nevertheless it also was slightly excessively minty.

2. Best Runner-Up: ETUDE Apricot Stick Gloss 

ETUDE Apricot Stick Gloss 

  • Kiss & Melt Complex is formulated to react to your lip temperature, allowing the crayon gloss to melt as it glides on your lips

I chose the Cherry Sweet BE101 variant, but there are Four others to choose from. The tint that comes from this best Korean lip balm suits my complexion effectively.

In reality, even with just one swipe, you get a decent amount of tint. Along with the tint, the lip balm has a sure shimmer to it that comes in the form of gloss and a little bit of glitter.

The numerous, many nourishing oils in the lip balm act as an excellent moisturizing agent, and the fruit extracts make it really feel fresh and plum.

All in all, I used to be also impressed with the length of the stick, since it was comparably longer than the others.

3. Best Tint: ISOI Lip Treatment Balm

ISOI Lip Treatment Balm

  •  Bulgarian Rose Oil Contains rich vitamins that brightens complexion Quickly soothes sensitive skin.

This is available in two variants, pink and rose. I often selected light shades, so I went with the pink one. Though my sister did buy the deep crimson one. I was underneath the assumption that it will be closely pigmented, nevertheless it simply left a pleasant, breezy tint.

I can’t tell you how effectively this best Korean lip balm worked for me last winter. I didn’t go to any family gathering with out this. The tint made it seem natural and like I’m not trying too hard whereas also keeping my lips moisturized. Thanks to the Bulgarian damask rose oil, castor seed oil and the near-perfect combination of beeswax and candelilla, placing the lip balm on just one time was enough.

This lip balm works to the extent that it’s going to work on your skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells. This is certainly one of my private favourites and will certainly keep buying till they stop making this!

4. Best for Chapped Lips: Hanyul Lip Balm

Hanyul Lip Balm

  • The natural lip balm inspired by the colour, smell and texture of Korean nature brings nature to your daily life.

Grab this before it goes out of stock again — trust me. Even when I’ve a drawer full of lip balms and sleeping masks, I’ll purchase this lip balm every time it comes again in stock.

Owing to my obsessive habit of placing on lip balm every time my hand goes into my pocket, I can’t get sufficient of it. It doesn’t help that that is super affordable! On top of that, after Three months of use, this lip balm was not even half over.

The lack of high shine and gloss and only a slight tint makes it great for everyday use. The texture it leaves on your lips is creamy and buttery, making your lips look lustrous.

The ingredients is perhaps a turn off for you — nothing special about them, it’s a lot of wax. Beeswax and synthetic max and many emollient compounds make up the whole lip balm. But, it does the job. One thing to consider during the purchase is the fact that it does not have any kind of SPF.

5. Best SPF: TONYMOLY Mini Peach Lip Balm

TONYMOLY Mini Peach Lip Balm

  • The lightweight and creamy formula melts into lips for long lasting moisture leaving lips happy and hydrated.

I bought this for two causes — in this particular order — the cutest packaging and the brand Tony Moly. I already included another one of Tony Moly’s lip balms on this review and loved it. This one — I’ve mixed feelings.

Let me list everything I love about it first — the completely addictive sweet peach scent is to die for. It’s not strong enough to linger, so that’s good. It’s loaded with fruit extracts of all types. So many berries — Strawberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry. All of those have antioxidant properties that help preserve the lips nourished and healthy. Add shea butter and witch hazel to that and also you’ve got day long hydration!

In relation to the way it appears, it provides layer of sheen with only a small dab on your fingers. That’s where I discover it a bit irksome. I’m not a fan of lip balm in pots. This best Korean lip balm will last you a extremely long time, and if you’re good with pots, do buy this. There’s nothing else to not like about it.

6. Best Matte: I’M MEME Pep! Balm

I’M MEME Pep! Balm

  • The Pep! Balm is a non-sticky and non-drying formula that blends seamlessly.

It’s time to diversify that makeup drawer of yours. Efficient and affordable are only two of the many issues I want to call this. Is it a lip balm or liquid lipstick or cheek tint? Who can tell? I won’t lie, it was an influencer’s Instagram story that made me purchase this. I got influenced!

I’m not disappointed with my buy at all and also supremely impressed with the packaging. When applying make-up can resemble squirting paint out of a tube, it makes you feel artistic. The pigment of the balm-cum-cheek tint is very strong. Despite that, I found that it wore off quite rapidly, but left a splash of color on my lips

Though the balm wasn’t exactly moisturizing, it didn’t dry my lips either. I found that one of the best Korean lip balm was to put on another lip balm with sheen under it and put on this on top or color.

7. Best Glossy: SKINFOOD Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

SKINFOOD Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

  • loss up your lips with our jelly-like lip tint with Tomato Extracts for your moist and healthy looking lips.

I was quite unimpressed with the packaging, however truthfully, the balm made up for it. The simplicity of the packaging simply describes how merely and wonderfully the lip balm works on your lips. Earlier than we go ahead, I’d like to say that this best Korean lip balm is particularly excellent for those with gentle lips, when you really need the tint to show.

The lip balm stained my lips well and kept them hydrated for the most part of the day. The balm appeared to deal with the flakiness on my lips. In addition to that, when you roll up the lip balm, you can see some glitter. However on your lips, you can’t see a lot of it.

Ingredients wise — It’s easy and it does its job. The combination of Vitamin E, Tomato Extracts, Jojoba Oil, and Macadamia Nut Oil helps preserve your lips moisturized and nourished.

8. Best Color Changing Balm: KAJA’s Mood Balm

KAJA’s Mood Balm

  •  KAJA’s Mood Balm Color Changing Lip Moisturizer is a color-shifting lip balm that delivers a unique shade experience just for you.

Let me inform you — it was a relaxed pink within the morning once I first utilized it, however once I went out within the sun, my sister identified that it turned to sizzling pink. I used to be fairly blown away.

I wouldn’t have been impressed with this best Korean lip balm as an grownup, if not for its unmatched moisture and hydration on my lips. It doesn’t fail regardless of its capability to wow. It doesn’t dry out my lips and even acts as a lip stain after the balm is washed away.

9. Best for Dry Lips: Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

  • A lightweight, moisture-coating lip balm for hydrated soft lips throughout the day.

I don’t know why I added this thus far under within the checklist. That is certainly one of my favorite manufacturers and positively certainly one of my favorite lip balms. It may be a bit too expensive although. For me, it’s price it due to how luscious and lip-smacking my lips really feel after making use of this.

I really like how simple it’s to use this. The top of the tube comes with a slanted utility, as you could have seen on the older lip balms. Out of it comes a creamy gel-like balm that glides oh-so-smoothly on your lips.

10. Best Hydration: UNPA Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub

UNPA Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub

  • Our lip scrub exfoliator delivers a dual peeling effect without irritating your skin.

Similar to the previous lip balm, this also comes in a tube however doesn’t have that angled applicator. The Bubi Bubi lip ampoule is a flavourless, scentless clear gel that in no way provides testament to its effectiveness.

The primary ingredients of this best Korean lip balm include hyaluronic acid and ceramide. Whereas the hyaluronic acid acts as a hydrating agent, the ceramide acts as an agent that builds a protecting layer on top of the lips to make sure it stays hydrated.

What Ingredients should you look for in a Best Korean Lip Balm?

  • Hydrating:  hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and squalane
  • Reversing Dark lips: Good SPF, avocado oil
  • Sensitive lip solutions: Shea butter, coconut oil, other natural elements
  • Vegan options: Agave, Green Tea Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil

How to choose the Best Korean Lip Balm for you?

You can clearly prioritize what the most damning issue for you is and base your purchase decision on that, but here are some factors to consider when you’re choosing a best Korean lip balm:

  • Sun-protection: I can’t emphasize this enough — prevention really is better than cure. In case you buy a lip balm that has an SPF 15 or more, you’re already doing your part for your lips. You’re protecting against dryness, tanning and basic hurt.
  • Natural ingredients: Choosing a lip balm with only pure elements is especially important for many who have sensitive lips. Lip balms with berry extracts and natural oils act slowly however efficiently.
  • General ingredients: This is rare, however keep aware of the ingredients you’re allergic to and avoid buying lip balms which have it. It’s possible that it could cause a response to your lips.
  • Non-sticky: A thick layer is one thing and sticky is another. Some lip balms, despite a skinny layer, seem to create a sticky layer on the surface of the lips, making the application uncomfortable. Be sure to choose one that is light-weight.
  • Long-lasting: Lastly, a lip balm that doesn’t wear off simply because you had a sip of water is vital. There are lip balms that really feel good on the lips for a few minutes and don’t have any impact on the deeper layers of the lips. That’s why ensure that to choose one that keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized all day.

Lip Care Routine:

Have you ever ever been envious of the supple, tender, hydrated and kissable lips that you just see? Or is it simply me? In all honesty, it’s not that hard to achieve. It might simply take about ten minutes of your day’s time.

Have you ever ever been envious of the supple, tender, hydrated and kissable lips that you just see? Or is it simply me? In all honesty, it’s not that hard to achieve. It might simply take about ten minutes of your day’s time.

Step 1: Like any other skincare routine, be sure to clear up the rea first. Ensuring you clear your lips with some micellar water will ensure that you removed all the bacteria and make-up from the day.

Step 2: Take a hot textured towel and gently rub it against your lips. This helps start the exfoliation course of, making it ready for the following step.

Step 3: Place your lips in front of a steamer, not too close, and steam your lips for a few minute or two. Steaming in general is a very important step within the Korean skincare process. This step within the lip care regimen is in fact the most important step. It helps soften the dead skin cells on the surface of your lips and make approach for the revival of your lips.

Step 4: Scrub! Now that all the dead skin cells on your lips are loose, a gentle scrub on your lips with help you get rid of them and soften your lips. After 30 seconds of scrubbing, wipe it off with a towel.

Step 5: Take an ice cube and slowly run it all over your lips. You can instantly feel your lips plump. The cold from this ice after the warmth from the steam goes to act as a blood circulation booster. By this level, you can see a huge difference in your lips. Pat it dry and make approach for the next step!

Step 6: Lastly, a lip mask! This step is to offer intense hydration to your skin. You can both use lip sheet masks and leave them on for 15 minutes or use a balm-like sleeping masks and leave it on overnight.

In 6 steps and 10 minutes of your time, you’ve got fuller lips and a whole new motivation to take pouty pictures!

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