8 Best Facial Hair Removal Cream That won’t Burn

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

Women have different hair type on their physique as compared to the face, and that is popularly referred to as ‘Peach Fuzz.’ The hair type differs from women to women. Some women might have fine and light hairs while others might have very coarse and dark hairs. So you need to select the best facial hair removal cream that fits your skin type. Thus, facial hair removal cream for women also varies from skin type. So you need to select the best facial hair removal cream that fits your skin type.

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

To find all of your preferred beauty products, check our carefully selected list of premium beauty products include the latest in skin care, fragrances, nails, hair products, makeup, and much more.

The Rundown

1. Best for Coarse Hairs: Olay Smooth Finish Duo Facial Hair Removal Cream
” Dermatologist Tested and 3 months of smooth, visibly hair-free skin in 1 box.”

2. Best for Sensitive Skin: Avon Skin So Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream
” The way to go for easy hair removal & Fragrance-free formula with aloe.”

3. Best Overall: Veet Sensitive Hair Remover Gel Cream Pink
” Tested hair removal cream especially for sensitive skin, designed to use for legs, arms, underarms and bikini hair removal.”

4. Best Dermatologist Tested: Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit
” It Contains Willow Herb and Pumpkin Seed Extracts, known to help reduce the appearance of hair regrowth.”

5. Best Budget: Jolen Creme Bleach Formula
” It contains Aloe Vera so it’s gentler for sensitive skin & best For all hair types and colors.”

6. Best Smoothening Cream: SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream
” Inclusion of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed extract and Willow herb for stopping re-growth of the hair.”

7. Best Exfoliating Cream: Nair Hair Remover Face Cream
” It is formulated with sweet almond oil, & Exfoliates easily and leaves skin smooth.”

8. Best for Facial Area:
Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 
” It can be utilized on any skin kind and could be very helpful to remove any hair type like Fine, medium, or rough.”

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hairs?

In case you are chubby then lowering the weight would benefit you not only be reduced unwanted hairs in addition to by curing many-body issues that are formed as a result of being overweight.

Treating PCOS is very important where your doctor can help you by proving medications based mostly on the level and intensity of PCOS your body is affected by.

Few skin specialists suggest ‘Eflornithine’ cream, which is believed to reduce facial growth within two months. Nevertheless, there are side effects reported by users who’ve used the cream like irritation and rashes on the skin.

Top 10 Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

Here’s a list of the best facial hair removal cream among all of the available in the market that help to remove facial hairs from the root offering the best results. The checklist is prepared beneath the guidance of the leading and renowned Skin Specialists.

1. Best for Coarse Hairs: Olay Smooth Finish Duo Facial Hair Removal Cream

Olay Smooth Finish Duo Facial Hair Removal Cream

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair 1 Kit

  • Smooth and visibly hair-free skin at your fingertips

Olay has come up with a solution for removing the facial hairs that are fine, coarse or medium hairs. It is available in a two-step course of that may erase all of the stubborn hairs leaving a smooth, glowing, and hair free skin. The method is entirely pain-free.

This product pack comes with two creams; one is a guarding cream for skin which is massaged first at the areas that need to be treated. The opposite is Hair removal cream which is utilized as a thick coat on the area which makes the skin unseen. This needs to be kept for 8 minutes and is best facial hair removal cream.

Key Features

  • Removes fine, medium and coarse hairs from the upper lip and jaw line
  • Less irritation on application
  • Facial hair re-growth could be very slow to post utilization
  • No swelling, redness or burn marks observed
  • The effect lasts for three months
  • Skin protection balm’s texture is very squishy and greasy


  • The Best solution to eradicate facial hairs
  • Easy to use
  • Quick application and removal
  • Offers about 12 uses in a single pack
  • Eliminates the problem of cussed hairs
  • Skin gets smooth and precise post application
  • It comes with a guarding cream that protects the skin from any side effects


  • Hairs are not removed from the core
  • Smells foul
  • Its burns and sting
  • Not that useful for thick hairs
  • It’s Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Few people felt that their skin was peeled as a side effect

2. Best for Sensitive Skin: Avon Skin So Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream

Avon Skin So Soft Facial Hair Removal Cream

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

  • Best Sensitive Skin Facial Hair Removal Cream.

This is best facial hair removal cream which helps to remove unwanted hair easily. Its solution contains of Aloe Vera and Meadowfoam oil, which makes it very mild to use on sensitive skin. Additionally, the inclusion of Aloe Vera makes the skin smooth, and it’s totally unscented, i.e., free of any foul scent.

The appliance of this cream leaves the skin smooth and moisturized aside from hair removal. A gentle application of a thick layer of cream is utilized (no rubbing) on the area where hair needs to be removed.

The small area must be examined after 2.5 minutes. The maximum time for the solution to stay on the skin is 8 minutes. The solution is totally odorless.

Key Features

  • Easy removal of the unwanted hairs
  • The skin turns into clean and smooth
  • Contains meadowfoam oil and Aloe Vera
  • Fragrance-free
  • Rigorously examined for minimum irritation
  • It works properly on fine hairs


  • Helps to remove hair easily
  • Less irritation
  • No foul scent
  • Clean and smooth skin


  • Doesn’t work on coarse hairs
  • Few red marks are noticed
  • Few prospects experienced skin burns

3. Best Overall: Veet Sensitive Hair Remover Gel Cream Pink

Veet Sensitive Hair Remover Gel Cream Pink

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

  • Veet hair removal cream effectively removes even stubborn hair from legs and body gently in just few minutes without causing any messiness

Veet has give you a perfect sensitive gel-based components that works very properly on the sensitive skin as well as removes the unwanted hairs from the roots gently and effectively. The components contains of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which leaves the skin smooth, supple and moisturized. As it’s a sensitive formula, no issues of bumps, redness, soreness or nicks are observed. This answer helps the skin to stay hydrated for one complete day.

The application wants you to spread the cream gently on the area with the assistance of a spatula and leave on for 5 minutes. A check must be completed in a small area after 5 minutes. If the hair is eliminated easily, then remove the whole coating.

If a few hairs seem stubborn, they can be handled for a longer duration up to 10 minutes maximum. This solution can be utilized on all of the body parts, including hands, legs except the face.

Key Features

  • Chemical depilatories in the cream hold an active aspect that dissolves the hair shaft.
  • The spatula implements a mechanical action which pulls away from the dissolved hair from the skin
  • Removes the undesirable hairs easily within 5 minutes
  • Can be used for all body parts
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
  • Excellent for Sensitive Skin


  • It works on all of the body parts
  • No burning sensation, redness or soreness
  • Negligible irritation
  • Quick application and removal because it comes with a spatula and post wash, no residue is left on the skin that may trigger any irritation.
  • Quick acting formula
  • Perfect for a sensitive skin


  • It has a chemical foul smell
  • Effectiveness of result on hair is too less
  • There are reports about the tingling sensation which might occur due to long-time application
  • Few users who might have over sensitive skin reported about rashes post application

4. Best Dermatologist Tested: Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit

Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit

 Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit

  • Formulated with Vitamin E, known to soften and smooth skin

This best facial hair removal cream performs a process which is pain-free, and the action is completed very fast. The solution contains of Vitamin E lotion, which makes the skin smooth, easy, and does the deep conditioning. It is usually enriched with Collagen which moisturizes the skin from deep. This solution works best on fine or medium hairs.

The solution additionally encompasses the extracts of Pumpkin Seeds, Saw Palmetto and the Willow herbs which assist to prevent the hair re-growth. The application of this product treats the skin, making it hair-free and healthy.

Key Features

  • This solution works well on fine to medium hairs
  • Can be used on any body part
  • Doesn’t work properly for thick or coarse hair
  • Contains of Vitamin E lotion which helps to condition the skin
  • Inclusion of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed extract and Willow herb for stopping re-growth of the hair
  • Composition of Collagen will moisturize the skin


  • Simple to use
  • The application course of is very handy
  • Inclusion of Vitamin E makes the skin smooth post application
  • Very less irritation
  • No redness, soreness or burn marks
  • Hair re-growth is slow


  • It’s not very useful when it comes to coarse hairs

5. Best Budget: Jolen Creme Bleach Formula

Jolen Creme Bleach Formula

  •  Fast and effective every time & and no drip application

Jolen is a very experienced firm that has won its customer’s belief when it comes to the removal of hair. It’s a very protected product to lighten the dark hairs on face, hands, hairline, neck, back, and brows, making it mix with the natural skin tone. This best facial hair removal cream is very easy to use, and the application renders the skin clear, smooth, pale, and soft.

The product kit holds the crème and accelerator. A ratio of 1:3 needs to be mixed in a plastic container. Once the product in the required proportion is mixed properly, apply the components on the skin for about 10 minutes.

Key Features

  • Lightens the skin hair
  • Makes the skin soft and moisture post application for about two weeks
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Clears the complexion and removes any uneven tone
  • The usage is effortless
  • No skin burns


  • De-tans the skin
  • Lightens Hairs
  • No Irritation, burn-marks, or redness


  • A strong foul smell
  • It causes a mild itching
  • Doesn’t come with a pre-bleach cream
  • Mixing the powder and crème is a cumbersome process

6. Best Smoothening Cream: SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream

SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream

SURGI-CREAM Facial Hair Removal Cream

  • It Comes with a smoothening cream that can be applied post removal of hair.

Many depilatory creams have the issue that they can be used on all body parts except the face. Well, the makers of this Surgi-Cream have tried on work on this problem and got here up with a solution that can be utilized on the face.

It really works on all of the skin types and also with sensitive skin. The hair removal is completed from the root leaving the skin smooth.

If the instructions are followed correctly, no burning issue, itchiness, rashes are seen. As in comparison with other lotions, it has a nice aroma and is best facial hair removal cream for use.

The corporate provides a good deal where they’re offering a pack of three tubes each of 1 ounce. Also, a smoothening cream is provided, which the user can apply after the hair removal treatment is completed. This cream will prevent any irritation.

Key Features

  • Made especially for facial hair removal
  • Works well removing the hair from the core
  • Has a nice scent as compared to other products
  • Comes with a smoothening cream that can be applied post removal of hair
  • Hair is removed from areas like the upper lip, cheek, and chin in a time interval of 5 – 8 minutes
  • Contains of Cucumber and Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B2 which softens the skin
  • Consists of Maple Honey which retains the moisture
  • Consists of extracts of papaya, citrus, and olive which minimizes the re-growth of the hair


  • Pleasant Aroma
  • No irritation, rashes or redness, bumps, nicks, soreness or tingling effect
  • Works well on sensitive skin


  • Few users have a complaint that the effect is not consistent, i.e., after a few applications, the cream does not work on the same area effectively. To overcome this problem, the timer must be set and maintain the application time.

7. Best Exfoliating Cream: Nair Hair Remover Face Cream

Nair Hair Remover Face Cream

  • Valid on all skin type especially sensitive skin.

Nair hair removal cream is designed particularly for the facial hairs and comes from a very well known brand ‘Church and Dwight Co..’ This cream can be used on the areas like upper lips, chin, and cheeks. It’s not appropriate for use on eyebrows.

This best facial hair removal cream is specifically designed for the sensitive skin, which implies, there is no problem of redness or irritation upon application.

Its components contains of almond oil, which makes the skin smooth and moisturizes it post application. The cream comes in pink color and has a decent odor.

Key Features

  • It is used for facial hair removal
  • Valid on all skin type especially sensitive skin
  • Contains of almond oil which retains the skin moisture
  • It has a nice odor
  • The application and removal are effortless.
  • Removed hair effectively under 10 minutes


  • It is a perfect pain-free method of hair removal as compared to shaving
  • The hair re-growth process is prolonged
  • It is very convenient to use
  • This brand comes in various forms like cream, spray, gel
  • Worth for cash
  • Pleasant o


  • In the case of some customers, they felt a burning sensation after some time of the application.

8. Best for Facial Area: Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 

Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E 

  • It exfoliates the skin keeping it hydrated for up to 24 hours.

This product from Veet is completely designed for facial hairs. This product kit comes with three options, namely Hair Elimination Cream, Gentle Finishing Cream, and Targeted Applicator. The components works very effectively on the upper lips and chin.

The method is made foul odor free that’s it has a aromatic aroma. The solution contains of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E whose combination softens the skin making it smooth and conditioned.

The application and removal process is straightforward where the cream needs to be utilized on the area to be treated, and within 5 minutes, the cream needs to be taken off.

This best facial hair removal cream exfoliates the skin keeping it hydrated for up to 24 hours. It can be utilized on any skin kind and could be very helpful to remove any hair type like Fine, medium, or rough. This has a long-lasting effect.

Key Features

  • Eliminates any hairs
  • Works on all skin types
  • Removes the shortest hairs
  • Reduce in-grown hairs
  • Leaves the skin soft, easy and moisturized
  • Hydrates the skin


  • Nourishes the skin
  • Removes all hairs from roots
  • Best for sensitive screen
  • Exfoliates and hydrates the skin
  • Handles peach fuzz


  • Many shoppers have felt a burning sensation and irritation post application
  • The scent is overpowering

Different Hair Removal Methods

There are numerous techniques available for removing undesirable hairs abolishing the intake of any drugs. These techniques are as described below:

  • Shaving

That is considered as the most traditional methodology to get rid of the undesirable hairs. Although this method seems very convenient and fast, that is required to be done almost daily or within every two days as the hair reappears very soon.

  • Waxing

This methodology is useful, and the end result lasts up to 15 to 20 days. However, this method is painful in addition to redness, small bumps, and rashes are pervasive side effects.

  • Bleach

Bleaching Cream doesn’t remove hairs but lightens the hair and blends them with the skin coloration which makes them very much less seen. This method contains a chemical components. Irritation is a widespread aspect impact related to this method.

  • Electrolysis

This expensive method makes use of electric current to remove the undesirable hairs permanently and could be painful. On this method, each hair follicle is handled; therefore, a number of sessions are performed making the treatment long. Additionally, it may change the skin color.

  • Laser Hair Removal

That is the most effective method when it comes to eradicating unwanted hairs permanently. Over right here, a concentrated beam of light is focused on the hair follicle which damages them completely, thereby stopping the hair growth forever. Though it lasts very long, it’s a costly method.

  • Depilatories/ Hair Removal Cream

These are chemical foam options which when utilized on the area will reduce the hair growth by performing on the enzymes current in the hair follicle. This method is an alternative to waxing and shaving and is affordable. However, it must be carried out constantly.

We’ll focus on the Depilatories or the Hair Removal Cream methods over right here, which is a really painless method and might simply remove hairs making the skin smooth and hydrated.

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream Buying Guide

A number of hair removing creams are developed, especially for facial hairs. Below mentioned are some of the critical factors that you want to focus on before finalizing the best facial hair removal cream:

  • Skin Type

That is the most crucial point that must be considered before buying a hair removal cream. Is your skin Normal or Sensitive? Let me help you get clarity.

If on the application of a product on your skin has some results on your skin however the same product works well for others, then your skin is delicate and needs some extra care whereas choosing any product. You may also consult a skin specialist who may put more light on the types of product you can use.

  • Skin Issues

Earlier than purchasing or applying these products, you want to examine with any particular problem you skin may possess apart from the sensitivity.

For instance, if your skin has a cut or scar, then applying this product may cause irritation and redness, and it’s strictly prohibited on such a skin.

  • Hair Removal Ingredients

The hair removal cream that you are planning to use may be composed of several chemical and natural elements. Nevertheless, not all creams consist of natural ingredients.

In fact, the natural ingredients based solution is all we suggest which does not cause any aspect impact leaving the skin moisturized and smooth. The chemical tends to wreck the skin tampering the hormones.

Therefore, please check with the product elements and decide with the product composed of natural elements.

  • Hair Texture

The texture of the hair is another essential factor which determines the success of the product. It is advisable to examine whether you have fine, medium, or coarse hair.

This is because the answer is developed for several types of hair like the hair removing solution that works on beautiful hair might not work on coarse hair and vice versa. Therefore, examine on the hair texture that the product may have to deal with before buying.

  • Aroma

Some people are susceptible to scent. These depilatories smell very sturdy and at times, foul. Nevertheless, the manufacturers have worked on this issue and attempted to make the options odorless or with add some nice perfume which the person can use simply.

In case you are additionally sensitive to the scent, you may check with the product, buyer reviews and ask the near ones who might have used the product.

  • Hydrating

Apart from serving the first goal of removal of facial hairs, we’d like products that assist the skin integrity, improve the appearance, keeping the skin hydrated.

Few hair removing creams promise to hydrate the skin where they preserve the skin hydrated for a defined interval, which is about 1 to 2 days thus choose the best facial hair removal cream which hydrates the skin completely.

  • Exfoliating

The dead skin cells might be developed, which blocks the hair follicle. This leads to ingrown hairs. Hence the skin must be exfoliated for removing the dead skin cells. Subsequently, we should always always check with the product particulars, whether it exfoliates the skin or not.

  • Moisturizing the Skin

The skin must be moistened daily to maintain it soft. We should check whether or not the product we’re planning to use does not dry out the skin after the applying. The solution should be such that it doesn’t trigger skin dryness. It ought to moisten the skin, making it smooth, easy, and supple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If We Have An Option Of Shaving, Why Should We Opt For Hair Removal Creams?

Sure, shaving can be an choice and in fact, essentially the most conventional methodology when no such products had been developed. However if you shave, the hairs seem again inside two to three days, which forces you to make the shaving once more. Additionally, the skin floor becomes very rough, and generally the shaved area itches too much. These issues can be prevented via the hair removal cream application, which lasts up to 15 to 30 days without any itching problem.

  • Do Hair Removal Creams And Razors Act In The Same Way?

When a razor is used, it removes the hair above the skin surface leaving all of the sharp stubbles that makes the skin surface harsh to touch whereas the best facial hair removal cream treat every hair follicle eliminating them below the surface, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

  • Does The Hair Removal Cream Turn the Skin Color Into Black?

Absolutely No! The products are formulated in a way which helps to clean your complexion and hydrate it and you should use best facial hair removal cream that are available in the market. The skin doesn’t flip black to post its application. The only thing that should be cared about is the amount of time you wait after the product is applied. We should not keep the product after the maximum time limit defined in the directions of the product.

  • Do People With Sensitive Skin Can Use Hair Removal Cream?

Good News for you! You can use these depilatories even you probably have sensitive skin. Companies have worked on this issue and made solutions which might be particularly for sensitive skin, which simply removes the hair with out causing any side effects.


We’re blessed for living in a era where everybody has the solutions for most of the problem. With so many choices available to deal with the surplus hair problem.

We have to research them, take into consideration their possibilities, assume which method best suits us based on budget, the intensity of hair development, and move ahead to cure the problem. I hope you get clear with the picture and get the right direction to move forward to choose best facial hair removal cream.

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